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Tax preparation is a demanding and complicated process. This requires gathering all receipts and relevant documentation for tax calculations, as well as thoroughly examining the organisation's financial activity over a specific time period. 

The structure a business uses will affect the tax it pays. Your taxes become more complicated as your revenue, inventory, or fixed assets increase. 

You will require the expertise of a top tax preparation services provider, like Especia, to maximise tax benefits and make the most of your accounts to ensure heightened profits.

How Tax Preparation Services Can Help Grow Your Company

  • Saving Money

A business could save a lot of money by outsourcing tax preparation and up to roughly 60% of the money that would have been invested in the house. The business will raise its profit margin in this way.

  • Quick Growth and Flexible Group Extension

By hiring tax preparers with various levels of experience who function as an extension of your team, you may quickly increase your team without any effort.

  • Time-Saving

By outsourcing tax return preparation, businesses have more time to devote to client interaction and other services. This promotes client acquisition and retention.

  • Increased Tax Return Efficiency

The entity expects that through the outsourcing option, the return computation will be carried out carefully, taking into account all relevant factors and the law. As a result, there is a very less chance of error. Additionally, it guarantees that the return is submitted on time and with an appropriate assessment.

  • Improved Operational Effectiveness

The entity must save a sufficient number of resources so that it can use those resources in its primary operations, increasing the operational effectiveness of the entity.

  • Burden Reduction

Tax assessment and filing are labour-intensive processes. By outsourcing tax preparation, the business can avoid time-consuming activities and allocate human resources to tasks that will boost revenue.

  • Swift Resolution Of Tax Problems

With the aid of seasoned professionals, such outsourcing enables the company to ensure that any tax-related concerns, as well as tax complexities, will be resolved quickly.

  • Meeting the deadline

Because the outsourcing company is then responsible for all fines, outsourcing services for tax preparation aids businesses in meeting deadlines on time. Most businesses who are unable to file their returns by the deadline choose to outsource their work so that their taxes may be prepared before the extended deadline and their returns can be filed on time. The benefit of filing tax returns on time and before the extended deadline is being enjoyed by 72% of the businesses who chose to outsource their task.

  • Security Framework

Many internal accountants keep their files on the desktop, yet the data they possess is so crucial that anyone could abuse it if it fell into the wrong hands. Outsourcing tax preparation will therefore guarantee the security of your data. Approximately 85% of businesses that outsource their services claim that the company is responsible for protecting their data. These days, businesses have a variety of servers on which they can stand by the data's protection.

Tax Preparation Services Provided by Especia

  • Taxation for Expatriates

The demand for specialised talents from "mobile employees," also known as "expatriates," has increased along with the number of MNCs entering India. Companies must fulfil all legislative requirements in India before they can depute ex-pats, including getting VISA papers, creating a bank account, obtaining PAN and FRRO, filing income tax returns, and others.

  • Goods & Service Tax

Due to the fact that the GST is a paradigm-shifting reform for the Indian economy, businesses must plan their transition, conduct impact analyses, and comprehend the tax implications and related compliances.

  • International Taxation

The adoption of complex international tax rules results from exploring opportunities for corporate expansion in many geographies.

  • Make Audit Preparation

Businesses must be ready for unexpected audits. To help you prepare for the audit, we examine your finances, ensure all supporting financial records are organised, and review the audit notice.

  • Remove errors

The entire process of our outsourced tax preparation services will be error-free. To protect you from unfavourable outcomes, we take care of details like the due date, paperwork that must be filled out, information entered, charity contributions deducted, etc.

  • Get Used to the New Tax Structure

Tax regulations are constantly changing too. In order to inform you of the ramifications, spot any potential problem areas in your operations, and get you ready for the switchover or change, we carefully examine the new provisions or comprehend the revised rules.

Overview of the Tax Preparation Process

  • Planning for Taxes

Tax planning requires strategic research and financial decision-making to decrease tax payments legally. It focuses on utilising various tax laws, rules, exceptions, deductions, and credits to your advantage in order to reduce your tax liability. You should prudently handle your money if you want to maximise tax savings and decrease your tax liability. Tax planning is what this is. This may include choices regarding investments, retirement, business expenses, charitable giving, and other matters. Tax planning strategies that work reduce tax liabilities and enhance financial circumstances for both people and businesses.

  • Gathering Of Documents

To prepare their taxes, we begin by asking our clients to send us scanned copies of all the required paperwork. These consist of financial records such as tax returns, investment information, expense reports, receipts, and other pertinent information.

  • Data entry

After receiving the scanned documents, our knowledgeable tax specialists input the data into the client's chosen tax program. To avoid errors and discrepancies in the tax return, we take care to enter data appropriately.

