What are the Eligibility Criteria for GeM Seller

What are the Eligibility Criteria for GeM Seller

GeM, also known as the Government E-Marketplace, seems to be a site that enables the online purchasing of products and services for various Indian government agencies, organizations, and public sector enterprises. The introduction of the Government E-Marketplace aims to increase procurement efficiency, openness, and timeliness and also define the Eligibility criteria for Gem Seller. This article examines the steps involved in signing up to sell upon that Government E-Marketplace or we can say the Eligibility criteria for Gem Seller.

Government electronic market Overview

Predicated on suggestions made towards the Hon. Prime Minister by a collective of staffers, the Government E-Marketplace had been developed. The Government E-Marketplace was developed and is presently being tested by the Directorate Central of Supplies as well as Divestments and the Nacional e-Governance Division (NeGD) underneath the Minister of Electrical & Information Technologies (MeitY). For Federal Government Departments including CPSUs based throughout Delhi as well as the National Capital Region, the GeM pilot program is launched in its initial phase. The gateway will be expanded to other regions of the nation based on the lessons learned. Additionally, a fully functional edition of GeM is projected to be available around March 2017 following extensive research conducted by a consultant and the hiring of a Management Service provider (MSP). The Department of Finance has previously added a revised Rule Number. 141-A to the General Monetary Rules of 2005, authorizing purchases made by Government customers through GeM.

Services & Goods Sold on the Government E-Marketplace.

The Government E-Marketplace now offers the following goods and services for sale:

  • Desktop.
  • Laptops.
  • Tablets.
  • accessories for computers such as mice, keyboards, extra hard files, RAM, thumb drives, and power banks.
Office Equipment
  • Pass Book
  • Photocopiers
  • Smart card
  • Cartridges
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Note Books
  • A4 (210mm X 297mm)
  • Note Sheets
Air Conditioner
Multi-Media Projectors

Along with the aforementioned goods, the Government E-Marketplace is currently testing services including transportation solutions.

Offering goods to the govt

You need to do first the registration for Gem seller so that Via the Governmental E-Marketplace, as well as GeM, approved representatives from Central Administration Departments, Regional Government Departments, Private Sector Undertakings, and other Autonomous entities may make purchases. Officers with the level of Joint Secretaries or perhaps an equivalent may make purchases through GeM with permission from the Directorate Central of Supply and Disposals. Additionally, authorized officials can permit their department's fellow officers to make purchases using the Government Marketplace platform. The following information is necessary for a governmental official to register as a purchaser on the governmental e-marketplace:

  • Number AADHAR.
  • Phone number.
  • NIC and official email.
  • Certificate of Class iii Signature.
  • authorization from their Department's competent authorities.
Government officials' Purchasing Powers

Any approved officer may acquire a product from every one of the providers listed upon that GeM as long as it meets the necessary standards for quality, design, delivery time, and costs amount of Rs. 50000 and has a registration for Gem seller. For purchases exceeding Rs. 50,000, the Governmental office must select the provider upon that GeM who offers the cheapest price while still satisfying the necessary standards for quality, specification, as well as delivery time. The buyer can utilize the toolkit GeM has supplied for online bidders and exclusively online reverse auctions.

Seller Registration

Anyone who manufactures, markets, or provides legitimate goods or services is eligible to sell upon that Federal E-Marketplace. The following documentation is required for sellers to join the governmental e-marketplace:

  • CARD, PAN.
  • Company formation, LLP registration, and Udyog Adhaar.
  • TIN/VAT Number (if applicable).
  • Bank account and accompanying KYC records.
  • Proof confirming identity
  • Address validation
  • copy of a cancelled check.
Registration process.

At especia.co.in Register your company using either of the websites below to start selling on the 

Government E-Marketplace:

  • You can register as a manufacturer or trader here.
  • You can register as a service supplier here.

The registration procedure is straightforward, and after registration, unique GeM login IDs and passwords are given to view the vendor account. The vendor or service providers can list their goods or activities, along with their prices, using the merchant account. The company's price may be established by the seller at his or her discretion based on cost. However, it's crucial to factor in the costs of logistics, wrapping, taxes, duties, and other fees in addition to an appropriate margin to reach just selling value on an all grounds, implying the proportion of taxation, service tax, and CST/VAT as necessary, with delivery on a site-based basis.

The process for signing up with GeM.

For someone enrolling for the initial time, the registration process for gem sellers can appear rather sophisticated and complex. As a result, if you're a beginner in this field like many others, make sure you complete the instructions below.

  • Visit the authorized website, step one.

Therefore, you must first join the GeM company portal. You may now simply click here and manually look for this on Google. Please continue, you must select the "Seller" option. This will be accessible just beneath the "Sign Up" button. Your browser will then send you to the webpage "terms as well as conditions" page. Before selecting the "agree" option, make sure to carefully read the module.

  • Complete the form.

You would be led towards the gem vendor registration page after agreeing to the map's "terms of service." You must now agree and provide some specific information regarding you and your company. Everything you would require to know about this is provided below:

  • Make sure you appropriately record the title of the legislation.
  • You must now decide which registration option best suits your needs. Aadhar, as well as PAN, are your two possibilities. You will be required to enter some basic information about yourself in each situation, such as your name, card details, Birthdate, address, etc.
  • The active cellphone number which is currently being used must then be entered. You might need to input it repeatedly to confirm the same. When you're finished, select "Send OTP.
  • Your smartphone will be given an OTP. You would then require to access this in a similar section as well as to authenticate it.
  • Afterwards, when, you will require to confirm one's e-mail (if obtainable) in the same way as well. When finished, make a note of the preferred username and password. After finishing registering as a gem merchant, select the "new account" link at the bottom.
Management of Order

Thus the vendor will begin taking orders via the seller dashboards after finishing seller registration plus listing. GeM would notify you via email whenever a customer puts a purchase, and you can handle orders directly through their GeM website. It is the vendor's responsibility to package the goods and send them promptly to the customer after accepting the purchase. The vendor must transport the goods to the recipient securely.

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