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Transfer Pricing Audit, study and documentation are the core offerings for both domestic & international transactions that are provided by Especia Associates LLP, a Leading Transfer Pricing consulting firm in India. 

Transfer price is the price at which two divisions of the same company supply goods or services or labour to each other, assuming that both divisions are separately managed profit centres.

This allows the establishment of the price range for the goods and services interconnected among subsidies, affiliates and the companies that most commonly control and are part of a similar bigger enterprise. 

Transfer pricing also leads to tax savings for corporations and through tax authorities that can claim for their contest.

What is Transfer Pricing?

Transfer pricing is an accounting practice which shows the price of a particular division of a company that charges another division for those goods and services that are provided.

Transfer Pricing Methods

There are three methods of Transfer Pricing, which are as follows:

1. Transactional Profit Split Methods

Basically, this method focuses on the purpose of how to divide profit and loss within an enterprise in comparable transactions. 

2. Transactional Net Margin Method

This method is one of two transactional methods of profit which is outlined by OECD for taking transfer pricing forward. 

3. Cost Plus Method

This is also known as the ancient transaction method. This is analysed as a controlled transaction bridge between supplier and buyer. 

How Transfer Pricing Works

Transfer pricing works when companies deal with each other and have conflicts between their interests. 

And the ultimate goal for both companies is to make the biggest profit. Hence, a situation arrives where the seller wants to sell products at the highest price and the buyer wants to buy at the lowest price. 

Also, associated companies usually do not have the same topic of conflict but they may have issues like profit maximisation and tax burdens. 

By setting a price in inter-company transactions accordingly where you can easily shift profits from anywhere to anywhere. 

What does Transfer Pricing in Taxation mean

Transfer pricing is considered an accounting and also as taxation practice which allows transactions internally in businesses and also between subsidiaries and manages basic operational control and ownership. 

This transfer pricing practice can be out of the country or it can be bounded within the country. 

What is Cost Plus Method Transfer Pricing

Cost-based transfer pricing is generally a means of reducing Tax payments. You can also call it a pricing method which is based on production cost, distribution cost and manufacturing cost of service and product. 

Generally, the price of a particular product or service is retained by adding a percentage of manufacturing cost with the selling price for making a profit. 

Why Especia for Transfer Pricing Services?

Especia’s tax experts and chartered accountants always ensure that both interested parties must follow transfer pricing rules. 

Especia provides transfer pricing certificates to businesses that are entering into international or even some specific domestic transactions. 

Our team of legal and taxation experts are experienced and delivers industry-specific advice on transfer pricing provisions. 

Our transfer pricing reports and audits are conducted only after analysing all relevant documents and information properly to certify the accuracy of the details of each transaction. 

Income tax law enforces an arms-length transaction rule on transfer pricing transactions which means the sale value of a transaction between related parties must be based on similar transactions done between unrelated parties.  

We at Especia Associates LLP, operating in Noida, Delhi, Gurugram and other regions in India, ensure that all transactions related to transfer pricing must be based on arm-length price and both parties should comply with the transfer pricing rules. 

As such our dedicated team keeps an eye on all such transactions and keeps updating our clients about the ambit of transfer pricing. 

What exactly Transfer Pricing includes

The increase in inter-company transactions has led to a big hazardous issue globally. 

Getting the best Transfer Pricing services easily is difficult in India. Here we aim to facilitate our clients by providing practical transfer pricing services that will act as an ultimate one-stop solution for their pain. 

Services for new/ existing transactions include the following:

  • Intergroup Services
  • Intangible Assets 
  • Restructuring and reorganisation 
  • Development in Research 
  • Purchase and sales of marketing securities. 

Transfer Pricing Advisory Support

Especia provides the best transfer pricing services in Delhi NCR and all over India. We provide services for both domestic transactions and international transactions in India company. 

Along with this, we have a specialised and committed professional Transfer Pricing Audit team that aims to provide end-to-end solutions for your problems.

  • Formulating and implementing domestic and international transfer pricing policies including mark-up and price methodology.
  • Initiating Advanced Pricing Agreements or Bonds. 
  • Limitation in Transfer Pricing Risks. 

How Especia Manages Transfer Pricing:

  • We assist in all stages that include an entirely advance pricing agreement which comprises pre-filing consultation, APA application, negotiation, data gathering, site visits, and administration. 
  • While assisting you in Mutual agreement procedure and in various applications of safe harbours rules. 
  • Issues transfer reports, and certificates for transfer pricing (form 3CEB).
  • Assist you in the submission and preparation of master files and country-to-country reports in accordance with BEPS Action Plan 13. 

Especia’s Transfer Pricing services include:

Especia’s Transfer Pricing Professionals provide a very comprehensive range of solutions targeting the exact nature of international transactions and domestic transactions which are under the company. We have an extremely specialised and work-committed team for transfer pricing that offers valuable services in both domestic and international sectors. 

Businesses that run international operations need transfer pricing as a complex tax issue. There are many legal actions that concern transfer pricing in India. Hence, taking forward our transfer pricing services can lead to time-saving and energy for the management which one can effectively utilise for managing the business growth.  

Our transfer pricing Documentation and compliance services Include:

  • A Transfer Pricing Plan 
  • A routine advisory related to Transfer Pricing 
  • Due Diligence and diagnostic reviews 
  • Transfer Pricing services are carried out with a wide range of compatible company databases to find out similar International transactions. 
  • Transfer pricing assessment and before transfer Pricing officer. 
  • Structure of transaction-related transfer pricing and value chain transformation.
  • Country to country report and master file along with BEPs action plan 

Transfer pricing accounting comes when services and goods are exchanged among different divisions of the same company. A transfer price is based on market prices in charging another division, subsidiary and holding company for rendered services.

With these seven steps one can audit transfer pricing:

  • Perform self assessment 
  • Comply with local regulation 
  • Put your best foot forward 
  • Making sure intercompany documents are proper, unexpired and must reflect accurate nature 
  • Be consistent 
  • Must have backups 
  • Special attention towards intangible property transfer 

Transfer pricing helps in reducing duty costs by shuiping goods into countries with high tariff rates by using low transfer prices so that the duty base of such transactions will get lower.

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