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Especia is one of the leading Outsourced Bookkeeping services and accounting services firms in Delhi NCR. Since 2010. We are continuously helping Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in managing books of accounts in offline software like Tally, busy or similar software. These are desktop-based software. We have been preparing books efficiently and all compliances are done comfortably.

But, now the business environment has changed and business owners and CEO are expecting some cloud-based solution where they can review financial key data on a real-time basis and can make decisions accordingly. Based on our experience and a lot of feedback from clients, we observed some pain areas.

Following are some points or issues raised by entrepreneurs for modern accounting needs:

  • Generally, CAs do accounting at the uncertain periods from Quarter to Year & that’s of no use for any decision-making except for Audit & Taxes. Do you know your books can guide you a lot about your business? Say your margins, Trends, Pendency, Comparisons, Growth Statistics, and Cash-flows. But that can be solved if we close our books every month that gives more Confidence & reliability on books for Better decision making.
  • Are you still going to CA Firms Office for all reconciliations & data finalization? Come on, It’s 2020. Let’s take you to our seamless cloud meeting solutions over Microsoft Platform and close all reconciliations in 15 mins.
  • Manual or Automated?
      1. Payroll Processing
      2. Employees reimbursements & claims
      3. Vendor Payments by cheque or even online (That’s also the old way)
      4. Follow-up with Customers
  • No Cash-flow Data, No Monthly reports like P&L, Cash-flow, and Aging schedules, No Access to accounting software for review with High cost & headache of In-house accountants. Switch to your Virtual Accounting team with us.

Introduction of Bigen Accounitng:

At Especia, we always adapt to and adopt new technologies in finance and accounts operation based on the business demand and give real value to clients. In 2020, we launched our new product “BIGEN” which is a mix of world-class technology and expert accountants just like cab aggregators companies (OLA, UBER) have Perfect Humans so-called Drivers along with World Class technological experience. We call ourselves Uber for Book-keeping in India.

Uber for Bookkeepers in India

In this product, we are providing online accounting services for small businesses, Online bookkeeping services, Quickbooks accounting services, and Cloud accounting services to improve processes and become more competitive.

We have online solutions for accounts payable processes outsourcing (Procure to Pay), accounts receivable processes outsourcing (Record to Report), Invoice to Cash, Bank reconciliations, month-end/year-end closing, management reporting (MIS), and more.

Here are some of the Core features of the Bigen Accounting Outsource:

  • Channel Based communication for ease
  • Document Sharing via all modes
  • Collaborate live in real-time
  • Automated Banking
  • Roles based users & approval matrix
  • Workflow automation for all recurring tasks
  • Accessible via all devices
  • Account Payables in a click of a button
  • Straight Forward Pricing, No surprises
  • Live Dashboard for Business Performance & KPIs
  • And a lot more to smoothen your finance & accounts function

What we do:

We have automated solutions for virtual accounting services and Bookkeeping Outsourcing services by using some of the Best Technologies including Zoho, Quickbooks, Tally & a few other accounting software which includes:

  • Online Accounting and Bookkeeping services company
  • accounts payable processes outsourcing (Procure to Pay)
  • accounts receivable processes outsourcing (Record to Report)
  • Bank reconciliations,
  • Month-end/year-end closing,
  • Compliances
  • Payroll Processes (Hire to Retire)
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Management Reporting (MIS) & Performance Review
  • Dedicated teams for Accounting, Bookkeeping & CFO Services for Startup including a focus on Tech Startups

Core Services:

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Online accounting services
  • Accounts payable processes outsourcing (Procure to Pay)
  • Accounts receivable processes outsourcing (Record to Report)
  • Bank reconciliations,
  • Payroll Processes (Hire to Retire)
  • Employee Reimbursement

Compliance Services

  • TDS Compliance
  • ESI PF filing
  • GST Return
  • GST Annual Return
  • Income Tax Return (Individual)
  • Income Tax Return (Firm)
  • RBI Compliance

