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Services that refer to the features of property value are, for the most part, known as valuation services. 

These services help clients with Mergers & Acquisitions, dispositions, financial reports, and strategies for planning property holdings. 

The aim is to provide the market value or worth of the asset or the company. It gives an idea of the asset's value to pay or sell accordingly to the proposed buyers.

Necessity of Valuation/ Valuers and Appraisers in Chennai

  •     To understand the value of a company's original product or ownership.
  •     Knowledge of the market valuations necessary to avoid fluctuations in the price arc
  •     With a proper valuation, the price range is settled in a determined process.
  •     Through valuation, a positive cost is fixed with next to no presumptions.
  •     Standards of valuations should be followed thoroughly.

Valuation Standards:

1)     Fair value

2)     Value of investment

3)     Fair market value

4)     Intrinsic value

  1. Fair value:

This is the fair value of the property provided by the company, also known as market value.

  1. Value of investment:

It is the value provided by the investor. This value is determined by the price the investor is willing to propose.

  1. Fair market value:

This is the value that the investor will pay to the company or the asset. In this, the buyer and seller have knowledge of the market value of the property the company has to provide.

  1. Intrinsic Value:

Intrinsic value is the real market value of the original asset instead of the current market value. It is just perceived with the true value of the asset.

Types of Valuation Services/ Approved Valuer

These services include the following categories:

  1. Business valuation

This category offers a valuation of business interests, valuation of properties, and tangible and intangible services of property with price information.

In addition to these fairness opinions, impairment tests and shares of payments

  1. Valuation Advisory Services

Financial reports, transaction advisory, portfolio valuation, and risk assessment are submitted under this category.

  1. Infrastructure/ Project Finance Advisory

The services recommended are project finance, debt finance, bidding for projects, project study, project transaction, and finance modulation.

Methods of Valuation:

  1. Market method:

This requires the determination of the EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Tax), revenues attained, and the public companies' price-earnings ratios. It is otherwise called the technique for correlation.

  1. Asset method:

The method of entity is extracted through this by subtracting the current asset value from the liabilities, which will be the current net cost of the company.

Procedure for Valuation:

  1. Analysing assets:

The first step of the process is gathering information regarding the properties and analysing the asset's possible value in the available market. The differential values are compared as a whole to attain a significant worth.

  1. Defining the value of the asset:

The next step is to utilise the data gathered to determine the regulated asset's value. The standard demand and the market-issued prices define the property's value. Various speculations of values are formed.

  1. Selecting value:

A feasible and categorically comfortable value will be selected within all the attained values. The market value, demand for the asset, the quality of the asset, and many factors are taken into consideration to decide the concluding value of the particular asset finally.

  1. Applying appropriate methods:

With the methods mentioned above, the revenues and the price ratio earnings are calculated to compare the present value or the current asset value cost separated from the liabilities also gives the market valuation of the company and the property in the market.

  1. Market price:

Lastly, the valuator confirms the price with the valuation process, and the asset is displayed in the market with proper documentation.

Especia Valuation Services in Chennai:

Especia, associated with its main office in Delhi-NCR, also located in many majorly popular cities of India, is a team of well-trained educationists who specialize in providing optimized valuation services

Recognized as one of the major valuation firms in India, it has completed an overall 250 valuation deals.

Offering trusted and confidential services is a more versatile source of valuation services. 

We provide possible valuation services with client interaction and analyze them with complete concentration giving you the best-qualified market values for the assets provided. 

In addition to our experienced associates, Especia put forward a clear and simplified approach to the entire valuation process.

The valuation service offered in Chennai are:

  1. Fundraising valuation

In this process, donations/funds are collected as a cause for establishments.

  1. Business valuation

In this process, the business assets are valued in the available market.

  1. ESOP valuation

It is the employee valuation and services regarding their performance and contributions toward the company

  1. Deal advisory and investment documentation

This is about the strategy services of the valuation, documentation, and guiding of the process

  1. Fairness opinion

It is striking a fair deal between the companies and shareholders along with resolving the issue between these respective fields

  1. RBI valuation

This is regarding the revenue specifications of why the company is to be chosen by the RBI department.

  1. Income tax valuation

This is about the income tax returns and the tax benefits of the property shares and values.

  1. SEBI valuation

It is the stock market regulations and valuation services

  1. Registered valuer

Offering registered and experienced valuers to analyse the given data of asset values to a final documentation process. The valuer collects, organises, and presents the property's value legally and professionally.

  1. Sweat equity valuation

The overall performance of the company, employer, ad their mechanisms of company growth 

  1. Property valuation

The market of the given property is analysed, collected, compared and finally fixed as a market value.

  1. Ind AS valuation

The Indian accounting system is applied to check with the standards of the systematical data and evaluated

  1. Convertible instrument valuation

This is specifically based on the instrumental value of the consultants through valuation.

  1. DCF valuation

In words, an as discounted cash flow is based on the investment standards and the value of the investors.

  1. Intangible valuation

This is to create customer value; intangible is not financial asset values; they are the balance sheets, earnings, and many others that are not presented in the market.

  1. IBC valuation consultants

Insolvency and bankruptcy value are the RBI valuation terms to attain the value of the asset. To create budgets, valuation assignments, and indicators according to the standards.

  1. Brand valuation

As mentioned in the name itself, this is about the asset market value and resources analysis of a specific company or organisation to increase the brand value.

  1. Startup valuation

Especia is preferable for startup companies with many offers and trustworthy services.

  1. Pre-seed funding valuation

There the saving investments as the funding valuations for the startup companies.

  1. Equity valuation

It is the equivalent information of the long- and short-term investments, debts, and interests to understand the true value of the resource.

  1. Valuation of stock

The stock valuation of the entire share of investments to attain good results of the interests and investments is the most critical part of the valuation

  1. Valuation under IBC

As mentioned before, insolvency and bankruptcy code valuations are performed under this service based on the code generated in May 2016 

  1. Plant and machinery valuation services

This refers to the plan and machinery value of the manufacturing goods produced by the company services.

  1. M&A valuation

Abbreviated as merger and acquisitions, it is the joining of two companies and their data of investments bounded by a legal documentation process,

Especia spreads all over the country with different branches in a diversified unification. It is the most encouraging stage with hotshot clients, fruitful development rate, and confidence in business morals.

Especia interacts with you most professionally and maintains detailed data on the assets provided. They analyse the given data and compare it to the market value services. Methods of valuations are applied, and a justified value of the asset is fixed. Then the final market valuation is attained with proper legal documentation. They provide every type of valuation service and more

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