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What is valuation? 


Valuation refers to the process of ascertaining the market value of a business or the worth of an asset. To study the value of a business, valuation consultants analyze various aspects like- growth rate, prospective future earnings, the value of its tangible and intangible assets, and the company's management. 


Valuation not only analyzes the value of the company and its assets but is also used to ascertain the value of shares and different securities. Valuation consultants use different valuation methods to determine the most accurate value. Valuation is performed not just for analyzing the market value of a business, but it is also important to perform for planning exit strategies, during litigation, for funding, and for buying and selling a business. 


Benefits of Valuation 

  • Better knowledge of the company’s resale value- Understanding your company's resale value enables the company to negotiate selling prices. 


  • Valuation assures stakeholders- Knowing the financial health of their investment is extremely important for investors and business stakeholders. That is why valuation assures stakeholders of the value of their investments. 


  •  Provides valuable insights about the business operation- Valuation consultants analyze the management and other operative functions to ascertain the value of a business. Therefore, valuation provides businesses with vital information about the efficiency and effectiveness of their business structure, and that aids future decision-making.  


Valuation Services 


Especia has completed over 250 valuations for major deals making Especia one of the leading valuation services in India. Especia’s team of highly trained valuation services  professionals strive to deliver world-class effective valuation assistance to all major industries. 


Especia understands the importance of valuation for a business and caters to all major industries, big and small. Our core values of professionalism and ethics imbue our work culture as we are passionate and dedicated to representing our clients to the nth degree with the utmost professionalism. 


At Especia, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in becoming more successful at operating by establishing an efficient regulatory management system, cutting costs, and promoting growth. But our team also constantly conducts research and prepares case studies on various valuation trends to be on top of the game. 


Especia’s team of consultants provides valuation services to companies in the Delhi-NCR region and around different parts of India. Especia’s valuation services boast of a wide offering which includes- 



What Are Valuation Advisory Services 


With over 250 valuations completed to close major deals, Especia is India’s leading valuation advisory service. Especia performs elaborate and complex financial and tax reporting valuation tasks for industries big and small. 


Especia’s team of qualified and experienced chartered accountants and financial managers provide astute expertise on financing, accounting, and tax-related matters. By using sophisticated critical valuation methods and tools, Especia’s valuation advisory services provide accurate results for legal and tax compliance, financial reporting, and overall better decision making.  


Who are Valuation Advisors? 


A valuation advisor refers to a firm of valuation advisors whose services are engaged by a business or company to conduct a business valuation. A valuation advisor is a business valuation specialist or a third-party advisor that is employed by a business with the sole objective of evaluating the business’ market value. 


A valuation specialist or advisor will use various valuation methods which will be used to ascertain the value of the business or the value of an asset of interest or shares and stock. After conducting thorough research, the advisor prepares a business valuation report which will be used in case of litigation, buyout, selling or buying of a business, etc.   


Types Of Valuation Advisory Services 


Business Modeling 


A business model refers to the core strategy of a business for making a profit. A business model or a business plan helps new companies attract investors. It identifies the products or services the business is planning to engage in, the target market for said products, and the business's expected expenses. 


Established companies are constantly upgrading their business plans to stay ahead of trends. Business modeling valuation is a service provided by valuation advisors because its results help investors make a decision. 


Valuation advisor services evaluate how the capital is being budgeted in the new business model. They also evaluate how the costs are being allocated throughout the organization, how the improvements will affect the value of the business, and capital raising and refinancing. 


Corporate Restructuring Valuation 


Corporate restructuring refers to the restructuring of a company’s strategy and its relation with its stakeholders. Corporate restructuring is a non-recurring business event whose need arises in case of poor performance, reviving a sick unit, pursuing new strategic opportunities, and improving corporate performance. 


Through corporate restructuring valuation, businesses can ascertain how the restructuring will affect the firm's market value. It also determines the firm's market value after restructuring and determines the firm's value under liquidation assumption. Corporate restructuring valuation is an important service provided by valuation advisors. 


Accounting Valuations 


Accounting valuation is the process of determining the value of a firm’s assets and liabilities in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Accounting valuation is conducted for the purposes of financial reporting and preparing accurate financial statements. 


Under accounting valuation, the value for fixed assets is marked at its historical price, whereas the value of marketable securities like shares and stocks is ascertained by assessing the current market prices. Valuation advisors perform accounting valuations to determine the value of the firm's assets and liabilities. 


Regulatory Compliances 


For a business to operate in a country, businesses have to comply with certain laws and regulations. A company doing business in India has to comply with regulations stipulated under the Companies Act, FEMA Act, IND-AS (Financial Reporting), and the Income Tax Act, amongst many regulatory provisions. 


Not only do companies have to comply with these provisions, but if they are operating in other countries, they have to follow their valuation guidelines as well. Valuation advisors help navigate the incredibly confusing and overwhelming arena of regulatory compliance valuations. 


What can you expect from Especia’s Business Valuation Services? 


Especia is one of the leading business valuation firms in India today. Their expert team of qualified and experienced valuation professionals strives to provide quality valuation services to all major industries in India.


 Especia performs valuation by using discounted cash flow method, net asset value method, fair market value method, leveraged buyout method, sum-of-the-parts valuation method, and other methods to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. 


Especia’s business valuation services include- 


  • Undertaking Brand and Intangibles valuation services, equity and business valuation services, and ESOPs and Sweat Equity Valuation Services. 


  • Providing financing and strategic management advisory services. 


  • Especia provides valuation services for legal and compliance requirements like IFRS compliance, IND AS compliance, RBI valuation, FEMA valuation, and FDI valuation. 


  • Especia provides valuation services for mergers and acquisitions. 


  • Undertaking valuation for financial reporting purposes. 


  • Their valuation services extend to evaluation venture capitals and private equity units. 


  • Especia’s business valuation services also include giving advice to joint venture partners and minority shareholders. 


Benefits of business valuation services 


Understanding of company assets- Critical evaluation of the business and its assets market value improves the business’s understanding of the company’s assets. This allows them to make future investment decisions. 


Determines the resale value- Business valuation determines the business’s present market value and future expectant growth rate. This helps determine the business’s resale value and also aids negotiation. 


Aids investment- Valuation aids in procuring investments by projecting growth rate and other operational future projections, especially for start-ups. 


Why choose Especia for valuation? 


Valuations bring so many benefits to a business. Therefore, you must choose a thorough valuation service in their research and deliver quality valuation reports. Not only are valuation reports beneficial to comply with tax and legal rules and guidelines, but they are also important in procuring funding, negotiating during mergers and acquisitions, and for better decision-making. 


Companies bring in third-party valuation advisors and specialists because they ensure that their reports are unbiased and offer valuable insights for improving the business. Especia is one of the leading valuation service providers for companies in Delhi-NCR and across India. 


Especia’s team of trained chartered accountants and financial managers offers valuable insights and expertise. Valuation advisors at Especia offer industry-specific insights after developing a comprehensive and unique approach to valuation.