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    Finding an Expert Accountant in your area is easy with Especia. Whatever accounting service you need, from finding accounting services or help with bookkeeping to tax return support, just fill out the form and we’ll do all the legwork to get your accounting service done quickly and fast.

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In the world of business, a single idea can transform an industry. But without proper financial management and accounting, even the most innovative concept can falter. That's where the right team of accounting professionals comes in - they can help turn that seed of innovation into a thriving business. With their expertise, businesses can ensure that their financial systems are in order, taxes are paid on time, and budgets are managed effectively. By providing accurate financial information, accountants can help entrepreneurs make informed decisions that drive growth and success. So whether you're launching a startup or growing an established business, remember that the right accounting team can make all the difference.

No matter you are a Startup or an established business, keeping track of your Finances is essential to make a business decision. That is when accounting services come in.
Accounting is the process that helps you to get updated with your income and expenses. An accountant’s responsibility is to offer accurate financial advice and strategies in accordance with the business's financial conditions.

Accounting Services

Accounting is basically a process where we keep track of financial transactions and also prepare financial statements, which are balance sheets and income statements.
Accounting is basically a key function in the business functioning process.

In a small business, accounting and bookkeeping are done by a professional accountant or a bookkeeper but in large companies accounts and finance is handled by a finance department where a group of employees is hired to manage company finance.

Advantages of Accounting Services

Proper managed Business Records:

In a business, there will be a lot of transactions that are made in a year.

Helps to make a better decision:

Management is responsible for making finance-related decisions and good accounting helps you to make better decisions related to selling, deduction cost, etc.

Business Valuation:

An accurate business valuation is truly required. Accounting helps you to get a clear vision of how your business is going and funds related to business.

Prevents your Business from Financial Frauds:

Accounting helps you to know all the necessary details regarding your business, which will help you to prevent your business from fraud and financial disaster.

Easy Tax & Liabilities Calculation:

Accounting helps you to stay up to date with your taxes and also make sure that all the liabilities should be paid on time. You will easily get all the necessary records regarding any due liability if you maintain proper accounts.

Control Extra Cost:

To avoid unnecessary expenses and over-budgeting, this is very necessary to maintain account-

Navigate Your Choices: Finding the Option That Suits You Best


  • Dedicated Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeping Twice Every Week
  • Highly Experienced Accountant
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable Management
  • Payroll Calculation & Tax Payments
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Monthly Financials Statements
  • Financial Ratios Reporting


  • Dedicated Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeping Thrice Every Week
  • Highly Experienced Accountant
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable Management
  • Payroll Calculation & Tax Payments
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Monthly Financials Statements
  • Financial Ratios Reporting


  • Full-Time Dedicated Bookkeeper
  • Expert Financial Accountant
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable Management
  • Payroll Calculation & Tax Payments
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Monthly Financials Statements
  • Financial Ratios Reporting
  • Budgeting Quarterly/Yearly

Outsourced Accounting Services We Offer to Our Indian Clients

Especia provides accounting outsourcing services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai and other cities of India. Here is a list of online accounting services we provide to India-based businesses.

Especia provides a vast multitude of outsourced accounts payable services, some of which suits your business could be as invoicing, syncing of bank and credit cards, maintaining a ledger of the accounts that have already been paid for, and payments that have been paid for.

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Especia provides one of the best Accounting receivable services in Delhi NCR and other parts of India. They help startups or cooperate or foreign companies for account outsourcing services.

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Especia offers precise financial reporting and analysis, which is critical for any company looking to gain a competitive advantage. If you are looking for financial reporting and analysis services in India, here are some of the reasons why you should select us:

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Especia is a leading payroll outsourcing company in India that can assist you with your company’s payroll needs. We offer payroll management outsourcing to help you transform your company’s payroll administration into a cost-effective and scalable solution.

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has several guidelines and restrictions for Companies working in India. As defined by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, we take care of all legal formalities and comply with them. You just need to submit the mandatory documents and get your company registered without any hassle. Our team of expert CA, CS, Accountants will be actively engaged with you to resolve all your doubts or query.

