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Annual ROC Compliances Overview:

Annual ROC Compliances are thorough reports on business practices that every registered company operating in India must submit within a timeline set by the regulatory authorities of India.

To help with seamless compliance, we have developed a dependable and economical annual ROC compliance package that makes it simple to follow strict procedures for any commercial firm. This package is a contractually guaranteed service to help safeguard and legalize your commercial undertakings.

To understand ROC compliance in detail and its various aspects, go through the following details and find the best framework for your business needs.

ROC Compliance Overview

The Registrar of Companies (ROC), part of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), is the regulatory authority that awards Registration/Incorporation Certificates to Indian companies and LLPs and grants closure and oversees their administrative activities.

Companies and LLPs operating in India with registration issued under the Companies Act, 2013 and the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, are required to comply with a detailed checklist of yearly submission or declaration filing procedures with the ROC within the prescribed deadline; failure to comply with the rules may result in heavy penalties under Indian law.

Regardless of an entity's income, profit, or loss, businesses and LLPs must file their IT returns on time. The ROC is in charge of recording the following papers from registered companies and LLPs, giving permission or taking appropriate steps as needed:

  • Directors' details, financial statements, board reports, annual returns, company resolutions (of any sort, taken), and other items finalized by the corporation in a scheduled Board Meeting.

  • ROC should accept Company Resolution (as per Section 117 of the Companies Act, 2013), Annual Account (as per Section 129(3), 137 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 12 of the Company (Accounts) Rules, 2014), and Annual Return (as per Section 92 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 11 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014) submissions within 30 (for Company Resolution and Annual Account submission) and 60 (for Annual Return submission) days of the conclusion made by the board.

  • The ROC shall examine whether the entity's Financial Statements have been duly approved by the Shareholders and signed by at least the authorized Chairperson in the Meeting, as required by Section 134 of the Companies Act, 2013.

According to the ROC criteria, registered companies in India (depending on their categories) must submit certain necessary yearly ROC Forms, together with fees, to be filed within the deadline:

ROC Filing Form Name Purpose Due Date of Document Finalization Due Date of ROC Form Filing Penalty

Any Director holding approved DIN on or by 31st March, 2018 (Mandatory for disqualified Directors)

Director’s KYC Declaration

Before Sept 30 of an AY

Deactivation of DIN that can be reactivated with a late fee of INR 5,000

Filed by all types of companies, such as, listed/unlisted/public/private/others.

Auditor Appointment

15 days from the date of conclusion of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Penalty in money

AOC-4 and AOC-4 CFS
(For Consolidated Financial Statements)

Declaration of Annual Accounts

30 days from the date of conclusion of AGM.

By Oct 30 of an AY For One Person Company, within 180 days of closure of the FY

Heavy monetary penalty of INR 1000 p.m up to INR 10 lakh.

To be filed by all registered companies

Annual Returns

60 days from the conclusion of AGM

By Nov 29 of a AY

Penalty of INR 100 per day

Companies other than Private Limited Companies

Resolution with MCA regarding Board Report and Annual Accounts

30 days from the date of conclusion of the Board Meeting

Monetary Penalty

Form 11

Annual Return of LLPs

60 days from the closure of the FY

May 30 of an AY

Penalty of INR 100 per day

Form 8

Account Statement of LLPs

Oct 30 of AY

Penalty of INR 100 per day

MSME Form 1

Half-Yearly Return with the Registrar to declare the outstanding payments to Micro and Small Business Entity

By Oct 31 (for period from Apr to Sept) By Apr 30 (for period from Oct to Mar)

Heavy monetary penalty/Imprisonment

Note: Depending on the Company Type, a company may be needed to file additional ROC Forms. We shall provide you with the required accurate approach.

Roc Filing Advantages:

Complete Financial Overview:

The filing of annual returns entails compiling the company's overall accounts for the whole year that assists in staying organized and informed on your firm’s financial situation.

Registered Mark of Company’s Existence:

Based on the filings made by the firm, the government will update the record of the company's existence.

The name of a corporation that has not filed annual reports for a long period is regarded as fraudulent, and the ROC may strike it.

Penalty Protection:

Businesses that fail to file yearly reports face an inevitable heavy penalty by the ROC. With a history of penalties, firms stand to drain crucial business funds and face legal complications. Timely filings prevent these mishaps and keep the operations moving smoothly.

