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Valuation is the process that is used to determine the value of something. Here the concept of Valuation services is concerned with determining the value of an asset or a company. 

Valuation services are very important for people. It lets them understand the correct value of assets or companies. 

It helps them determine the correct value of the asset or company they want to buy. 

The valuation services are provided to help the clients with acquisition, deposition, taxation planning, financial reporting, and strategic planning.

Best Valuation Services in Noida

Valuation is an essential aspect before buying or selling. People who opt for such services do not get deceived. 

ESPECIA provide elite quality valuation services by highly qualified individuals in NOIDA. 

We have people who have mastered the finance domain and can help you with the best possible option. 

In NOIDA, we can provide you with world-class valuation services to help you make the best decision.

Importance of Valuation Services/Valuers and Appraisers in Noida

Valuation is the most prominent step to be followed by an individual or group. There are many reasons for the importance associated with Valuation services. They are-

  1. Accurate price- The valuation of an asset, company, or property determines the accurate price at which it is to be bought or sold. It brings advantages to both the buyer and the seller. After getting proper valuation services, the buyer will not pay a hefty amount for the asset, company, or property. Also, the seller will not sell the asset, company, or property with a loss. This will help both the buyer and the seller.
  2. Process of Audit- All regulated companies must pay a financial statement every year to have transparency in their work. In this process, the value of the assets or the company must be verified. This verification can become easy with proper valuation services. 
  3. For the Loan process- If an individual or a company needs a loan, these services can be proven very helpful for them. The financial institutes or banks that provide loans need correct data on your value. This will not only help you get a loan with the right interest amount, but it will also be required to prove your transparency in front of the bank. Hence, the Valuation services are very helpful in this case as well.

Types of Valuation Services/ Approved valuer

Valuation Services are of various types. They are-

1. Property Valuation Services :

  • Valuation services based on location 
  • Valuation based on the current market price
  • Valuation of the future price
  • Valuation regarding the safety of crime-related activities
  • Valuation for the worth of money

2. Business Valuation Services :

  • Valuation services for the purpose of business interests
  • Valuation Services for Tangible Assets 
  • Valuation services for Intangible assets, including allocation of purchase price
  • Valuation services for a fair opinion
  • Valuation services for Impairment Test
  • Share-based Payment Valuation services

3. Valuation Advisory Services

  • Valuation services for fair value measurements in financial reporting
  • Valuation Services for Transaction Advisory
  • Valuation service regarding Fund portfolio 
  • Services based on Model design and risk assessment for financial instruments

4. Infrastructure  / Project based Finance Advisory Services

  • Valuation Services for Project Finance Advisory 
  • Valuation Services for Debt Finance Advisory
  • Valuation Services based on Project bidding advisory
  • Valuation Services for Project feasibility study
  • Valuation Services for Project Transaction advisory
  • Valuation Services for Financial modelling

Checklist for Valuation Services

Collect all these details up to the best of your abilities to have a hassle-free service of Valuation-

  • Factors that affect the Valuation of property-
  • Location

The valuation of property, assets, or a business is largely affected by location. The value of the property can increase or decrease with the location. The presence of any of the following things can lead to more comfort. Hence, this leads to more value which in turn leads to more price:-

  • Presence of commercial hubs
  • Airports or railway stations nearby 
  • Schools or colleges located nearby
  • Banks or ATMs
  • Playgrounds or Parks
  • Hospitals or diagnostic centres located nearby
  • Presence of Cafe and Restaurants
  • Shopping malls or stores nearby
  • Supply and demand-

This is one of the most prominent factors that affect the valuation. When the demand is more, the supply has to be increased. More people are interested in buying property in that area when the demand increases. But if the supply is insufficient to meet the demand, the property's value rises. This leads to an increase in the value of property. Hence, supply and demand greatly influence the valuation.

  • Size and View:

The area in which the property is located determines its valuation of it. More the size, the more it will be valued. Also, the view means the external view it has tells about the valuation. Serene look, highways, mountains or lakes can affect the valuation in numerous ways. The more beautiful the external view is, the more the valuation.

  • You have to obtain information regarding financial valuation.
    • Collect the last 3 years of profit and loss statements as well as the balance sheets
    • Collect the last three years of cash flow
    • Collect all the details of the major assets you own
    • Collect all the details of major liabilities, debts and entitlements of the employees you have
    • Collect the details of the management account
    • Keep in hand the budget and performance from the past
    • Collect the data of any profit or cash flow in the projections
  • Have the details of the specified liabilities
  • Obtain information on the market
    • Know the market in which the asset is
    • Keep in check your competitors in numbers as well as the abilities
    • Check the problems in buying or selling the Asset or company
  • Check the share in the market before thinking about buying or selling the property or company
  • Analysis of information before VALUATION
  • Properly analyse the type of asset.
  • Take into account all the profit margins associated with buying or selling that asset or company.
  • Keep a check on the stability before buying or selling the Asset or company.

How does ESPECIA help regarding valuation

ESPECIA has a team of highly qualified professionals who can help you value your property, assets or company correctly. 

Our skilled professionals have mastered the subject of Finance. We have in-depth data of NOIDA obtained by deep study of infrastructure, climate, roads and all the other determining factors. 

We can help you with our valuation service in order to make the best possible decisions regarding buying or selling property.


Everybody owns some or another asset. Property is something that most people own. 

Buying and selling property with time is a challenge for many people. Getting your assets valued before taking any such decision can help you bring the best outcomes. 

Opting for valuation services is going to help you in unimaginable ways.

Yes, the Valuation of an asset, company, or property determines the accurate price at which it is to be bought or sold. It brings advantages to both the buyer and the seller. After getting proper valuation services, the buyer will not pay a hefty amount for the asset, company, or property. Also, the seller will not sell the asset, company, or property with a loss. This will help both the buyer and the seller.

The team of ESPECIA can provide you with the best valuation services in Noida.  Contact- Our highly skilled professionals will help you evaluate your asset, company or property quickly. We will help you to correctly determine the price at which something should be bought or sold.

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