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Especia is known to be one of the top CA firms in Kolkata. This firm gives special priority to its services for the ultimate satisfaction of the clients.


It might be hard to find a CA in Kolkata. Being one of the most popular, busy and developing cities in India. Kolkata contributes largely to India's economy.


So, starting a new business at this location might be a good chance to make it boom and be successful.


But having troubles with accounting? Do deer need a CA? Then this might be your auspicious day to start now!


Especia also offers you one of the greatest advantages required during this era: ' Accounting' through your mobile phones. Yes! Virtual accounting and finances at your fingertips. Now you can easily access these services on your mobile phones. Now you just need to search online. By searching, CA online, CA near me, Chartered Accountant near me, or Find a CA in Kolkata, you can avail of these services.


Instead of brainstorming yourself on accounts or getting stressed over taxes, let Especia handle your work. 


Especia is perhaps known as one of the most qualified and best-chartered account firms in Kolkata, in Kolkata and all over India. 


Especia Associates LLP" is known to be a well-renowned Service Provider. Especia also provides their clients with fast and convenient legal advice or legal consultation about new laws and many more! Especia also provides Auditing and Assurance Services, Business Advisory Services, Corporate Finance Services, Tax Services, Accountancy Services etc.


Hire Your Own Ca Here in Kolkata


Yes! You heard that right now, and you can hire your own CA here in Kolkata!


Especia being at the top firms in the list of CA firms in Kolkata has truly proved its worth.


Especia will handle your financial matters fast and efficiently, such as tax, finance, GST and accounting. Now you will have no worries in Audit and Assurance, Valuation Services, Finance and Accounts outsourcing services, Virtual CFO Services, Taxation, and Regulatory Services. With Especia's professional experts handling your business and financial matters, you are bound to maintain your business hassle-free along with spending time on yourself or with your family.


Why Should You Hire Your Own Ca?


Now hiring one will give you a lot of benefits, that's a given! But still, some people ponder whether to hire one or not?

Now accounting and maintaining matters might seem easy to some. But it’s a huge misconception to harbour in your mind. 

Managing the financial matters by yourself might lead to huge losses in your businesses. Moreover, bad decisions in financial matters might also impose a great risk to your business.


Hiring yourself a CA from the CA firms in Kolkata will provide you with great help in future decisions. An experienced as well as professional CA will keep the finances of your business under strict supervision.  Hiring Especia CA firms will help you plan and set up your business successfully. Providing sensible advice over investment will provide you with high dividends in the coming years.


Roles and responsibilities of a Chartered accountant (CA)


Primarily the job of Especia CA Firms is to provide 100% satisfaction to their clients. With more than 40+ professionals handling your work, they will also handle many jobs.


The CA will help your business in Finance and maintaining financial transactions. This maintenance will help further your business in updating your sales book, Payments book, Receipts book. They will make the business hassle-free. Your CA will also provide you with financial as well as non-financial advice in making wise decisions.


All businesses need shareholders to get their accounts audited every year; the Especia firm, one of the top CA firms, will provide you with their professional tactics and advice, which can only be carried out by a specialist CA based on their experience. 


Especia will also exclusively handle your disputes and legalisation. So now you know the benefits of hiring one! So start your business today and contact Especia for a great experience.


Packages Provided by Especia Ca Firms in Kolkata


Especia CA Firms provide many exclusive packages in Kolkata.


Virtual CFO Services


Especia provides Virtual CFO services advantages being India's one of the leading virtual and outsources providing CFO services firm, Especia greatly helps in small and medium SME businesses.


This professional firm has already handled more than 23+ CFO assignments having more than 15 to 20 years of Industry experience. Especia has already achieved super success in business process improvements.


Company secretary services: 


Being one of the most popular and top CA firms in Kolkata. Especia provides one of the best corporate secretarial and legal services in India. It has also already successfully handled over 200+ clients, including different types of businesses and start-ups.


Especia provides the best satisfaction, always trying to keep up with the present competitive scenario. They are at the top of CA in Kolkata by providing the best cost-effective and time-efficient solution to different issues and legislation. Especia have made themselves a history for enabling to focus and make a business successful.


India Entry Services:


Especia provides a professional and experienced CAs team to handle different types of projects; they have successfully handled a lot of companies around the globe, such as companies from Japan, Korea, the UK, etc. They provide investors with financial advice, which help them to have cheap labour cost and simple foreign investments procedures or guidelines.


GST Services:


GST marked its beginning from 1st July of 2017 as one of India's biggest indirect tax reforms. Especia being one of the leading GST consultancies, they have a large team with members with extremely vast knowledge and understanding of GST, which helps other businesses avoid any kinds of financial implications and ensures free follow of an input tax credit.


Accounting Services:


Especia provides many solutions in finance and accounts of an organization. This makes it more favorable to get hired by the business. They give solutions in bank reconciliations, accounts management and reporting as well as payroll processes.
Especia exclusively provides all these services to its clients at a reasonable price. CA firms mainly focus on the satisfaction of clients. So contact us now! At