• Maintaining, matching, and capturing data for Invoices
  • Payment processing of invoices
  • Cross-checking invoices with the company
  • Document Scanning
  • Logistics
  • Assembling and Distribution of works 
  • Leasing 
  • Licensing

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Outsource Accounts Payable Services


For efficient accounts paying, a proper system including appropriate software, appropriate suppliers, and approved invoices is needed besides making scheduled payments. To ensure the safety of the entire system, a test check must be run, and only then the final checks should be done. All of these are provided to you in a consolidated manner here at Especia.


➜Selecting the software- A proper software package containing an accounts payable module with the ability to set up proper payment information to the correct suppliers, identify duplication of invoices, and one that could take advantage of early payment discounts as well as one that can make electronic payments.


➜Setting up suppliers- Making and maintaining a default general ledger that shows each supplier's name, addresses, payment terms, and expense accounts.


➜Entering invoices- Details about the invoice like the invoice date and payable amount to be entered


➜Approving invoices- A system in place to have managers individually approve of the suppliers mentioned in the ledger or provide negative approvals. The manager has to notify the payables staff that they do not approve of the payment. This system could be integrated with another system that tracks all the approvals made.


➜Making Scheduled Payments- Print the invoice list to determine which bills are to be paid within the selected date range. This software comes in handy to make that list because, as mentioned before, all invoices would be maintained in a ledger.


➜Testing a check run- All the approved payments are marked, and a batch of checks to pay for the invoices is invited. A properly working software should ensure that only those bills are paid are selected.


➜The signing of checks- A person is usually designated to sign checks at a primary base, and another is appointed as well to be the backup check signer. Their duty would be to examine each of these checks before signing them off.


Besides these basic measures that are provided by our accounts payable system, additional accounts payable outsourcing services that will be at your disposal are:


➜Make sure the supplier's invoice and the company's purchase orders are matched. This is usually done by a payables clerk whose main duty is to make sure that the company is paying for only those items that were properly authorized and received items.


➜Maintaining an expense report for the company. This involves employees submitting a report on the items they purchased and other expenses made through the company and providing the respective invoices. The report will also include a set of travel policies for which any expenses made will be reimbursed.


➜Setting up a system that issues procurement cards to the employees which allows them to make purchases on behalf of the company and the system will also review the cards, identify any error statements, and submit the fully reviewed statements so that payment staff can process them to make the proper payments.


➜Setting up a system of checks that prevents excessive payment from being made by adding a selection of control options to the already existing payables system.


About Accounts Payable Services


We at Especia provide you with expert guidance on managing and paying your bills in an organized manner. Paying your bills timely, all the while making sure that they are paid in the right amount to the right suppliers, is our top priority. With ever-increasing competition to build up your startup or to run your ongoing business, an organized system for your accounting, managing your books, and keeping track of the numbers is the need of the hour, and skilled professional advice from our experts is sure to come in handy.


Need for accounts payable services:


One of the most important needs for having good accounts payable services providers at your service is that it helps to improve the relationship with your suppliers. All your invoices will be paid well before the due date, and a monthly or quarterly inspection of these reports can be made to design strategies for improving the business. Also, with a strong accounts payable system in place, discrepancies in invoices and purchase orders can be avoided in the first place.


Functions of accounts payable services:


  • Paying third parties or employees on the scheduled time and preparing checks 
  • Resolving purchase orders
  • Ensuring that credit is received for outstanding bills
  • Issuing stop-payment orders
  • Making amendments in purchase orders
  • Ensuring that invoices are received, checked, and maintained
  • Keeping track of all the expenses and cash inflow so that profit margin can be determined


Accounts payable services for a manufacturing company


If your company is a large manufacturing company with the needs of raw materials, power, and fuel to complete the manufacturing process and post-production, look no further, you have come to the right place where we will keep a record of your purchases of the raw materials, logistics and transportation costs. Cost of all the processes that the raw materials need to go through before they can be transported, cost of transportation, and in cases where cash cannot be immediately paid for the services, our company will add them to the accounts payables, and this will be mentioned as before through an accounts payable system and will be adjusted whenever payments are made in cash.  


Accounts payable services for a small business


If your company is not a vast elusive one, your data needs to be stored in a consolidated and organized manner. Otherwise, keeping records of the profits at the end of the day becomes a cumbersome task, don't worry. Especia provides a vast multitude of outsourced accounts payable services, some of which suiting your business could be invoicing, syncing of bank and credit cards, maintaining a ledger of the accounts that have already been paid for, and payments that have been paid for. Also, maintaining an account received record, online payments made by customers, making balance sheets, basic financial statement preparations like profit and loss statements are crucial for the efficient functioning of any business, be that a small one or a large one. In case you don't have an expert team on the site to handle all this vital information, that is where our company and its package expert advice and teams come in for the rescue.


Accounts payable services for a startup


Maintaining records of the expenditures made and the cash inflow is vital for any business, especially a startup. Some of you who are thinking of starting a small business on your own but are putting their plans on hold because first you need to understand the accounting side of things and only then you will be able to regulate business, well you should consider your problems gone. We at Especia are here to do just that- help you with keeping up your books and explain and advise on numbers to make your business thrive and grow. Even people with not much commercial idea of a small business need not give up on their business idea because if it is an organization of your profit and loss details that is required, then you can rely on us to provide you with such advice from our financial experts on what kind of accounts payables you should maintain.


FAQ Related in Accounts Payable Services


What are Accounts Payable?


When a company or any business purchases from a vendor on credit, the purchases come under what is given the term of accounts payables. It is basically a form of debt that is shown in the balance sheet of the company.


How can one track changes be made to an invoice?


It is important to make sure that the accounts payable system in place should record all actions performed by users within the business organization and any automatic actions so that every time a change is made to the invoice, it is recorded in the company database. If it does not have such a feature, then suitable upgrades should be made to the pre-existing system.


For how long should the invoices be stored in the accounts payable software database?


It all depends on the state law. So, it's advisable to choose an accounts payable system that allows storing the invoices for any period of time. As defined by the customer, having software with multiple retirement policies is a wise choice.


How does the Accounts Payable software check the invoices?


The best-in-class AP software checks the entry of invoices through the help of a program so that the accounts payable staff get notified when the time comes to approve and validate them. Some AP software also automatically checks the invoices for any duplication and matches them against the purchase orders issued by the company and the information stored in the company's database.

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