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Stock Audit Services is a physical verification of stock and inventory and a very important tool for strengthening the internal control system. We have a dedicated stock audit team that ensures accurate counting of physical stock and its comparison with book stock. Even at third part locations like out bounded warehouses, consignment agents and distributors,

Especia Associates LLP can conduct physical verification of stock on the company's behalf. We are a leading Stock Audit Services & Stock audit processes firm in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Other regions in India.

We ensure to take care of the following aspects while conducting the stock audit:

  • Stock in transit
  • Pilferage and old seasoned stock
  • Storage Guidelines
  • Stock movement procedures

We document the stock by taking photographs and randomly check the inward and outward stock movement process to mitigate the risk of the discrepancy. Also, we analyze the stock movement registers to eliminate any error or fraud on the part of stock keepers.

Our coverage under Stock Audit Services in India:

  • Understanding of Existing Software in place to get Recorded Inventory & Stock Information.
  • Verification of Physical Inventory.
  • Comparison with Physical & Recorded Inventory & variance analysis.
  • Advising on the Best possible ways for Inventory Management.
  • Issues resolution in current Stock Processes & Management
  • Support in Documentation strategy including stock registers
  • Rules & SOPs for Inventory, Storage, Stock loss & implementation of that into our system.

Especia Associates LLP is one of the leading Stock Audit Services in India which has handled more than 70 volume based stock audit assignments in NCR. We have a dedicated team that can perform Stock Audit where time is the main constraint as this Stock Audit process hampers the entire day to day operations.

We have the capacity to involve a good number of team members to perform the Stock Audit services in minimal time so that the Company can resume their day to day operations at full capacity at the earliest. We are capable of handling complex stock audit assignments even.

If you are looking for any Stock Audit Services & Stock advisory services in Delhi-NCR in India, you can write to us at

Stock Audit Services is a manual assessment and market inspection facility that is a principal tool for reinforcing the corporate control framework. It provides a sense of authenticity to the people.


Yes, it provides genuine and gives you an idea about whether investing in a particular stock would be a good idea or not.

Although for many common people and high businessmen, there is no particular requirement for withholding their consumption of services, there is a limit of 3 crores and above for any working capital limits.

No, no particular law states a requirement for any company to have its stock audited. However, many investors prefer audited companies as it helps gain trust for any future investments.

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