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Transfer pricing services, audit, study & documentation are the core offerings for both domestic & International transactions provided by Especia Associates LLP, a Leading Transfer Pricing Consulting firm in India. Transfer price is the price at which two divisions of the same company supply goods or services or labor to each other, assuming that both the divisions are separately managed profit centers.

Especia's tax experts and chartered accountants ensure that both interested parties follow transfer pricing rules. Especia issues transfer pricing certificates to businesses that are entering into international or even some specific domestic transactions. 

Our team of legal and taxation experts is experienced and offers industry-specific advice on transfer pricing provisions. Our transfer pricing reports and audits are conducted only after analyzing all relevant documents and information properly to certify the accuracy of the details of each transaction. 

Income tax law enforces an arm's length transaction rule on transfer pricing transactions which means the sale value of a transaction between related parties must be based on similar transactions done between unrelated parties.

We, at Especia Associates LLP, operating in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon & Other regions in India, ensure that all transactions related to transfer pricing must be based on arm length price and both the parties should comply with the transfer pricing rules. As such, our dedicated team keeps an eye on all such transactions and keeps updating our clients about the ambit of transfer pricing.

Choosing the appropriate method:

It is essential to choose an appropriate method for determining the arms-length price for the transactions under review. There are 5 main methods of transfer pricing and all of them have their own characteristics and pros & cons. Before assisting in choosing an appropriate method, our team conducts financial analysis to identify the functions of the two entities involved in the transaction, the capacity of the entities to bear the risk, and the involvement of assets.

Our expert team considers the following aspects to provide a better understanding of an appropriate method:

  • Nature of the transaction,
  • Class of the associated enterprises,
  • Availability and reliability of data necessary for applying a particular method,
  • Comparable grounds between the transfer pricing transaction and the uncontrolled transaction,
  • Nature and extent of assumptions required in the application of the method.


Benchmarking analysis:

Benchmarking analysis helps you to move forward in a clear direction and understand the transfer pricing for intercompany transactions to attain maximum profitability.
Our team of experts conducts the benchmarking analysis on the following basis:


  • Reviewing and conducting an in-depth study of related party pricing information,
  • Selecting the comprehensive list of external companies whose data can be compared to the data of the company in consideration,
  • Adjusting the data to give the effect of accounting and capital disparities,
  • Comparing the adjusted data with the company's business operations.


The outcome of a benchmarking analysis will be a precise transfer pricing price and a range of profit levels. We also ensure that the tax risk is mitigated in case of a transfer pricing audit.


Issuing Transfer Pricing Certificate in India:

Every business entering into an international transaction or specified domestic transaction has to obtain a report from a Chartered Accountant. The report has to be submitted to the income tax department on or before 30th November of each financial year. Our team of expert professionals has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of transfer pricing provisions for all your Transfer pricing Reports, Study, documentation & audit services in India. We analyze the documents and information properly along with certifying the correctness of the details of each transaction.

Transfer pricing Study & audit documentation and litigation:

Certain documents have to be prepared for the purpose of transfer pricing documents including Transfer pricing reports, audit documentation. Our team of expert professionals assists in preparing those documents and complying with the requirements of the income tax act. In addition, our experienced Chartered Accountants represent the case before the income tax authorities. We provide litigation assistance related to assessments and appeals.

If you are looking forward to any Transfer Pricing Services in India, You can write to us at