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Mitigating the risk, strengthening the internal controls, enhancing the robustness of the IT system, and improving corporate governance are the core areas of internal audit.

We, at Especia, one of the leading Internal Audit Firm in India, perform Internal Audit Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, NCR & All over India.

Our internal auditors in India help the client in ensuring strong risk advisory & internal Audit controls in various processes and departments. We can conduct the internal audit & Tax Audit either as an outsourced basis or as an integral part of the organization. We possess a systematic and disciplined approach to improve:

  • The productivity of internal controls by audit,
  • Operational working capacity of the assets,
  • Prevention and timely detection of fraud
  • Compliance with contracts, laws, and regulations

Here is the Internal Audit Process generally followed in India for each & every department involved. It starts with the periodic department’s identification for Audit. Here it goes!

Especia is India’s top Internal Audit Services firm which has defined process & checklist to perform Audit function. If you are looking for Any Internal Audit Services or Internal Controls Audit or Best Practices Review Services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon & other regions in India, Your search ends here.

We also conduct forensic accounting & audit(s) services in India including Company Audit where our forensic experts conduct an extensive investigation to provide insightful and thorough reports of the situation. We can even help with detecting fraud and investigating it further to uncover the important findings related to the fraud.

Internal Auditing Services Requirement:

Section 138 of Companies Act, 2013, it clearly states that

Especia is India’s top Internal Audit Services firm which has defined process & checklist to perform Audit function. If you are looking for Any Internal Audit Services or Internal Controls Audit or Best Practices Review Services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon & other regions in India, Your search ends here.

they are required to appoint an internal auditor or a firm of internal auditors. These auditors need to be either Chartered accountant or Cost accountant or any other professional as decided by the Board of Directors in order to conduct at regular intervals, internal audit of the various functions and activities of different departments of the organization.

A Lot of Companies even not covered in the threshold limit, ask for Internal Audit Services to improve the overall quality & efficiency of the finance department & overall organization even.


Internal Audit & controls in India is an integral part of the management process and assists the organization to move forward and achieve objectives and the mission.

Our overview of the internal control effectiveness by control review services includes:

  • Analyzing the maturity of the overall control framework,
  • Checking the controls which are not designed effectively,
  • Assessing and testing the gaps in the processes of the present framework,
  • Suggestions and recommendations to fill the gaps and improve the existing controls.
  • Training the staff to comply with the IFC framework through self-assessment and automation.

In the process, we compare the effectiveness of your internal controls review services & Internal Assurance Services with the ideal internal control practices and then submit a detailed report with recommendations and findings so that you can develop a robust internal control environment.

Especia offers few other services under this category as Internal Audit of Start-ups, Pre-ERP Implementation Audit, Systems Audit, Fraud Investigation Audit in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Other regions in India.


In order to counter the ever-changing aggressive environment, keeping the better systems and processes in place is a prerequisite. We analyze "people, process and methodology" and provide recommendations on how a business can gain efficiencies, increase the business process coverage, expand the business, reduce the costs, and reduce overall business risk.

Our workflow consists of following main steps:

  • Process Mapping
  • Conducting the brainstorming sessions to identify the issues
  • Reviewing the documented business process
  • Identifying the variations
  • Determining the scale of impact of changes in current procedures
  • Interviewing the decisions makers to understand the objectives and mission
  • Implementing a refined and better business process
  • Not only implementing, but we also ensure that the newer business process Audit & Compliance audit is continuously reviewed and adjusted to provide a positive impact.

If you are looking for any of the Internal Audit services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, NCR, or any other part of India, you can write to us

Internal audits investigate a firm's current procedures, as well as its organizational management and auditing procedures. These audits guarantee that rules and standards are followed and that accounting information and data collecting are current and precise.

Mainly there are 4 types of internal audit services that you can consult regarding your requirements. They are compliance, financial, operational, and information technology audits.

 An internal audit is required to preserve administrative profitability and monetary stability and recover money. It enables adequate oversight that a company's crisis administration, accountability, and internal control processes are functioning appropriately.

These audits assure conformance with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as precise and comprehensive financial monitoring and material acquisition.

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