Why is the Investor Pitch Deck the need of the hour?

Why is the Investor Pitch Deck the need of the hour?

Why does an investor pitch deck the need of the hour? Starting up a company or a business is not so easy these days. It costs an arm and a leg to open the company. The current market scene for start-ups is struggling. Earlier start-ups didn't have to suffer this much. If you had a good idea, a bright vision, little funds, an audience, and willpower to carry the business forward, then you were set for opening it up. Mostly hard work determines whether start-ups will touch the sky or not. 

But nowadays, it takes a little more than hard work to touch the blue sky. And that is smartness. Hard work and smart work are the two things on which the success of any company depends upon.

Hard work means you should be dedicated and highly devoted to your business. And smart work means how smartly you sell the product to the audience and how cleverly you handle the business and make decisions for your company’s future.  

Well, hard work is a trait in a person so we can't help in that area. However, we can surely help in the smart work department.  We will tell you about all the tips and tricks that you can implement in your start-up strategy. And these tricks will help your business to bloom insignificantly. 

So, the first thing that anybody needs for growing their company or business is funds. And gathering funds from the investor is a tough job. When it comes to investing money in any start-up business, investors think critically and deeply before doing the deed. So the main question that arises is how to make the investors invest in your business plan? 

The answer is simple: by presenting a creative and innovative pitch deck.

But what is a pitch deck? Why investors pitch deck is the need of the hour & how to propose a pitch deck? What mistakes should be avoided in a pitch deck?

All the questions are answered below!

What is a pitch deck?

The Pitch deck is nothing but a presentation of the start-up or any business. In simple words, all the information related to a business is compiled in a 10-15 slides presentation. It is a brief but informative overview of your business strategy. 

But why investors' pitch deck is the need of the hour & how-to purpose of a pitch deck

Why is the pitch deck so important? 

Why do investors pitch deck the need of the hour? A Pitch deck should make a meaningful impact on the investor's mind. A profound impact that they are ready to invest in your business immediately. 

There are so many start-ups options available in the market. Thousands of start-up plans are in the queue waiting to get investors! So, that's why the pitch deck should be innovative and creative, or else no one will be interested in your business scheme. The pitch deck idea should be out of the box. 

It is just like the first impression of your business plan. And you know that the first impression is the final impression!  

How do you make a perfect pitch deck so that every investor is ready to invest in your plan? How is the purpose of a pitch deck?

A perfect pitch deck is the need of the hour! 

Why do investors pitch deck the need of the hour? A pitch deck is nothing but a presentation. It gives the investors a clean and clear idea about your start-up business. 

How is the purpose of a pitch deck? So, here are some ideas that your pitch deck should contain so that it looks perfect and appropriate. 

  1. Introduction 

The first slide of the pitch deck should be engaging. If this slide is tedious, then the investor might lose interest and give up on investing. Add the company's logo and name. Try to show your creative side here. Write the company's description. It should be short, interesting, and self-explanatory. 

  1. Vision and mission 

The second slide should contain the company's vision and mission. Write the principles and ideals on which lies the company's foundation.

Investors look at ideas that have some ideas and principles if your company has a vision, and then don't forget to add one! 

  1. The problem 

There is always a cause that brings a change or results in the generation of something. State that reason! The most important part of the pitch deck is explaining why the company opened in the first place. What was the need that started the business in the first place? 

Explain the need and the basis of your company beautifully. You can explain it with a story and explain why the company is essential. You could also take up a real-life example and explain the need. If the investor agrees with the cause, you are half on the road to impress the investor and get the investments! 

  1. Target audience 

Here you describe the people or the community your company will be serving. Be specific about your target audience. It gives the investor a general idea about the audience they'll deal with in the future. It also creates a profound impression about your company in investors’ minds!  

  1. Solution 

Now since you have discussed the problem in detail, explain the solution too. Discuss your company initiatives. Explain what your company is doing in resolving the market problems. 

  1. Progress of the company 

The traction will give the investors an idea that the company is doing something. The investors will get an idea that the company is progressing and growing. Add the clients that your company has served till now and their feedback. This will enhance your pitch deck! 

  1. Marketing Strategy 

Discuss the marketing and sales strategy of your company. Explain to the investors how the product will reach the customers. Discuss your ideas for launching the product in the market and your strategies to promote the product. 

  1. The business team 

Introduce your team to the investors. It will give them an idea of how capable and credible your company is. Tell the investors about your team member's achievements and their experience in their respective fields. 

  1. Company financials 

Investors would like to know your company's financial growth over a 3-5 years period. Avoid going into a detailed explanation. Briefly mention the company's income statement and growth statement.  

  1. Exactly how much funds does your company need? 

The investors know why you are conducting this presentation. But they don't know how much funding your company needs. So in this slide, tell the investors about how much investment the company needs. Be specific about the amount of the funds. Also, mention about the plans of the company in the future. You can also add how the company is planning to use the invested money. 

Stop making these mistakes in your pitch deck!

So, we have learned why investors' pitch deck is important & how to purpose a pitch deck. But these points below will make sure that you don’t make any mistakes in your pitch deck.

  1. Don't go into too much detail. 

Remember this is a presentation, and you are putting forward your business plan to the investors. The pitch deck should be short and simple. 

  1. Don't overcrowd the slides. 

Try to add only important details in the pitch deck. Don't overcrowd the slides by putting information that is not related to the content. 

  1. Don't try to turn things around. 

Always come straight to the point. Time is precious, yours and investors too. 

  1. Too many points in the pitch deck. 

It would be better if the pitch deck had fewer words and more pictures representing the information. Show the company's financial statistics in pictorial graphs.  

  1. Reading from the presentation.

Avoid reading sentences from the presentation. It puts a negative impression on the investors. Memorize your presentation and add keywords in the slides so that you don't go off the road. 

So this was all about why investors' pitch deck is important & how the purpose of a pitch deck is. 

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