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Especia is one of the leading tax advice and taxation consultants in Delhi-NCR and across India. Among our trusted clients are reputable domestic and international firms like Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Organic brews, Fidelity Investments, Aricent Group, and Agility Ventures.

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Bookkeeping is one of the most important parts of running a business as mentioned in the article. Without it, businesses most probably will face difficulties. It is necessary for businesses to hire a bookkeeper or bookkeeping services in order to keep the running of business smoothly.

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Role of Accounting services in a Company

The term accounting plays a very important role in a company. Accounting helps you to notice your business income and expenditures, statutory compliance and provide investors with all the required financial information that can come in useful for making business decisions. Accounting can help you to take all the required financial decisions and also aware you of future financial crises.

There are three main financial statements that are generated through accounting records:

In accounting, income statements help you to gather information regarding the Profit and Loss of your Company.

The balance sheet prepared while accounting helps you to get clarification of the financial status of your business on a particular date.

The cash flow statement in accounting acts as a connector between income statements and balance sheets.

It is very complicated to keep the financial records up to date and if you want to keep your business finances accurate, it becomes very necessary to keep the records up to date.

Types of Accounting & Finance Services

Managerial Accounting:

This type of accounting is a practice for using financial information from product revenue including outputs and inputs that affect the supply chain. Basically, this form of accounting supports the organization with wider efficiency and also tracks the progress of the organization in order to achieve fixed goals.

Tax Accounting:

This type of accounting includes the preparation and return of taxes that are required to be payable. Tax accounting can be used by businesses, professional entities, corporations, and any individual. This form of accounting basically focuses on income, deductions, donations, and many more.

Cost Accounting:

This type of accounting involves a process of accumulating and determining the productivity cost. This process includes commitment and control of cost. This form of accounting covers cost interpretation, data analysis, and cost classification.

Financial Accounting:

This form of accounting has a process that involves recording, summarising, and reporting revenue expenses in a period of time. Financial accounting includes the preparation of all kinds of financial statements that are involved in the business.

Payroll Accounting:

This form of accounting has a tracking system of business expenses that are related to the payroll. It also includes compensation for every individual employee as well as payroll taxes, employee beneficial payments, federal beneficial withholdings, and several other deductions.


Bookkeeping is a process that involves the recording of company financial transactions and daily accounting. This form of accounting includes various data recording techniques and is also an important part of your company’s accounting process.

Pain Areas of Financial Management in Your Business

1. No proper accounting

Refers to a lack of organized and accurate financial records in a business, which can lead to errors, discrepancies, and mismanagement of finances. This can include failure to track income and expenses, reconcile accounts, and maintain records of financial transactions. 

The consequences of not having proper accounting practices can be severe, leading to inaccurate financial reporting, higher tax, penalties, and financial difficulties. 

Proper accounting is essential for businesses to make informed decisions, manage cash flow, and plan for the future. 

Without proper accounting, it can be challenging for businesses to stay competitive, meet financial obligations, and achieve long-term success.

2. Reconciliation is not up-to-date

It means that the financial records have not been checked and updated regularly, leading to discrepancies and potential errors. 

This can cause problems in managing finances, and making decisions and may lead to incorrect financial decisions. 

Reconciliation is important to ensure that the financial records are accurate, and any discrepancies are identified and resolved quickly to avoid potential issues in the future.

3. No month-on-month reporting 

Business does not provide regular financial reports that show their financial performance over a specific period, usually a month. 

This can make it difficult to monitor their financial health, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions based on the current financial state of the business. 

4. Lack of technology in the Process 

Businesses use outdated or manual methods to manage their bookkeeping and reporting. 

This can lead to errors, delays, and inefficiencies in the process of recording and reporting financial transactions. 

Without the use of technology, businesses may struggle to keep up with competitors who have adopted modern systems, and they may find it challenging to produce timely and accurate financial reports. 

Adopting technology can improve the accuracy and efficiency of bookkeeping and reporting processes, leading to better financial outcomes for the business. 

5. No clarity to the client on what is happening in the CA office 

Business is not communicating effectively with their clients regarding the status of their financial processes. 

This lack of transparency can cause confusion and mistrust, leading to dissatisfaction with the services provided. 

