What Are Accounting Responsibilities?

What Are Accounting Responsibilities?

When we talk about accounting responsibilities, it means that an accountant must understand and follow their duties which include documenting accounting information that ensures public information as well as a public trust. 

The interest of all these related stakeholders is preserved. An accountant is generally given some very important responsibilities, which consist of collecting and recording the different financial information of the company. 

Scrutinizing and summarizing the information that is collected by the accountant, and then placing them in the form of the financial statements where the users of the financial information create and generate values and ideas for decision making.

Accountants are very professionals who are responsible to organize, inspect and maintain financial and other tax return tasks. 

Various types of accounting streams require different qualifications, skills and certifications. 

If you are among those who really want to move forward with this career, you should understand the role along with the responsibilities in order to determine accounting certification to complete. 

This article will help you to discover an accountant role along with responsibilities, also list various types of accountants and explore their skills and qualifications you really desire to become one.

Components in Accounting Responsibilities


Accounting includes any sort of journal post or invoice book in the system, which should be reviewed by the accountant and ensure that the invoice is not early booked or can be from any unknown Supplier. 

When you are closing the books for the current month, an accrual should be made for the due invoices but not received, and all the prepaid should be released.

This job sometimes involves estimation while providing revenue or expense; the accountant should be clear in mind when it comes to taking the basis for estimation and should be a little conversational in approach. 

When you are unsure of an item, go for whether to capitalize or expense, one must follow accounting standards and the other one should be guiding notes to arrive at a rationale.


Auditing is a particular thing which is related to the public, banks, investors, and other parties with trust that every financial statement is presented in a true and fair manner. 

When it comes to an auditor, it is just a watchdog and not any bloodhound with too many latest accounting scandals including Tyco, WorldCom etc.

The SOX was formed when auditors were asked to research more from the books. An accountant, while working as an auditor, should n't skip any step from the audit process. 

They must follow all the steps along with a reasonable sample, questionnaire related to ambiguities, ask the higher management for consent for writing the required, and for all the reason related checks one must be sure that your books look good. 

One should release the audit report only after being truly satisfied with the validity and accuracy of numbers and factors mentioned in the financial statements. 

Certified Public Accountant

There are Accountants working as CPA, so many tasks like return filing, valuation, project reporting, forensic reporting/accounting and many more. 

People use their reports to apply for loan, mortgage, credit-cards, cash-credit, and other minimal financial needs and requirements. 

While certifying your documents, the accountant must look at the original and authentic papers, the last few years reports, and other factors, and then use them to move forward. 

Digital Environment

In Today’s digital world era creates a new challenge for accountant tasks and skills. It is their ultimate duty that they must be equipped with skills needed in work through a computer based environment. 

This development system and system audit demands that accountants have accounting skills set and provide a certain degree of technical knowledge regarding how accounting is performed in this digital world. 

An accountant must learn how to use test data in your computer and try to follow it from the very initial point where an accountant can look towards the profit & loss and balance sheet. 

Today’s digital world is an ever-changing scape, and the emerging cyber-crime and thefts creates a new set of challenges for the accountants that creates a need for them to be prepared & responsible for further challenges thrown towards them. 

Moral Responsibility

An accountant is not even responsible for being equipped with the skills of accounting and traits of digitization, but they also have a moral responsibility including values & ethics towards society, regulatory authorities, the country, and all related stake-holders. 

Accountants are also known as the watchman of economy and treasure including a huge compliment that comes with a high level of obligation and moral values responsibility. 


  • All financial statements represent the true and fair prospect of the firm's financial status.
  • Here all audit facilitation becomes easier. 
  • Tax filing and other compliances are now an easy task.
  • Improves public faith and investors' trust which is good for your venture. 
  • Helps to improve your business Goodwill in the long run.
  • Improved relationships with banks make financing activities.


  • If your records and books are not placed in a systematic manner, then it will get very difficult for the audit process and there may be chances that auditors may qualify the report.
  • One is if there is any badly done scam or any misconduct takes place then the particular organization or firm can go down towards bankruptcy. 
  • If the accountants are not taking a proper follow up, it surely points out the loopholes in their internal control. 
  • There are more and more chances for loss of goodwill.  

Things to Remember

In today’s globalized era and increase in compliance requirements and needs, accountants’ responsibilities and duties keep changing with every amendment. 

it is an accountant’s responsibility to keep themselves updated with all the latest changes and newer updates, while also preparing themselves accordingly. 

With an introduction TO IFRS Globally, there will be a lot of massive change in the recent accounting system and the way accounting responsibility is performed globally. 

An accountant must keep a track with all sorts of changes and must ensure that all the implementations are smooth and here the organization is IFRS ready. 

Conclusion to the Topic

Accounting is a noble, fine and a white-collar profession which has been in place for a quite long time. Accountants are symbolized as one of the finest, and one of the highest paid professionals. 

Also, with a lot of respect as well as money comes the responsibility of moral values and ethical needs to keep the things on track, simple and straight and never let down any related association who has trusted accountant work.

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FAQs ON  What are Accounting Responsibilities?

1. What skills are important to be an Accountant?

‌Analytical skills are important to analyze and interpret financial data.

‌ While working or dealing with financial information, you need to be truly attentive.there is no chance for mistakes.

‌ Accountants should have a strong knowledge related to the business firm they are working for.

‌Good at communication.

‌Accountants must be flexible because financial laws and regulations are constantly changing .

‌ Accountants often work on strict deadlines with tight schedules, they must know time management.

2. How to maintain accounting accuracy?

‌You need to identify revenue streams to maintain accounting accuracy.

‌You need to keep a track of invoices and receipts.

‌Preparing tax returns is a better way to avoid penalties.

‌You should keep an eye on every deductible expense. 

3. What do you mean by executive accounting?

Executive accounting is meant for several services based businesses. It is related to advertising, finance and PR industries.

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