A checklist of mandatory documents for ROC filings:

  1. Form ADT - 1 (Auditor Appointment)

  2. Form MGT - 7 (Annual Returns)

  3. Form AOC - 4 (P&L and balance sheet statements)

  4. Form MGT-14

  5. Form 11

  6. Form 8

  7. Form 1 for MSME

Checklist for Form ADT – 1


  • Name of the auditor or company of auditors

  • The auditor's or auditor's firm's permanent account number (PAN), registration number, address, and e-mail address.

  • Annual General Meeting Date (AGM)


  • CTC of the company's letterhead-referenced resolution.

  • The auditor's appointment letter appears on the company's letterhead.

  • The auditor's consent to be appointed is required on the firm's letterhead and a certificate of eligibility.

  • The due date is 15 days from the date of the AGM conclusion.

Checklist for Form MGT – 7


  • Company PAN and primary business activities.

  • Details about the holding company, subsidiary, joint venture, and associate firm. Member, promoter’s information.


  • List of Shareholders, Debenture Holders, and Approval Letter for AGM Extension

  • Copy of MGT-8, and Optional Attachment(s), if applicable.

Checklist for Form AOC-4


  • Date of the board of directors' meeting at which the company's financial statements and board report.

  • Authorized financial statements from auditors.


  • Balance sheet and P&L statements, directors and auditor reports, AGM notice.

  • Financial summary, dividend, CSR, Auditors’ Report, Share Capital, Statutory Auditors, and Corporate Governance Certificate, Risk management policies.

  • Specifics of major orders issued by regulators, judges, or tribunals.

  • Information on the effectiveness of internal financial controls over financial statements. (This applies to publicly traded corporations.)

  • Information about subsidiary and joint venture firms, as well as affiliate companies.

  • The consolidated financial statement includes a performance appraisal and economic position for each of the subsidiaries, joint venture firms, and associate companies.

  • The specifics of technology absorption, energy conservation, and foreign currency revenues. .

Notice of AGM Requirement:

  • AGM date, director appointment and resignation details for corresponding financial year, proposed auditor/auditor firm’s name.

  • The due date is 30 days from the date of AGM conclusion.

Checklist for Form MGT-14


  • CIN (Corporate Identification Number) Company Information, such as Name, Office Address, and Contact Information, such as Email.

  • Details of the declaration resolution, such as the copy of the agreement/resolution passed, the dispatch date, the passing date, the number of resolutions, and so on.

  • Any modifications to the Company's Articles of Incorporation are reflected in the resolution Explanatory Statement, which contains all of the resolution's specifics, including the purpose, subject matter, and authority under which the resolution is passed.

  • Details of such a resolution, in the event that any Company fails.

Checklist for Form 11


  • Details of the LLP and/or Firm in which the partners/designated partners (DP) are directors/partners (required if any partner/designated partner is an LLP partner or a director in another company).

  • As an optional attachment, any extra pertinent information.

Checklist for Form 8


  • The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act of 2006 requires disclosure (mandatory)

  • The Financial Statements with Audits (if applicable)

  • Contingent Liability Statement (if contingent liability exists)

  • Any extra paperwork (if required)

Checklist for Form 1 for MSME


  • Details about the supplier, such as Supplier name, and PAN of the supplier.

  • The required quantity of goods/services.

  • The day on which the payment is due.

  • The reasoning for delayed payment for the due amount.

Checklist for DIR-3 KYC


  • Details about the director, such as nationality and citizenship, gender, date of birth, and so on PAN, Voter ID, and Passport (mandatory if a foreign national is holding a DIN), Aadhaar Card, Driver's License, Director's Communication Address, Phone Number, and Email Address

  • Digital signature of applicant (DSC)

  • Declaration letter of the applicant, attested by a practicing authority.

Note: Practising Professionals, such as CAs, CSs, Cost Accountants, Foreign Approval Offices, and others, are needed to attest to the papers indicated above.

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Every registered company or LLP in India must file an annual ROC compliance within the deadline stated in the Companies Act 2013 and the Companies Rules. This compliance includes a full report of the business practices.

All corporations must provide Form AOC-4, the balance sheet when filing their ROCs. Form AOC-4, "Profit & Loss Account," must be submitted with each company's ROC filing. Annual Return: MGT 7 must be submitted by businesses. Cost Audit Report: Form CRA 4 must be submitted by the businesses.

Ask the director for an affidavit. The official at ROC can mark your authorised SRN as dedicative or revoke it. Following that, a new form and additional costs must be submitted.

Within 60 days of the financial year's end, each LLP must submit an annual return on Form 11 to the ROC. Upon payment of the required fees to the Registrar, access to the yearly return will be made public.

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