What Is a CFO Service? How to Know If You Need One

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What Is a CFO Service? How to Know If You Need One

The Chief Financial Officer is one of the most important roles in any organization. Key CFO services include tracking company-wide cash flows, reviewing accurate financial reports, determining the optimal allocation of financial assets, and participating in financial planning and forecasting. 

However, there are times when it is not strategic or budgetary to employ a full-time CFO. Many companies in this situation have opted to partner with CFO services that provide on-demand access to qualified financial professionals without paying them. 

Usually, there are one or more clear signs that you will find it appropriate to outsource your CFO service.

What Is A CFO? 

CFO is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. In this financial campaign, the main tasks are forecasting, planning, and analysis. All of these help you to expand strategically. 

Normally, the CFO reports to the CEO and the board of directors 

As a Senior Manager, the CFO is responsible for overseeing all company's financial activities, ensuring that all financial reports are completed accurately and on time. This role has several major responsibilities, including but not limited to: 

Use previous data to inform you of your internal position, create a roadmap for financial growth, guide the decision-making process, and bring positive results to your company's development. 

Correct Time To Hire A CFO  

Deciding when to adopt the CFO has always been a difficult balance. With premature employment, you may not be able to afford them. If you hire too late, you may miss the opportunity to move your business forward. 

Traditionally, companies do not hire a CFO until their annual sales reach $ 50 million. At least not in-house.  If you plan to hire in-house and your annual sales are between $ 1 million and $ 10 million, it's usually a good idea to hire a controller first. 

Usually, at this stage of a company's lifetime, you need a controller that oversees all the company's accounting activities. The controller leads the bookkeeping and bookkeeping teams while acting as the de facto CFO of the CEO. However, companies usually have the budget to hire a part-time CFO from an outsourced company at this sales threshold. 

In this case, a company with sales of $ 1 million can benefit from the financial information of this expert. However, knowing when to hire a CFO depends heavily on your company's financial details, competition, market and growth expectations, and your team's financial skills and experience.

 When wondering when to hire a CFO, here are some important questions you should ask yourself: Can I secure Series A without the CFO and move beyond it? Can you manage corporate tax compliance and earn more than $ 10 million annually? Will an accountant help your workflow and increase your bandwidth? Do you have the know-how to model plans based on previous data? Do you fully understand cash flow, profit, and loss, profits, etc.? 

You have access to the same financial data, but you may not know how to use it to update the information and drive growth. This makes perfect sense, as the separation of the CEO and CFO is sound and natural. 

CFO Service In Business And startups

Startup entrepreneurs are often busy focusing on product development and sales and slipping through financial plans. An important and basic process for maintaining clear financial and accounting records can be overlooked when you hurry to start and maintain your business. 

The CFO helps streamline these financial processes and implement systems and controls at all income and expenditure levels. Untouched financial records are essential to the business while securing money and attracting investors. Therefore, you need to invest in a CFO that can implement accounting best practices. 

Engaging an experienced CFO greatly frees entrepreneurs who may already have multiple roles and gives them the time they need to focus on areas such as marketing, management, and product development. I can. Outsourced CFOs have cross-industry experience, so their wealth of cross-industry knowledge makes exchanging information even easier and keeps entrepreneurs informed about the latest developments. 

In large corporations, startup organizations feature a unique ecosystem featuring youthful energy, a free working culture, a flat hierarchical system, and open communication channels. However, they often struggle to maintain sound financial practices, which causes many startups to go bankrupt before starting. 

By adopting CFO services, you can bring immense value to your startup and maximize your chances of success for an entrepreneurial company.

How To Know If You Need One

1. Rapid business growth Business needs during the growth phase can change rapidly and dramatically. For example, accurate financial planning and forecasting are much more important. 

If your business is expected to grow rapidly in the short to medium term, using the CFO service is wise. Outsourced CFOs can help with financing and financial reporting that are essential to a growing business.

2. Horizon merger or IPO Another common use case for CFO services is important business events such as mergers and initial public offerings. In these times, organizing books is more important than ever. 

I've been without an in-house CFO, but you may need a CFO at some point as your business grows and develops and your financial responsibilities become more complex. However, it takes time to find the right person for the job. Outsourced CFO services can fill gaps while performing searches and preparing for mergers and IPOs.

3. Accounting errors and inefficiencies, Unfortunately, accounting process mistakes and inefficiencies are very common. According to multiple survey reviews, 88% of spreadsheets contain errors. These problems are often caused by a lack of transparency in the financial process. 

The best CFO services can help you identify the causes of accounting process errors and bottlenecks. The outsourced CFO opens a new perspective to the company and modifies the tunnel vision that can prevent serious problems.

4. Treasury integration and financial settlement challenge Treasury consolidation and closure is an essential and painful task for many businesses. Some companies seek science, while others struggle to float. The best-performing companies complete their closing cycle in just 12 days. That's half the time and a quarter of the cost of the worst-performing companies. The 

Expert CFO helps to make financial integration and cycle completion faster, more accurate, and more efficient. This includes updating older processes and technologies, effectively delegating tasks, and facilitating collaboration between departments. 

Reason Behind Hiring A CFO 

The CFO investigates and analyzes ledgers, staffing levels, and cash flows. When they can model your finances in all aspects of your business, they can calculate an accurate ROI (or lack of it) for your company's performance.

As Inc.com points out: There are many hidden costs in doing business, such as the cost of retaining demanding customers. 

CFO Handles These Main Things: 

Treasury-The CFO reviews the company's financial position and determines the best way to harness resources in terms of debt and capital. 

Transactions-The CFO oversees payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable to ensure they are correct, up-to-date, and on time. 

The CFO continuously analyses financial data and identifies where team performance is declining, why margins are tight, and potential pitfalls impacting business success. I need to do it. 

After the information is collected, the CFO advises key stakeholders on the correct steps the company should take.


From rapid business growth to cost savings, there are many reasons companies choose to partner with an outsourced CFO service provider.

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