Why Hire An Outsourced CFO?

Why Hire An Outsourced CFO?

The most challenging part a business can face while growing is controlling its finances. 

With the daily changes and new difficulties of financial management, all businesses require a deep knowledge of financial complications, industry trends, and strategic planning to grow. 

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays a crucial role in a business in the face of growing challenges and competition. 

However, many organisations, especially smaller ones, may find it too costly to hire a full-time CFO. This is where an Outsourced CFO comes in handy. 

Who is an Outsourced CFO?

An Outsourced CFO is also known as a fractional CFO and is a finance professional or a team of professionals who provide temporary CFO help to businesses on an outsourced basis. 

Businesses can outsource their various financial tasks and get strategic financial advice from an outsourced CFO instead of hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officer. 

Outsourced CFOs help in making financial reports and compliance. They ensure that accurate and timely financial statements, reports, and key performance indicators are generated. 

They also ensure compliance with relevant accounting standards and regulatory requirements, decreasing the risk of financial errors or penalties. 

What Do Outsourced CFOs Do?

Outsourced CFOs carry on a range of vital financial duties and responsibilities to support businesses in their financial management and decision-making.

 Outsourced CFOs bring a wealth of financial expertise and knowledge to businesses, supporting them in strategic financial planning, analysis, reporting, risk management, and process improvement. 

They gain the trust of the higher authorities, providing valuable insights and guidance to drive financial success and support all the objectives of the business.

  • Strategic Financial Planning: Outsourced CFOs work very closely with business owners and executives to develop and execute financial strategies that are aligned with the organisation's goals. They take care of the company's financial health, analyse industry trends, and identify various opportunities for growth and improvement. By understanding the organisation's vision and objectives, they provide strategic guidance on financial matters and help them shape long-term plans.
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting: Outsourced CFOs analyse financial data and generate meaningful reports to provide insights into the organisation's financial performance. They evaluate financial metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and profitability analysis to identify trends, strengths, and areas requiring their attention of them to help the business in any known way. This analysis helps stakeholders make good decisions and monitor the company's financial health.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Outsourced CFOs play a crucial role in developing realistic budgets and financial forecasts. They consider components such as historical data, market conditions, and business objectives to project future financial outcomes. By providing the best forecasting, they assist organisations in setting achievable goals, managing resources effectively, and adapting to changing market conditions.
  • Cash Flow Management: Managing cash flow is crucial for any organisation's financial stability and growth. Outsourced CFOs help monitor and optimise cash flow by analysing cash inflows and outflows, implementing cash management strategies, and forecasting future cash needs. They provide recommendations to improve cash flow efficiency, such as optimising accounts receivable and payable processes, managing working capital, and exploring financing options.
  • Financial Risk Management: Outsourced CFOs assess and mitigate financial risks that may impact the organisation's financial stability and success. They identify potential risks, such as market fluctuations, regulatory changes, or operational vulnerabilities, and develop strategies to minimise their impact. They also ensure compliance with financial regulations and industry standards to mitigate legal and regulatory risks.
  • Financial Process Improvement: Outsourced CFOs evaluate and optimise financial processes within the organisation. They identify areas of inefficiency, implement internal controls, and streamline financial workflows. They improve financial reporting quality, clarity and speed by enhancing all the processes. This results in better decisions and higher operational efficiency.
  • Fiscal Management: Outsourced CFOs communicate with various stakeholders, such as executives, investors, lenders, and regulatory bodies. They provide financial insights, reports, and presentations to communicate the organisation's financial performance and strategic plans. They work together with stakeholders to resolve financial issues, arrange funding deals, and build trustworthy and transparent relationships.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Activities: Outsourced CFOs offer financial due diligence, valuation analysis, and transaction support in scenarios that involve M&A activities. They evaluate the financial feasibility and hazards of possible mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships. They also assist in negotiating financial terms, conducting and facilitating post-merger integration.
  • Team Leadership and Mentoring: In some cases, Outsourced CFOs may oversee and mentor the organisation's finance team. They provide guidance, training, and support to finance staff, ensuring the team's competence and alignment with the organisation's financial goals. They may also assist in hiring and developing financial talent within the organisation.

Why should you hire Outsourcing CFO services? 

