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Looking for CA and accounting services online can be a very taxing task at times. It is highly important to note the service provider's credibility before making a sound and uninformed decision.

We at Especia can provide you with one of the best and highly professional teams of experts who have been in the business for over more than 15 years. The team of CA specialists at Especia can shoulder all your different accounting and other services for your firm so that you can focus on your growth and prosperity.

Learn more about Especia:

Especia is a well-established and one of the top CA firms in Hyderabad; we provide CA and many other accounting services through their online server and our offline branches. We offer a team of certified professionals who provide CA services and services related to CFO, Account outsourcing, Valuation, and much more.

The firm is mainly based in the Noida region of Uttar Pradesh, but we are also one of the most established and best CA firms in Hyderabad. We provide outsourcing services in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and in other regions of India as well. We have built a dynamic team of well-established Finance and Accounting professionals who are well experienced. They possess the necessary skills to provide a one-stop solution to your financial needs.

Especia is one of the top CA firms in Hyderabad, Some of the online and on-site CA services provided by Especia are:

CFO services:

This service involves online CFO experts for all across the country, On-site CFO experts for your firm or business, experts with over 15 years of experience.

Companies that are newly established or the ones that have been in the business for years certainly at some point require the assistance of a CFO. The team at Especia consists of highly experienced financial advisors for your assistance.

Outsourcing the task of a CFO gets your work schedule on track with taking off some load from the schedule. With Especia's business professionals, you can rest assured that you are getting the best services across the nation.

Account Outsourcing Services:

This service includes online accounting and bookkeeping services, Accounting for tally/QuickBooks/Zoho books/dynamics/SAP cloud

Especia provides its accounting services to a wide range of clients from start-ups to big established firms. Managing your accounts and keeping a tab on your financial records can be a hectic task.

Hence with Especia accounts outsourcing services, you can rest assured that you are getting your value for money for the services that you seek.

Valuation service:

This service involves business valuations, ESOP accounting, ESOP for taxation, Acquisition (domestic and Cross Border), Merger (Assessment of Swap Ratio), Share Purchase, Investment, Fund Raising, Goodwill and asset impairment testing and many more

Especia has been providing valuation services to major business firms, start-ups and other businesses all across the nation at valuable rates and with all functions and clarity.

In terms of valuation services, Especia is one of the most established firms in the business.

GST services:

This service comprises GST returns, Audit, GST cases and assessments. The firm specialises in handling multiple state’s GST

Especia’s GST services involve regular handling of notices and intimations from the GST department and replying to them continuously without fail. The experts' team at Especia also handles cases related to GST and taxation.

They also communicate with the vendors to alter GST returns to maintain a smooth flow of input tax credit.

These are only some of the on-site and online CA, accounting and other services provided at Especia, which is one of the most established and top CA firms in Hyderabad.

Being a high-tech city and the hub of the IT sector, Hyderabad stands as one of the most progressive cities in India in terms of its no. of firms and business establishments. Hence, if you are looking for a CA in Hyderabad for your firm or small business with a trustable background and who can provide you with all the necessary services such as accounting, you must check out Especia.

There is a plethora of such accounting and financial services that are provided by Especia at reasonable price points both online and on-site. The services can be accessed from all parts of the country through their online server and offline branches.

Points to consider before looking for CA firms in Hyderabad, At Especia, we guarantee all of the following points to be fulfilled:

  • It is very important to look out for the level of experience of the consultants and professionals that you are planning to hire for your CA services
  • The specialization of the experts is also an important variable to look out for
  • The transitioning process of the firm that you are planning to hire is also important to look out for
  • The technology used by the firm must be safe and private 
  • The team hired by the firm must be reliable
  • Their level of expertise must be up to par 
  • The importance they give to the factor of reporting back is also important to consider
  • The location where they work is also important to look out for
  • The level of communication they have with their clients is also important
  • The level of security that the firm is promising you to provide must be considered at all costs

With Especia, you can rest assured that you will be provided with the answers to all your queries such as above and even more before you make a sound decision to hire their experts or team of professionals. 

Hence, if you are looking for top CA firms in Hyderabad, you can rest assured that Especia can meet all your requirements in terms of CA in Hyderabad. We have time and again maintained our position in the list of Top CA firms in Hyderabad, and your needs and requirements would certainly be given the top priority at Especia. 

You can contact us directly in the Hyderabad branch, or you can click the following link to check out the various services provided at Especia in detail: Click Here

Some of the benefits of becoming a chartered accountant include having a stable career, being well-respected in the business community, and having the opportunity to earn a good income.

CFO services are the services provided by a chief financial officer (CFO) to help manage and control your company's finances. CFO services help companies prepare for and manage their financial aspects, including accounting, taxes and revenue management.

Account outsourcing is a term used to describe the use of an outside company to manage your accounts. This can be a great way to save time, money, and resources, especially if you have a large number of accounts or employees.

Account outsourcing services can take care of things like:

- Billing

- Customer service

- Data management

- Compliance audits

- Employee training

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