Providing clear and concise information about financial processes can help businesses build trust with their clients and establish a long-term relationship based on transparency and effective communication. 

6. No Able To Handle Accountant 

Business is struggling to manage their internal accounting resources. This can lead to a lack of clarity and control over financial processes, errors in accounting, and inefficiencies in the financial management of the business. 

Proper management of accountants can help businesses streamline their financial processes, maintain accuracy and compliance, and ultimately improve their financial outcomes. 

7. Accountant is leaving Frequently 

These issues can lead to a lack of continuity and accuracy in the financial management of the business, as well as additional expenses associated with recruitment and training. 

Effective management of accounting resources and reducing staff turnover can help businesses maintain control over their financial processes and improve their financial outcomes. 

8. Getting Regular Calls From All Vendor And Suppliers 

A business owner is receiving a high volume of calls from suppliers and vendors regarding financial matters, such as overdue payments or disputes. 

This can be a significant burden on the owner's time and can cause stress and frustration. 

Implementing effective vendor and supplier management processes, including timely payments and clear communication, can help reduce these calls and improve relationships with suppliers and vendors. 

9. Not Aware of How Much Cash is Available 

Business lacks visibility into their cash flow, and they do not have accurate or up-to-date information about their financial position. 

This can lead to cash flow problems, such as an inability to meet financial obligations or to invest in the business. 

Implementing effective cash management processes, including regular cash flow reporting and forecasting, can help businesses improve their financial planning and decision-making. 

10. Not Able To Schedule Payments 

Business does not have an effective system in place for managing their outgoing payments. 

This can lead to missed payments, late fees, and a lack of visibility into cash flow. 

Implementing an automated payment scheduling system, along with clear processes and policies for managing payments, can help businesses stay on top of their financial obligations and improve their overall financial management. 

11. No Quick Response For Any Requirement From the Account Department 

A business owner or other stakeholders are not receiving timely responses or support from the accounting department when they have questions or require assistance. 

This can result in delays or errors in financial reporting and decision-making. 

Establishing clear communication channels and response protocols, as well as providing adequate training and resources to the accounting team, can help improve responsiveness and ensure that stakeholders have the information and support they need in a timely manner.

12. My Operational Cost is High 

Business is spending more than they should on day-to-day operations. This can be caused by inefficiencies in processes, inadequate cost management, or other factors. 

High operational costs can eat into profits, limit the ability to invest in growth and create financial strain. 

Identifying areas for cost savings, streamlining processes, negotiating better prices with vendors, and adopting more efficient technologies are some ways to reduce operational costs and improve the financial health of a business.

Challenges And Worries During The Transition Phase

The transition phase can be a challenging and stressful time for individuals and organizations. 

Here are some pains or concerns that are commonly associated with the transition phase:

  1. Lack of familiarity with outsourced bookkeeping processes and procedures
  2. Uncertainty about the quality and reliability of outsourced bookkeeping services.
  3. Concerns about data security and privacy in outsourcing financial information.
  4. Fear of losing control over financial operations and decision-making processes.
  5. Difficulty in integrating outsourced bookkeeping processes with existing systems and workflows.
  6. They need to train employees on new processes and systems.
  7. The risk of disruption to day-to-day operations during the transition period.
  8. The need for clear communication and expectations set with the outsourced bookkeeping provider.
  9. Difficulty in identifying a suitable outsourced bookkeeping provider that meets the specific needs and requirements of the business.
  10. The challenge of managing and coordinating with a remote bookkeeping team, especially if located in a different time zone or country.
  11. They need to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements when outsourcing financial information.
  12. The potential for communication and language barriers when working with an outsourced bookkeeping team.
  13. The cost of training employees on new processes and systems and the potential need for additional resources during the transition phase.
  14. Concerns about maintaining the confidentiality and sensitive financial information when outsourcing bookkeeping services.
  15. The potential for errors or inaccuracies in financial reporting or bookkeeping processes during the transition period.
  16. The need to establish clear expectations, goals, and metrics for measuring the success of outsourced bookkeeping services.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Transition Process

  1. Identify finance functions to be outsourced and transition timeline. 
  2. Define the roles and responsibilities of an in-house team and outsourcing provider. 
  3. Conduct an assessment of current finance processes and workflows. 
  4. Identify gaps or deficiencies in current finance processes and workflows. 
  5. Develop a plan to address gaps and deficiencies in finance processes. 
  6. Define data migration plan, timeline, and process. 
  7. Develop a training plan for an outsourcing provider. 
  8. Define reporting and monitoring requirements for an outsourcing provider. 
  9. Conduct a trial run of the transition plan. 
  10. Develop a communication plan to keep stakeholders informed. 