Finance Controller Services

  • Monthly and Year end closing
  • Preparation of Annual Account
  • Coordination with Auditor
  • CFO level support
  • Participate in strategic decision
  • Finance restructuring
  • Books review and reporting

Financial Analysis and MIS Reporting

  • Budget and Forecast
  • Cash flow management
  • Balance Sheet
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Aging
  • Compliance report

The technology used to automate Accounting services:

We use the world’s secured tools and accounting software, including industry-specific systems. Our technology expertise and staff training facilities allow us to adopt new technologies and deliver new software within very short time frames. Some of the major software packages we use include:

Modern Technologies used for Accounting

Data Security:

Security of information is of supreme importance to us. In Especia, we can assure you that your business's most critical information is maintained in a secure environment. For this reason, we work to best-practice frameworks, having both secure facilities and systems.

Quality Certificates:

  1. ISO 9001 quality management certificate
  2. ISO 27001 Information Security Management certificate

Security System includes:

  • 24/7 building security the outside and at office entrances
  • Clear desk policies
  • Biometric attendance systems
  • Magnetic door locking mechanisms at office entrances
  • CCTV surveillance at all entry points and key operational areas
  • Highly secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server
  • Secure, remote servers with backed-up data
  • Anti-virus/malware software server protection
  • Removable storage devices are blocked at workstations
  • restricted internet sites such as email
  • Transfer of important data is encrypted for

Benefits of Outsourcing:

Growth without overhead: grow your business without an increase in facilities, more computers, compliance cost, recruitment cost.

Reduction of Finance operational cost: you can save by 20-30% in finance operation cost by outsourcing finance function with fixed fees structure.

Increase bandwidth: The business owner is free from the most critical tasks and he is getting financial insights of business resulting increase of bandwidth by 30-40%.

Scalability: focus on more clients by offering competitive prices as the bottom line has improved.

Personalized Financial Reporting:

Management and accounting reports as per business needs.

Every business is different and different reporting requirements. We offer up-to-date accounting reports as per business need to the management so that management is aware of upcoming budgeting and financial issues. This helps business owners to take the smart, strategic decisions that ensure future success.

To perform this specific reporting requirement, we sit with the accountant and management one to one and understand the areas of concern that must be highlighted. We identify the format of reports, Key performance indicators, frequency of reporting, and others.

Types of reports in our basket:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement – Month
  • Profit and Loss Statement – YTD
  • Profit and Loss Statement by Cost centre – Month
  • Profit and Loss Statement by Cost centre– YTD
  • Cash Flow Statement (Weekly)
  • Cash Flow Statement (Monthly)
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Live Review
  • Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Accounts Payable Aging
  • Compliance report
  • Live Dashboards
  • Sales Comparison Report
  • Expenses Comparison Report
  • We have a complete range of reports plus there is an option to customize your reports based on your requirements, Industry & your thought process.

A glimpse of a Few Samples KPI, Dashboards & Reporting:

Sample Dashboard 1:

Live Dashboard 1

Sample Dashboard 2:

Live Dashboard 2

Sample Dashboard 3 with Target Goal Strategy:

Live Dashboard with Target Strategy

If you are looking for or have any questions related to any Online Accounting or Bookkeeping services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR or any other regions in India, Or have questions on Why Online Accounting is the future then You can read our few blogs:

Cloud computing enables quick access to data from any location. Accounting data and other apps stored in the cloud can be accessed by accountants who have internet-connected devices. 

Cloud accounting software is hosted on a remote server. It is also known as online accounting software or web-based accounting software. Users transfer data to "the cloud," which processes it and returns it to the user. 

Cloud accounting software may be used by business owners, accountants, and other staff who have been granted access.

When sending data, cloud apps employ encrypted connections. This implies that the data is encrypted both before and after it is transferred from your device to the distant server making it safe and secure for businesses.

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