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We understand, if a company does not have a company secretary, then the burden of all the administrative and compliance tasks and the concerned responsibility need to be undertaken by the director or a person who works on behalf of the director. Hence, many companies hire a company secretary to avoid complications and reduce administrative, compliance and corporate governance responsibilities. 

Who is the company secretary? Well, a company secretary is a qualified person who takes the responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning of the administration of the company. They are also responsible for complying with corporate governance, financial and legal regulations, managing shareholders' administration, providing advice to the company's Board of Directors, etc.

A company secretary acts as a mediator between the board of directors or higher authority and the government, stakeholders, or other bodies.  They also represent the company on behalf of it and communicate with the world by sharing some information. They keep and record all sorts of information such as meetings, changes of directors, changes in policy, or any other internal matter. They perform a tough, complex, and responsible job in any organization. 

Nowadays, many firms get a choice to choose a full-time company secretary or outsource it online. Well, it depends on you, how much importance and work you want to assign to a third party. Hiring a company secretary will add value to your company’s management and smooth functioning. They have a broader view of general management, taxation, communications, meeting arrangements, and fixation, etc. 

Many small businesses or start-up companies cannot afford to hire a company secretary for their company. Especia provides you with Company secretarial services at an affordable price. Especia has been in this field for 11 years and now provides services all over India. We believe in providing high-quality services at an affordable price.

What Are The Challenges Faced By A Firm Or Company?

➤Complexity in management infrastructure: It is not possible for the board of directors or any higher authorities to manage all the work by themselves. They can't arrange meetings, communicate internally and externally, spread information about new appointments, registrations, tax, and other regulatory compliance, etc. They need a skilled and qualified professional to do this job.

➤Representation: Many times, the board of directors wants to communicate some message or information to their shareholders, but they can't be available all the time. That is the reason why they need a person who represents the company and conveys their message to the world.

➤Smooth functioning: Every company runs smoothly if enough employees manage the respective departments. And so does the board of directors. They need a qualified person who can keep up with all the departments and help them make necessary decisions for the company.

What Are The Functions Of A Company Secretary?

Filing and maintaining statutory books: recording and maintaining statutory books is a complex and time-consuming process. If not done properly, it may lead to penalties and fines.

Arranging meetings: A company secretary is wholly responsible for arranging meetings of the board of directors, preparing the agenda, notices, supporting information and data, and also constructing minutes of the meeting. They also make sure to fulfill the requirements related to regulatory compliance that surrounds the board. 

Keeping the house well informed: A company secretary has to keep the company house well informed of all the internal information and matters such as change of directors and their addresses, registrations, appointments, allotments, etc.

Legal compliance: A company secretary is responsible for ensuring the legal compliance of the company.

Communication with the shareholders: A company secretary is responsible for representing the company and sharing information related to shareholding like information of dividends, registration or transfer of share ownership, etc. They are the first agents to communicate with the shareholders and the outside world.

Authority: As a company secretary represents the company, they get the authority to sign the legal documents, cheques, and other bank documents. Some company secretaries also manage payroll, tax compliance, pensions, insurance, and even deal with the company's accountants and lawyers.

Company Secretarial Services Provided By Especia:

Especia has a committed team of company secretarial, Chartered Accountants, and legal experts who hold ample experience in providing services to various industries all over India. Our team has experience across different sectors and is highly focused and determined to provide complete solutions for all corporate secretarial matters.

We Provide Service In Various Areas, Let Us Find It:

Board of directors

➤Planning and preparing agendas, making sure of spreading the notices and minutes of the board of directors and committees meeting.

➤Revising and drafting resolutions with respect to the company's law and as per the company's requirement from time to time.

➤Ensuring the company’s law procedures are managed properly.

➤Assisting the board of directors with their duties and responsibilities.

➤Maintaining and recording the company’s statutory registers, minute book, and other statutory records as required by the regulations.