How Especia Helps You in Accounting Process

Especia helps you to access accurate information on an affordable budget. We take care of your finances and accounts in a streamlined way with utmost care. 

We provide you with frequent updates about finance regulations, accounting rules, and compliance policies. 

Our team of Especia keeps on tracking and implementing the latest policies routinely. 

Our finance and accounting outsourcing service always keep in alongside the latest updates and policies. 

You can use the best technological and advanced software to solve all your problems related to finance at a low cost. One can enjoy all the resources without paying extra. 

When you outsource, based on your specific business requirements, we provide all the solutions related to finance and accounts scaled up to down. 

An outsourcing service eliminates all the issues such as staff issues and undisciplined processes. 

Our experts come with popular account software to ensure the complete security and privacy of your financial documents. 

You can avail of any type of finance and accounting service, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax processing at a time at a low cost.

Especia’s USP in Accounting Services

  1. Get more for less with our cost-effective solutions - a compelling reason to choose us.  
  2. Maximize customer satisfaction with our technology-driven solutions.  
  3. Experience a hassle-free and quick transition of accounting functions.

Accounting Services Outsourcing For Every Industry

We have served a diverse range of industries for over a decade and have an in-depth understanding
of how each industry works. Here are a few industries we have worked closely with-

Our Accounting Outsourcing Services Process

Our Accounting Outsourcing Services Process

Why Choose Especia Associates ?

Why Choose Especia Associates ?
400K + INVOICES Processed Last Year <p><strong>400K + </strong><br /><strong>INVOICES </strong><br /><strong>Processed Last Year</strong></p>

400K +
Processed Last Year

10+ m TRANSACTIONS Processed Last Year <p><strong>10+ Million </strong><br /><strong>TRANSACTIONS </strong><br /><strong>Processed Last Year</strong></p>

10+ Million
Processed Last Year

75% DECREASED Invoicing Time <p><strong>75%</strong> <br /><strong>DECREASED</strong> <br /><strong>Invoicing Time</strong></p>

Invoicing Time

100+ DEDICATED Accounting Teams <p><strong>100+ </strong><br /><strong>DEDICATED</strong><br /><strong> Accounting Teams</strong></p>

Accounting Teams

Frequently Asked Question on Accounting Services

Accounting is basically a key function in the business functioning process. In a small business, accounting and bookkeeping is done by a professional accountant or a bookkeeper but in large companies accounts and finance is handled by a finance department where a group of employees are hired to manage company finance. 

Accounting service roles are restricted to getting to know regarding the company’s financial condition. Still, it can assist you in making your company’s ideology and plan to assist and manage the decision-making so that it will be beneficial as well as profitable for your brand's growth.

Accounting is the process that helps you to get updated with your income and expenses. An accountant’s responsibility is to offer accurate financial advice and strategies in accordance with the business's financial conditions.

Especia’s finance and accounting service in India comes with the best bookkeeping services and easy access to resources like multi-software for a seamless process. We offer cost-effective and on-time services. We analyze your revenue and expense based on customer reports, employer reports, break up of expenses, and event analysis.

Especias’s accounting solutions can help you to eliminate all your financial problems such as staffing issues, outdated systems, undisciplined processes, or archaic software and tools. Our experts come with popular account software to ensure the complete security and privacy of your financial documents. You can avail any type of finance and accounting service, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax processing at a time at a low cost.

Accounting prevents decisions that can cause any delay in the growth of the business by months. Accounting can also help you to get a clear picture of your company’s cash flow which will help to analyze your expenses and investments.

Outsourcing accounting services ensures that the business owner has good internal controls by providing a system of checks and balances that will help in reducing fraud as well as it also ensures the accuracy of company finance. 

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