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The CFO is a top-level executive in charge of a company's finances. The post of a CFO is usually the 3rd highest in a company's hierarchy. They are the head of the finance and accounting divisions. 

Their duties include managing cash flow and financial planning. They also have to analyze the company's financial strengths and areas of improvement.

Different types of CFOs

The human element of senior roles is imperative. That element decides what type of CFO is best for a business. The different types of CFOs can be:

1. The Start-Up CFO

They are experts at raising capital for a new venture. 

2. The Growth-based CFO

These excel at creating pathways for increasing the growth of the organization. 

3. The Achievement-Based Leader

They create results and transform the business while leading by example. 

4. The Jack of All Trades

They have loads of industry experience and are excellent communicators. 

Roles of a CFO

The modern industry demands dynamic CFOs. They want people who offer more than bookkeeping and crunching numbers. 

Corporations now expect CFOs to be strategists with leadership skills. With that in mind, here are the main roles of a CFO:

1. Financial Management

The foremost duty of a virtual CFO is to maintain the financial records in shipshape. They must have vast experience in cash management. It helps them to create a low-cost financial organization. 

2. Operational Expertise

They should have a vivid understanding of the company’s business model. This ensures that the decisions made are based on financial principles. 

3. Strategic Oversight

They have to recognize financial lacunas within the organization. This helps them to formulate strategies to overcome them. Tax management also falls within this purview. 

4. Compliance and Liaison

Another major role of the CFO is to ensure that the audit and review system is efficient. The CFO has to then liaise with other senior officials. They also have to evaluate the performance indicators of the business.

CFO Advisory Services in Mumbai

Especia thrives on providing clients with CFO advisory services for their growth. Our team of competent CAs, financial analysts, and CFOs ensure efficiency and integrity. 

Our consultants will smoothly integrate with your business team. We are experts in dealing with a range of client demands. 

100+ corporate houses can endorse our promise of quality and accuracy. Hence, we ensure our clients get top-notch CFO advisory services in Mumbai.

Why do you need Virtual CFO advisory services?

CFO advisory services in Mumbai provide expert financial consultation to clients. They are virtual services provided by experts who are at your disposal. 

You get to decide the flexibility of the working hours. They also do a thorough analysis of your finances and offer budgeting advice. 

All of this is available for a fraction of a price of a full-time CFO. This is a boon, especially for small or medium-scale business owners and entrepreneurs.  

What have outsourced CFO services?

Outsourcing CFO services mean hiring a firm to do the job of a CFO. You can avail of the financial expertise of Virtual CFO Services in Mumbai but at a much lower cost. 

This is a virtual service that is cost-effective and flexible. By outsourcing CFO services, you can monitor your expenses. 

They guide the business during tax planning. They can work on a part-time basis on projects. They can also guide the business on a long-term basis. 

This helps to build a cost-effective organization. Their cash-flow management approach is data-driven and strategic. 

The biggest advantage of this is for entrepreneurs and non-profit businesses.

CFO services in accounting

Every business needs a person who's great with numbers. Not all companies can afford to pay a full-time person for crunching numbers. 

CFO services offer an entire team that takes care of the financials. They provide the following services to help in accounting:

1. Bookkeeping: They efficiently provide all-in-bookkeeping of the company’s financials.

2. Strategic budgeting: They help spot the business's strengths and weaknesses. This helps in forming strategies for improving overall ROI value.

3. Financial Analysis and project costing: They help to analyze market trends and use them for the cost-effective management of projects. 

4. Tax management: They help in tax preparation and filing.

CFO advisory services in Mumbai for start-ups

In recent years, India emerged as a major start-up hub globally. These ventures are limited by cost initially. 

Also, they are ideas of people with little or no financial background. Virtual CFO advisory services in Mumbai for tailor-made for such small enterprises. 

They provide counsel and strategy for better financial management while ensuring projected growth.


CFO services are a must to keep your company out of financial problems. Especia provides CFO advisory services in Mumbai from our team of CFOs. 

We offer years of expertise in providing financial advice and solutions. We have a portfolio of working with 500 plus businesses and some fortune 500 companies.