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RBI Valuation is essential to sustain in the market business. There are various parameters to consider before getting the RBI Valuation. It is a sensitive and essential process to stay in the market for a longer time, for which the RBI Valuation helps. Today, with the vast availability of knowledge and skills, certain levels of people are particularly assigned to process the RBI Valuation. They are called Registered Valuer. 

The Companies Act of 2013 legalized the Registered Valuer concept to provide efficient and reliable RBI Valuation services. The Registered Valuers are trained to estimate the valuations according to the International Valuation Standards (IVS) granted by the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC). Registered valuers provide reliable and dynamic valuation reports serving their commercial and statutory requirements. Registered valuers have experience and the obligation to provide promising valuation reports pertaining the international market standards. 

The Registered Valuer under the Companies Act that came into effect in 2013 specializes in performing the valuation of asset classes (large scale infrastructure) as required under the act. Registered Valuer has been through thorough training in framing reliable and helpful valuation reports. There is no second thought in approaching trusted Registered Valuers as they have been officially certified to take up the valuation responsibilities. 

With this effective act, several registered valuer firms have offered trusted and reliable valuation report services. Registered valuer consultants are solely trained to provide the best valuation reports. 

Companies Rules for registered valuers:

Before getting the Registered Valuers tag to your firm, certain rules are to be followed to achieve the registered valuer status. 

  • Qualifications, eligibility,  experience, and clearing of the valuation examination details. These are included in the companies rules. It is essential to pass the examination to obtain the tag of a registered valuer. 
  • Role of the RVO (Registered Valuers Organisation) in conducting courses, awarding membership, teaching disciplinary proceedings, and training the upcoming registered values.
  • Understanding the Valuation Standards that are essential to perform valuation reporting and proceedings. 
  • Maintenance of the records and reports for every 3 years. Understanding the limitations and catches of Registered Valuers offered by the Companies Rules. 

Valuation mandated by Companies Act 2013:

  • Registered Valuers are required for obtaining the RBI valuation for issuing Equity, shares, and other investment functions. 
  • Registered Valuers Consultants are required to value the assets of non-cash transactions. 
  • Registered Valuers firms help in valuing property, shares, and other assets. These include large-scale company-size transactions. 
  • Registered Valuers Services come in handy for share swaps between countries of between regions.  
  • Registered Valuers help assist non-listing companies in joining the listing companies club and handling the resignations of listing company clubs. 
  • Registered Valuers assist in forming valuation reports for minority shareholders and equity shares of minority companies. 
  • Registered Valuers help in preparing the valuation report for determining the liquidation value of assets. 


Before determining the registered valuers for your company or your chore, check if the valuer is about the International Validation Standards. Though there are many Registered Valuers Scheme outside, it is important to know if the registered valuer follows the valuation scheme guidelines. Go through the previous reports of the registered valuer to understand their approach towards various valuation schemes. Understand their valuation methodology used in estimating the valuation. Registered Valuers are a handy tool to excel in the Stock Market in today's generation. 

Registered valuers can be registered to value assets such as land and buildings, equipment and machinery, stocks, and financial assets.

Within a week of his employment, the Resolution Professional names a Registered Valuer. Valuation of the items that will be sold (the registered valuer calculates the realisable value of Asset or Property). Beginning of liquidation (a Valuation report of Assets or Property, if there are any).

According to FEMA regulations, the Valuation Report may be issued by a Chartered Accountant, a SEBI registered Merchant Banker or a licenced Cost Accountant.

The average yearly salary for valuers in India is 2.4 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.8 Lakhs to 4.5 Lakhs.

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