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We understand that your business may require varied clarity on corporate structure and issues pertaining to corporate compliances. We also understand that in today’s competitive scenario and in the start-up segments, the business houses and the companies look for cost-effective and time-efficient solutions in order to streamline the issues faced by them.  For any newly established organization, it becomes a burden to take care of these administrative tasks along with the day to day activities. Hence Legal Secretarial services, Corporate Governance advisory services play a pivotal role in smooth operations of the business

Here at Especia, Best CS Firm/Company Secretary firms near me in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon & other regions in India, have a team of experienced professionals including Company secretary & secretarial auditors who specializes in providing corporate secretarial advisory services, Corporate Legal services who have been delivering the tailored-made solutions to your exclusive company needs. We have a history of managing these functions and enabling the Promoters to freely focus on making their business a success.

Company Law & Compliance matters are very important for any business in today’s competitive world. Failure to comply with the statutory compliance requirements is an offense and may result in fines and prosecution of the directors of the company. We take care of all your corporate needs from Business setup to Secretarial services for compliance and business advisory.


Keeping in view the complexities in terms of Corporate Law, the following are some examples of the Company Secretarial services & Legal & Regulatory compliance services that we perform for our clients:

1) Board of Directors

We undertake the following activities as per the legal responsibilities of Directors on behalf of the Company:

  • Preparing, drafting, vetting or otherwise finalization of agenda’s, notices and minutes of the meeting of the board of directors and committees thereof, if any;
  • Preparing and drafting of the various resolutions as may be required in pursuance to the company law as per the requirement of the company from time to time.
  • Advising and assisting the directors with respect to their duties, responsibilities and compliance and ensuring company law procedures are properly managed;
  • Custody and maintenance of the company’s statutory registers, minute book and other statutory records as required under Law.
  • Assistance to the Auditors in their annual statutory review of the Company’s Secretarial records.
  • Various other works viz. Company formation services,  making changes to company directorship, Company reorganizations, Amending memorandum and articles of association and Restructuring of share capital, etc.
  • Generally advising in the matter relating to compliance of various provisions of the Act and keeping you updated with the amendments or changes taking place in compliance requirements under the Act.
  • We shall maintain statutory books on your behalf and shall prepare and submit the drafts of the following for your approval and when in the next meeting the minutes are duly confirmed we shall paste them in relevant Minutes Books:
  • Visiting the offices and providing assistance in relation to conducting the Board meeting as per law as you may from time to time require.

2) Shareholders Zone

  • Preparing, drafting, vetting or otherwise finalization of agenda’s, notices and minutes of the meeting of shareholders of the company;
  • Maintaining the company’s Share Registration processes and the register of shareholders/ members.
  • Coordinating the publication and distribution of the company’s annual report, accounts and interim statement to the shareholders.
  • Assisting with transfers and other matters affecting shareholdings.
  • Attending to the queries and requests from Shareholders and advising on relations with institutional shareholders.

3) Statutory Filings and Compliances

  • We prepare all periodical statutory returns under the Companies Act, 2013, and the related rules and regulations in accordance with the requirements, as and when necessary, on the basis of information provided to us well within the time frame stipulated in the law. We also file these returns online or submit them to the Company for signatures and file the same with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
  • Preparation for a full set of AGM documents and filing annual returns with the regulatory authority.
  • Preparation, filing, and attestation of various e-forms, returns, financials, and other documents of routine nature required to be filed with the concerned Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, or any other authority under the provisions of the Act and rules or regulations made thereunder.

4) Administrative Authority Compliances:

  • Reviewing developments in corporate governance and coordinating with the Registrar of Companies.
  • We shall represent you, if so desired and authorized by you, in cases brought up by the Registrar of Companies, if any.


The heavy responsibilities lying on the Board of Directors may require the company to outsource and engage the professional consultants who are extremely competent and who can meet the needs of the role effectively in order to easily manage board information and streamline processes.

We, at Especia, one of the leading Practising Company secretary, company law, Corporate Secretarial & secretarial law firms/Companies offering professional secretarial compliance services, have researched these challenges extensively and accordingly, centrally coordinated service reduces the risks of non-compliance, increases the economy of scale and eradicates the burdens of performing your own business duties.

If you are looking for any Best Company Secretarial firm in Nearby, Your search ends with Especia! You can write to us at

In a company, a company secretary is a person who is qualified and educated to deal with the company’s financial and legal issues. They are the person who knows the ins and outs of Company law and is a master of labor laws, banking laws, taxation statutes, and other laws that the company has to comply with.

The qualifications of a company secretary, in accordance with Section 2 (24) Companies Act, 2013 are- 

  • “Company Secretary” or “Secretary” means a company secretary as defined in clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Company Secretaries Act, 1980 (56 of 1980) who is appointed by a company to perform the functions of a company secretary under the Companies Act.
  • The person should also hold membership in the Institute of Company Secretaries of India to be qualified for the position of company secretary. 

The following is a list of functions performed by a company secretary- 

  • One of the functions performed by a company secretary, according to the Companies Act, 2013 is to report the compliance status of the corporate law and governance rules to the board. 
  • The company secretary must assist and advise the directors and executives about their duties, responsibilities, and powers. 
  • The company secretary must take notes of the minutes of the meetings that they have arranged and facilitated for the board.

Company Secretary has been recognized as an expert and has been designated the position of ‘key managerial personnel in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013. Since the company secretary carries out important duties and shares several responsibilities with the directors, therefore, they have authority regarding the management of the organization. 

Every company including a private company that has a paid-up share capital of ten crore rupees or more is statutorily required to appoint a whole -time company secretary.

Before meeting 

  • Before the meeting, the company secretary is tasked with the duty to make arrangements for the venue of the meeting. They choose the date, time, and location which is appropriate for the meeting. 

During the meeting 

  • During the meeting, the company secretary assists the chairman in disseminating important information. Their duty also includes knowing who has attended the meeting, reading aloud the minutes of the previous meeting, and recording the meetings of the current meeting. 

After the meeting 

  • After the meeting, the company secretary must carefully assemble the minutes of the meeting and then send them to the chairman for approval. After the approval, they must distribute the minutes of the meeting to the members who attended the meeting. 

Especia performs the following company secretary services for your company- 

Board of Directors

  • Preparing and drafting the agendas and minutes of the meetings between the board of directors and committees. 
  • Our company secretaries will advise and assist auditors during their annual statutory reviews. 

Shareholders Zone 

  • Our company secretarial services will assist the companies with transfers and other matters affecting shareholding. 
  • They will attend to the queries and requests of shareholders. 

Statutory filings and compliance 

  • Especia’s company secretary services will help in the preparation of AGM documents and filing annual returns. 
  • Especia’s company secretary services will also help the company in the preparation and filing of routine documents such as e-forms and returns.

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