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    • ESOP accounting- Intrinsic Value and Black Scholes
    • ESOP for Taxation
    • Acquisition - Domestic & Cross Border
    • Merger - Assessment of Swap Ratio
    • Share Purchase / Investment/Fund Raising
    • Goodwill & Asset Impairment testing (US GAAP/ IFRS/Indian GAAP) & lot others.
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Especia is one of the major valuation service organizations in Delhi-NCR and other parts of India, with a team of specialists delivering highly tailored and effective assistance in CA Services, CFO Services, Account Outsourcing Services, and Valuations services. Especia is one of the leading valuation firms in India, having completed over 250 valuations for major deals.

We have a great squad that understands each industry and plans the overall strategy for the valuation project accordingly. For all of their Valuation Services requirements in India, we cater to all major industries, including start-ups and corporations. Our team regularly conducts research and publishes papers and case studies on various valuation topics and sectoral trends.

Especia, one of the most active business valuation consultants, is dedicated to assisting businesses in becoming more adaptable, creative, globally successful, and connected by enabling better cost, risk, and regulatory management and promoting growth.

Our mission is to grow alongside our clients. Professionalism and Ethics are among our core values. While we are dedicated to aggressively representing our clients, we do so only within ethical bounds and under the highest professional ideals. Our mission is to provide world-class quality, efficiency, and security in handling our client's financial and accounting needs.

Valuation Services Offering

Especia is one of the major valuation service consultants in Delhi-NCR and other parts of India, with a team of specialists delivering highly tailored and effective assistance in business valuation services, they are one of the best in the market. Especia is one of the leading valuation firms in India, having completed over 250 valuations for major deals.

Fund Raising Valuation

Fundraising is the process of collecting money as donations for a cause from individuals and establishments.

Business Valuation

The importance of evaluating your business and how our business helps you.

ESOP valuation

Help retain your company and assure good performance by your employees.

Deal Advisory and Investment Documentation

Get the best strategic financial services in evaluation and navigation.

Fairness Opinion

Minimize the risk of disagreement and avoid misunderstandings among shareholders about a deal.

RBI Valuation

Know why RBI valuation is required and why to choose us.

Income Tax Valuation

Keep your business affairs in order and get tax benefits with our services.

SEBI Valuation

Regulate all players operating in the Indian capital market today.

Registered Valuer

Get to know how we can help in your management and why we are the best.

Sweat Equity Valuation

Help your company get funds without the stress of incurring debts.

Property Valuation

Property valuation is challenging due to each property's unique characteristics, such as location, land size, floor planning, and the amenities present.

Ind AS Valuation

Get to know the fair value price that is to be received to sell an asset to make better decisions.

Convertible Instrument Valuation

Just like any other financial asset, get to know the ins and outs of convertible instrument valuation consultants.

DCF Valuation

Help investors know the fair value or the true value of a company.

Intangible Valuation

Intangible assets are vital for competitive advantage and are central to create customer value.


IBC Valuation Consultants

IBC is important for time-bound processes in order to resolve insolvency. Get to know more about the valuation service.

Brand Valuation

Especia is one of the leading providers of Valuation of Brands, Valuation of Intangible Assets, Goodwill, and Intellectual Property Valuation Service, provider.

Startup Valuation

Especia - The Ultimate Stop For Startup Ventures Valuation In India.

Pre Seed Funding Valuation

An angel investor or seed funder invests in shares because startup seed funding valuations are frequently juvenile and inadequate for financing.

Equity Valuation

Due to continuous changes in regulations and the business environment, the valuation of shares has become more complex.

Valuation Of Shares Under Income Tax Act

This term income tax refers to a type of tax you pay directly to the government based on your income or profit.

Valuation Of Shares Of Private Limited Company Under Income Tax Act

Valuation of Shares of Private Limited Company Under Income Tax Act.

Valuation Under IBC

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is an act that was implemented in May 2016. 

Valuation of Stock

Stock Valuation is an important part of the business. If it is done well, it can bring fruitful results to the company and meet objectives for future growth.

Valuation Under Companies Act

The Companies Act 2013 is an Act of the Parliament of India on Indian company law that governs company incorporation, responsibilities, directors, and company dissolution.

Plant And Machinery Valuation Services

Plant and machinery valuation refer to finding the market value of all plant and machinery assets used in manufacturing and distributing goods and services by a business. Businesses are constantly using plants and machinery.

Valuation Under Sarfaesi Act

SARFAESI act is the abbreviation for  The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act that came into the picture in 2002. 

ESOPs & Sweat Equity

ESOPs or Employee Stock Option Plans are the most imperative type of compensation for the key employees of the organization.

M&A Valuation

Merger and acquisitions (M&A) allude to exchanges between two organizations joining in some structure or legal form.

Purchase Price Allocation

purchase price allocation is the practice of assigning a purchase price to the target company.

Business Modelling and Analytics

A business model is described as a depiction of a company or a solution that frequently includes a graphic element and supporting text and connections to other elements.

Business Combination

Business Combinations are when two companies unite to enhance their market share.

Derivative Valuation and Share-Based Compensation

A derivative is an economic security based on or has value generated from an underlying security or a group of underlying assets. 

Strategic Value Advisory Service

The analysis, forecasting, reporting, and planning required for a business owner to survive and prosper are all part of strategic advising.

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