  • Examining And Validating

Our tax experts thoroughly analyse the tax return after the data entry is complete. This step makes an effort to verify the accuracy of the submitted data, identify any potential issues, and remedy any errors. The auditing process helps us decrease the likelihood of producing incorrect tax computations and ensures compliance with tax laws and regulations.

  • Tax Return

People, businesses, and other entities must file an annual tax return with the right taxing authorities. The tax return provides a complete description of the taxpayer's earnings, costs, loans, deductions, and other relevant financial data for a specific tax term. The taxpayer's tax burden or refund for that time period is determined using the tax return. It guarantees compliance with tax rules and regulations and proper reporting of taxable revenue. Annual tax returns are regularly filed, and different jurisdictions, taxpayer classifications, and form requirements are in effect.

Benefits of Choosing Especia

  • Individualised Services

In order to best serve our clients, we provide flexible tax services. We can use the platform of your choice and work with a variety of tax software programs.

  • Exceptional Solutions

We provide dependable solutions with few flaws and malfunctions. Our clients gain from enhanced system performance, shortened turnaround times, and enhanced delivery possibilities.

  • Dedicated Teams

For the filing of tax returns, we offer devoted accountants and specialist teams. Our well-coordinated staff management maintains our flawless procedures. We also make sure that the financial team's abilities are regularly updated and trained.

  • A Rapid Turn Out

We have optimised our processes to make sure we can manage the effort associated with tax compliance while still meeting filing deadlines. Our procedures guarantee swift services and response times.

  • Cost Benefit

Using our tax outsourcing services, you can reduce operational costs and raise your profit margin. When compared to a mainland company, you can receive a cost reduction of up to 60%.

  • Redesigned Services

We provide consolidated accounting and financial services for businesses in addition to our tax-related outsourcing services, such as filing federal tax returns, financial reporting solutions, and more.

Why Choose Especia?

Our flexible, scalable, and quick-to-market strategy for tax preparation outsourcing solutions gives you a real-time perspective of your tax situation so you can act fast and with knowledge. 

Digital technology integrated into our tax processes improves your tax operations speed. 

Along with professional tax preparation services, we also provide performance evaluations based on both internal and external benchmarks. 

You also benefit from low operating costs and higher profit margins when you outsource your accounting and tax needs.

To help you succeed in a time of rapid change, Especia's coordinated tax experts offer related services across all tax disciplines. 

Especia offers a wide variety of completely integrated Tax Services in India to help the setup and growth of our customers. 

As local tax experts from India make up the majority of our personnel, we are able to provide our customers with the knowledge and understanding of the Indian market that they require. 

We provide our clients with the chance to raise net asset value, engage in transfer pricing, reduce tax liabilities, establish tax computer systems, and receive advice about the financial ramifications of business decisions through our combined taxation services in India.


Any organisation needs tax returns because they show that they follow the law, are respected by the public, and have a good reputation.

An organisation can earn the respect of the government by filing taxes on time and earning the title of the responsible taxpayer.

Outsourcing tax computation and filing is a smart move for any firm because it's a difficult operation that takes a lot of time and expertise. 

In this method, a company can consult specialists to compute and file its tax returns while also getting their advice on critical financial and strategic decisions for tax reduction.

The following elements should be taken into account when selecting a tax services provider:

  • Fee comparison: You shouldn't pick someone who is less qualified just because their services are offered at a much lower price. But that doesn't mean that hiring the individual that charges the most would provide you with the greatest services. Consider hiring a tax expert in the same way that you would hire a carpenter for your home. Take a bid; enquire about all the services they provide and the cost. The majority of tax specialists will charge a minimal price for the fundamental preparation services and then add on additional fees for each form and schedule you'll need for your return. Your return's complexity will determine how much the entire service will cost.
  • Reputation: Seek out a service provider with a solid reputation because it may be a sign of how good their services are. You can look at internet reviews or consult with friends or coworkers for advice.
  • Expertise: Pick a service provider with knowledge and experience addressing tax circumstances like yours.
  • Convenience: Take into account elements like the service provider's accessibility, the location of their offices, and the channels they employ for client communication.

Tax preparation experts are knowledgeable about the laws and regulations controlling taxes. By highlighting any untapped deductibility and credit opportunities, they may assist you in making the most of any prospective tax savings opportunities and perhaps help you pay less in taxes.

Tax preparation services refer to providing knowledgeable, qualified assistance in creating and filing tax returns. They are essential because they protect correctness, follow tax laws, assist you in optimising deductions and credits while saving you time and effort, and they safeguard accuracy.

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