Businesses opt to have outsourcing services for various reasons. Let’s fall into the primary benefits;

  • Financial Efficiency: Choosing a full-time CFO can pose a significant financial burden, particularly for smaller businesses with limited capital. Going out for Outsourced CFO services allows businesses to access top-tier financial expertise at a fraction of the cost. By limiting other expenses like salaries, benefits, and training, businesses can optimise their financial resources and allocate them towards growth and make them have a bright future.
  • Specialised Knowledge: Outsourced CFOs are highly proficient professionals having a good amount of experience in financial management. They bring a wealth of industry-specific insights, the best knowledge, and a deep understanding of intricate financial matters. By leveraging Outsourcing CFO services, businesses can tap into this specialised knowledge, benefiting from these professionals who possess the expertise to navigate complex financial landscapes and engage in strategic planning. 
  • Strategic Financial Guidance: Outsourced CFOs provide impartial and unbiased financial guidance. They meticulously analyse financial data, identify key performance indicators, and ask to try strategic recommendations aimed at enhancing profitability and fostering growth. Through their guidance, businesses can develop robust financial strategies aligned with their specific objectives. Outsourced CFOs work as trusted advisors, aiding businesses in making informed decisions, helping to overcome financial obstacles, and capitalising on opportunities.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: Outsourced CFO services offer a level of flexibility that enables businesses to scale their financial expertise according to their growing needs. Whether requiring support during periods of growth, strategic initiatives, or temporary projects, outsourcing ensures access to the appropriate level of financial proficiency without the tension of a full-time hire. This scalability facilitates cost-effectiveness and enables organisations to adjust their financial resources as needed.
  • Enhanced Financial Operations: Outsourced CFOs streamline financial operations by executing robust financial controls, optimising cash flow management, and establishing efficient accounting systems. Their expertise enhances processes, mitigates the risk of errors, improves transparency, and ensures their observation of regulatory requirements. By outsourcing CFO services, organisations can focus on their core competencies while relying on specialised professionals to manage and streamline their financial operations.

When should you hire an Outsourced CFO?

According to a report by Fortune, "Only 5% of the businesses in the world are able to break the $1 million revenue mark, and only one of eight of those are able to reach the $10 million revenue mark". 

So, for small businesses, it is very difficult to hire a CFO. In this case, they can look for outsourcing CFO services. 

But the point comes when you should look to hire an Outsourced CFO. 

  • Financial Plateau

No business has a smooth journey. Your business may see stretches of slow growth, rapid rises and slow off-peak seasons. But if your business is in the middle of a plateau, it's often because your business processes aren't kept in trend with the current market. You may not have sufficient growth strategies in your pocket, or you may be spending too much on your current leads. At this point, a financial advisor in the form of a CFO is crucial, but a traditional CFO is out of reach because of the high cost. Fractional CFOs can be contracted to perform your needed services without a long-term and costly commitment. This strategy is a good fit for any type of business, majorly small businesses.

  • Plans to Scale

There's a difference between a growing business and a scaling business. You can grow your business by gaining more leads, getting more equipment, and growing your team. But that growth isn't necessarily scalable. To achieve scalable growth, you need a financial foundation established by an expert CFO who can create a sound financial plan for future profitability. A fractional CFO can help you create a flow chart of a growth plan which you can go and execute with your team.


Hiring an Outsourced CFO can be a smart and strategic move for SMBs (Small Businesses) who want to balance their financial function and achieve their business goals. 

An outsourced CFO is important when there is a need for specialised financial expertise, during periods of growth or financial restructuring, for cash flow management, financial planning, budgeting, reporting, compliance, cost management, interim financial leadership, or project-based financial support. 

Assessing your organisation's different requirements and objectives will help determine the right timing to engage in Outsourcing CFO services. 

An Outsourced CFO can be a valuable cost-affecting alternative for hiring a full-time CFO. 

An Outsourced CFO can provide you with all the important values, and with his fresh experience, he can add new values to the business with growth. However, it is more important how you choose an Outsourced CFO for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. How much does it cost to hire an outsourced CFO compared to a full-time CFO?

Hiring an outsourced CFO can cost you around $2,000-$14,000 per month, whereas hiring a full-time CFO can cost you about $225,000 a year. 

2. How involved will an outsourced CFO be in the day-to-day financial operations of the organisation?

The level of involvement of an outsourced CFO in day-to-day financial operations can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the organisation. The extent of their involvement can be tailored to the specific requirements and priorities of the organisation.

3. How can an outsourced CFO understand the unique financial needs of my organisation?

Outsourced CFOs are skilled professionals who excel at understanding the unique financial needs of organisations. They typically begin by conducting an in-depth analysis of the organisation's financial data, industry dynamics, and specific goals. Their expertise and experience across different industries also enable them to bring fresh perspectives and best practices to address specific financial needs.

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