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Looking forward to hiring a CA? Have trouble maintaining your business? Stressed and Depressed with taxes and accounting? Then this must be your opportunity to get the best services from one of the top CA firms in Kanpur and forget about all your problems.


Presenting Especia CA firms in Kanpur! Especia is known as one of the well renowned leading firms of Chartered Accountants in India. Especia provides lots of benefits to its clients; the main purpose of Especia is to give 100% satisfaction to their clients managing their finances and business; with more than 40+ professional CA handling teams, they have provided efficient and highly customized services over the decades.


This CA in Kanpur is perhaps deemed as one of the most famous firms. Especia provides one of the most beneficial services needed by this era, and it provides an online platform for finances and accounting. Now virtual services are at your fingertips especially providing benefits of accessing services in your mobile phones by just searching a list of CA in Kanpur near me, CA online, or Find a CA. One can easily get financial advice and consultation from experts for their business.


Especia provides a large range of management with the necessary skills. They provide account services, Virtual CFO services, Company secretary services, statutory audit services, domestic and international services, and many more. All of these are available to you in both online and offline mode.


Especia is now in Kanpur 


One of the most common misconceptions while starting a business is to handle all the financial matters by yourself. This is wrong; being under pressure of so many taxes, invoices, GST and other accounting is bound to drive one to make huge mistakes that will affect their business. Especia offers more than 40+ experts to help in handling their financial matters. They also provide business advice and consultations in investments which will drive your business to succeed on a large scale.


Facilities of Especia CA firm


Especia provides many services or benefits to their clients or investors for their businesses. They only provide professional and experienced help and handle financial matters. Being one of the top CA firms in Kanpur and all over India, they provide the necessary skills required for this work.


Some clients might think of not using Especia CA firm services and handling their work independently. Still, the skills and expertise required to work on accounting are hugely or largely available with Especia. The chartered accountant provided by the Especia CA firm will have an excellent way of communicating while giving important advice. They move forward strategically gained through a strong and analytical scale through their experiences in this business ecosystem.


Packages offered by Especia   


Valuation services  


Especia being from the top list of CA in Kanpur provides one of the major valuation services to be found in India. It is one of the leading firms which have completed more than 250 valuations on major deals. They have a great and understanding team that understands plans and makes strategies for assisting small or medium businesses to make them more globally successful and creative by enabling better cost and management. Especia's top priority is to work professionally with ethics and tirelessly to ensure that their services bring the best for each business.


Domestic and International Tax:


Especia provides end-to-end tax services for small or medium business types and is one of India's top and international tax services firms. Especia's expertise in notice resolutions and also in tax audits and tax return preparations, many companies suffer penalties and other consequences due to tax laws; with Especia's experienced tax department, now you can finally relax. The management team provides various types of tax benefits and offers day-to-day direct tax services without any risk. Their IT team, being up to date, always uses advanced tax software, which helps them analyze and a thorough check of sales and purchase registers. Their primary or most important goal with their tax audit is to ensure the maintenance of business with their income tax laws. 


The Audit Services:  


Perhaps one of the best CA firms in Kanpur to be found in India for their audit services, they have closed more than 250 audits in Delhi and cover a broad industry of food, hotel, media, beverages, etc. They help companies to keep all structural records and understand a company’s financial statements.


Virtual CFO Services:


Virtual or Online CFO services are perhaps one of the most beneficial services to be offered by Especia. Being one of the top CA firms in Kanpur and India, Especia has achieved super success in keeping their business process and investments efficient. The team inside the virtual CFO uses different types of strategies for the financial planning of a business with vast experience in handling personnel and dealing with different kinds of people; they have proved their name by achieving future goals for small or medium businesses. This team helps find a less expensive or reasonable price for their service, which helps the business a lot. These virtual CFO services are very economical by reducing the expenditure fixed on the expanses of the enterprises. This is also easily available within your palm, your smartphones and helps you achieve revenue goals. Moreover, even after you are provided with different types of CFO services, you will be only charged for the services you have used.


Accounting services:


Being one of the best accounting services in Delhi and all over India, Especia has more than 140+ outsourcing services. They provide an experienced management team with qualified and professional CA who gives the best advice or counseling experiences; they have provided solutions in different industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, technology, etc. Most of the firm's clients are engaged solely with Especia for more than 5+ years to give satisfaction by offering a wide range of advisory and support services.


Now you have more than one reason to opt for Especia's CA firm services, so what are you waiting for? Contact Especia at