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    Especia is committed to providing assistance throughout the incorporation process. We tender productive advice at every stage of the process and incorporate your business unit to suit your business needs. Our team of experts provides you with all kinds of business solutions. We prove to be your best choice through-

    • The best client-centric solution to all your business needs
    • Cost-effective services to save your heavy administrative burden.
    • The solution to your complex company secretarial issues 
    • An ever-increasing list of satisfied clients 
    • Proficient solutions to complex problems
    • Ethical business practices
    • Dedicated and motivated team
    • Innovative in products and services
    • Technology-led strategies
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Why Accounts & Finance Outsourcing to Especia?

Cost Saving solutions

Having a CFO is crucial to any business, no matter the size. However, because of budgeting issues, many companies do not have CFOs and the necessary tasks are performed by someone from the team, which is often the CEO himself. With especia, we provide you with cost-effective solutions to the management needs of your company. We provide you with the best-trained professionals for CFO services for unbeatable prices.

Focus On Core-Business

Maintaining multiple operational tasks and petty issues can divert the attention from expanding the business and opening new ventures to keeping the business going and steady. We need to be fast and agile in our methods to keep up with the ever-changing market. By outsourcing basic management tasks you can enable yourself to focus on the bigger picture. You can pay more attention to core areas that will allow your business to grow.

Systematic Growth

If the finances of a company aren't taken care of perfectly, it can pose various problems. Keeping these management tasks in check is especially important to manage steady growth. Outsourcing can help you avoid any such unforeseen disastrous scenarios that can end you up in unfamiliar waters. We help you keep your management tasks in check with highly skilled and trained professionals who take control over managing tasks that aim to the company's growth.


Along with the need of managing business management tasks, the value of sound advice from experts in various fields can never go unnoticed. We aim to help you achieve better which means we not only have Finance & Accounting experts and Business Process Management across the entire range of necessary skills but we also have experts that shed important knowledge that can be helpful for your business and which can aid you to focus on growing.

One-Stop Financial, accounting solutions

Each one of our services offers a solution that is tailored to your needs rather than the company’s overall needs, this ensures that the task is not just completed but well done for maximum output and productivity. We offer holistically optimized solutions and all our services come under one roof. Added to that, we have expertise that enables you to reach higher. Our team of financial experts guarantees industry-specific solutions and believes in delivering customizable and effective work.

Work As Partners

We believe that your growth is our growth. Our approach of working with our clients is to work very closely with utmost dedication with the client as partners in their journey. We do not merely handle the outsourced tasks, we go the extra mile for you to ensure world-class quality services, efficiency, and security. We are constantly evolving our services/products towards being an accountable source of management for all of our client’s finance/accounting-related needs.

Relevant Expertise

We are one of the leading firms of Chartered accountants having a group of professionals providing highly customized and efficient deliverables on a plethora of services that cater to all your needs. With a highly skilled team, you are in the right hands. We have assembled an impressive team of finance and accounting experts who are motivated to provide our clients with industry-specific solutions. Our team has all of the necessary skills to provide quality finance/accounting services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our vision as business owners is to strive to make our organization better and we do so by creating an environment that fosters growth and improvement. We have assembled an impressive team of finance and accounting experts that make sure that they represent our clients in the best way possible by being thorough professionals and working within their ethical limits. As a company, we are constantly working towards ensuring the quality of our services and maintaining its efficiency and security.

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