➤Assisting the auditors during the annual review of the Company’s Secretarial records.

➤Conducting the Board meeting from time to time as per the regulations.

➤Our experts will make sure to draft the company's annual report and make it available to the shareholders as well, as per the regulatory requirements.

➤Our experts will help you with implementing CSR activities in compliance with regulations.

➤Our experts will help you prepare and file financial statements and other documents in the form of XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language).

➤Our experts will provide you with both physical and video conferencing modes of meetings for the company.

➤We will help you with company advisory and transactional services for mergers, acquisitions,  reconstruction, reorganization, and winding up of companies.

➤We will support and advise on important company decisions and add value to your company. 


➤Planning and preparing agendas, making sure of spreading the notices and minutes of the meeting of the shareholders.

➤Sharing information about the company’s annual report, accounts, and interim statement to the shareholders.

➤Assisting with matters affecting shareholdings.

➤Attending to the queries and requests from Shareholders and advising them.

➤We will assist you in all the shares-related activities like share transfer or issue- sweat shares or right issues, or dividend-related activities.

Statutory filings:

➤Assist in preparing AGM documents and filing annual returns with the regulatory authority.

➤Assisting in statutory periodical returns under the Companies Act, 2013, and the related rules and regulations in accordance with the requirements.

➤Our experts will ensure the company complies with company law, maintains certain statutory registers, and makes the necessary filings with the Registrar of Companies such as annual returns, financial statements, and certain forms concerning changes to share capital, etc. 

Administrative compliances: 

➤Our experts will help you incorporate new companies and LPP in India and abroad.

➤Our highly skilled experts will help you set up a new company, register the new company, and provide your assistance in the case of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Change of Name, Change of Objects, Change of status from Public Ltd to Private Ltd and vice versa. We will help you in the conversion of a partnership firm or  Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) into a Company. Our experts have a high experience in registration of Foreign Company which includes branch office, Liaison Office or Project Office.

Why Choose Especia?

Highly skilled experts: Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts makes it easier for you to run your business smoothly. Under their guidance and efforts, your business will grow to new levels.

Our experience: Our hardworking, consistent, and experience in the field of accounting and bookkeeping for the legal industry has enabled us to provide service all over India. We have successfully built the trust of our clients with our work and performance. 

Cost efficiency: Especia believes in providing quality service at a nominal and budget-friendly cost. 

Customization: Our experts work after understanding what our clients want and what their expectations are.

Guidance: Our experts plan, analyze and summarize your finances and guide you with new strategies and plans for better performance of your firm. 

Consistency: Especia has reached all over India with its consistent performance and handwork.


We understand that it is not easy for the Board of Directors to manage all the responsibilities that may require the company to outsource and hire professional consultants who are skilled and qualified and who can meet the needs of the role effectively and add value to your company.

At Especia, India's leading Company secretary, company law, Corporate Secretarial & secretarial law firms/Companies service providers, we offer you the best and effective services. We have experienced and come across these challenges and planned and structured the services accordingly to reduce the risks of non-compliance, increase the economy of scale and reduce your load and responsibilities.

If you are looking for any Best Company Secretarial firm Nearby, Your search ends with Especia! You can write to us at

A company secretary provides smooth functioning of the administration of the company. They are also responsible for complying with corporate governance, financial and legal regulations, managing shareholders administration, providing advice to the company's Board of Directors, etc.

There are the following types of companies that can be registered in India:

*Individual Company

*Private Limited Company

*Public Limited Company

Yes, Especia provides an online company secretarial service and has experience of 11 years in this field.

Step 1: Acquire Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Step 2: Acquire Director Identification Number (DIN)

Step 3: Create an account on the MCA portal- New user registration @

Step 4: Incorporate or Apply for the company to be registered.


Election Card or Voter Identity Card.

Ration Card.

Driving License.

Electricity Bill.

Telephone Bill.

Aadhaar Card.

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