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Why choose Especia for Valuation?

Valuation is a complex, subjective and opinion based matter. Undertaking valuation assignments require an in-depth understanding of internal and external factors affecting business as also a through knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment in which the business is operating. For a valuation report to be well accepted, one need to thoroughly analyze financial, non financial and other data. This requires highly experienced, dedicated and highly motivated professionals.


Any global transaction, be it a merger, disposal or financial method requires considerable assessment to determine futuristic forecasting and worth. This is why business valuation is necessary to implement a successful venture, alongside prioritizing profits and performance.
  • Business valuation is a detailed procedure used to determine the economic worth of a business
  • It considers business as an asset and helps in the successful determination of its economic worth.

Methods to carry out and sources involved in business valuation.

  • ESOP Valuation(Employee Stock Ownership Plan) - ESOP is an efficient liquidity strategy that entitles the employee's right to buy shares from potential shareholders.
  • Startup and equity valuation - Startup valuation plays a key role in deciding the equity a businessman has to provide in exchange for prerequisite funds given by investors.
  • Brand valuation for carrying out intangible business- This refers to valuating the market assets in the business. This enables the adoption of intangible businesses based on various approaches.
Though business valuation is a complex phenomenon and tiresome procedure, choosing a sensible approach and hiring a good professional to embark on the process can be greatly beneficial in carrying out a successful venture.

our Valuation products

  • Business Valuations
  • ESOP accounting- Intrinsic Value and Black Scholes
  • ESOP for Taxation
  • Acquisition - Domestic & Cross Border
  • Merger - Assessment of Swap Ratio
  • Share Purchase / Investment/Fund Raising
  • Good will & Asset Impairment testing (US GAAP/ IFRS/Indian GAAP)
  • Foresnsic Valuations including court cases and legal proceedings
  • Valuations for Family settlements
  • RBI Valuations
  • Registered Valuation
  • Sweat Equity Valuations
  • Deals Advisory & Investment Documentation
  • Brand valuation
  • Intellectual property valuation & lot others

Valuation Reports can be used broadly for

  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • Internal Management
  • Sale/Purchase of Companies
  • Investors
  • Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
  • Income tax authorities
  • Companies Act
  • Court Cases
  • Other Stakeholders

All the team sections with regard to business valuation

A highly dedicated, professional, and experienced team of motivated individuals for all your business valuation needs. 50+ team members committed to provide you with the best financial, consulting, accounting, taxation and valuation services. We strive to improve the quality of your business by managing bottom lines, Financial and Accounting process outsourcing consulting. Our team is filled with Finance and Accounting professionals along with Business Process Management who process the entire range of necessary skills and are experts in their field.

About our company

Especia is a group of qualified Chartered Accountants and Management professionals providing highly customized and efficient financial consulting, accounting, taxation and valuation services. We have grown to 50 plus team members and one of the high growing consulting firm in Delhi-NCR with head office in Noida and Branch office in Gurgaon and Japan.

Our Clientele include Honda Group, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Samsung, Khvatec and lot others Japanese, Korean and US multi Nationals companies. Our Core management include CA Sajal Goyal and CA Harshil Goyal who are involved in entire planning to grow this brand all over India and abroad. We look forward your blessings and support to grow further and reach greater heights.


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Queries on valuation? Let us help you.

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