Virtual Accounting Services

    • Especia provides bank statement reconciliation.
    • Uses automatic banking and receivables.
    • Providing management reporting and performance review.
    • Priority to provide easy solutions.
    • Dedicated teams providing accounting services.
    • Especia also provides key performance indicators.
    • One of the best in providing virtual accounting services.
    • Also, process employee reimbursement.
    • Provides one of the best technologies for accounting and bookkeeping services.
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Since 2010 Especia has been one of the leading firms to provide virtual accounting services. This is typically an online accounting service where the accountants get the responsibility to analyze reports, Financial statements for the companies. Business or Companies provide their information to their virtual accountancies by giving them access to their servers. Virtual Accounting Services are comparatively cheaper than hiring a house-in accountant. Moreover, these services also help their client business inconveniently while preparing financial statements.

Benefits of Hiring an Online Accountant:

Maintaining accounting statements:

Especia provides the client where the virtual accountant prepares an accounting ledger, which largely helps them in their financial statement and future strategies.

Convenient as well as Efficient.

Virtual Accounting Services are very convenient and efficient compared to house-in accountants because they are allowed in your company's server or software.

These services also reduce errors or miscalculations and make it to be done with less paperwork which hugely makes it efficient for the clients to access their personalized financial reports. These services are hugely cost-effective since the client does not have to pay any salary or insurance and only pays a fixed amount of a service availed on this virtual accountant.


All Companies must stay clean in their legal matters to be able to conduct business; if not, they can be charged fines and penalties. By hiring a virtual accountant, one can easily or conveniently avoid such legalities. Since in accounting compliance with regulations and laws is very important, these accountants prepare their report, which is beneficial for their clients since they comply with all legal formalities.

Customer Service.

Virtual Accounting provided by Especia also supports customer support services to their clients in any case if the problem occurs. Clients can easily communicate with them with the help of smartphone calls, emails, and chats. It is promised by Especia's highly professional and expert customer service team to solve all problems.

True accounting Services.

These services always try to remain error-free and unbiased or be fraudulent while accounting for your financial statements. These services are also very efficient, providing all the reports quickly and saving a lot of time and effort.

Online Accounting Services in India.

Especia is one of the leading firms providing Online Accounting Services in India; virtual accounting is very popular due to this current pandemic. Since they are cost-effective and help manage small business establishments, which comprise more than 65 percent of business covering our economy. Especia India offers their clients virtual accounting services at a reasonable price compared to hiring an accountant-inhouse and provides optimism among small business owners to take and manage their accounts better for their future success.

Virtual Accounting Services Offerings:

Especia is one of India's leading firms that provides virtual accounting services with their team of professional accountants. They help businesses prepare financial reports according to their client's company to help them reach future success. They provide solutions to critical tasks and increase the company's bandwidth by 30 to 40 percent.

Security Provided by Virtual Accounting Services:

Especia provides 24/7 security with constant CCTV Surveillance. So there are a few chances of doing illicit activities while accounting. 

For Virtual accounting services and bookkeeping outsourcing services, Especia uses one of the best technologies available to them, such as Quickbooks, Tally, Zoho, etc. Depending on the schedule which the client has chosen to have his accounts or bookkeeping updated, Especia provides them with these services monthly. They also help in outsourcing account processes and provide reports containing bank reconciliations and other consultations.

Keeping aside all the benefits provided earlier in this article, such as maintaining cash flow, balance sheet, financial analysis, payroll processes, income tax issues, etc. Especia also provides their client with personal financial reporting containing the upcoming budgeting or financial issues of management. This reporting is very important for business owners to understand their shortcomings and helps them to make plans and strategies ensuring their future success.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages; there can be a delay in communication with the accountant while dealing with the virtual accountant at the working hours since they might clash with each other. There are also other disadvantages like while a client is accounting, the company ensures their data remains private and confidential and never shared with another party. Moreover, in performing certain accounting services or bookkeeping functions, an accountant must be present at that spot, but for the virtual accountant, that is not possible.

Virtual Accounting is one of the new methods that allow qualified accountants to offer their service to different types of business. The cost of employing a full-time accountant or bookkeeper hardly depends on the number of transactions in what amount of time. The prices generally start from 2000 INR and can gradually increase according to your choices.

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