Venture Capital Company In India

Venture Capital Company In India

For expansion, startup enterprises require a specific amount of funding. Wealthy investors like to put their money into firms to achieve long-term growth. This form of finance is known as venture capital, and venture capitalists are the ones who invest in it. When a venture capitalist buys shares in a company and becomes a financial partner, it is referred to as a venture capital investment.

The Indian startup ecosystem is growing, and Venture companies in India are an integral part of it. Statistics show that even the most innovative business ideas with a great team fail due to a lack of funds in the early years of operation.

Funding is critical; once startups and small enterprises have reached the development stage, they will require a large sum of money to continue expanding smoothly.

Previously, banks and other connected sources of capital were the sole options for small enterprises and startups. Startups in India now have more solid funding options because of the growth of angel investors and top venture capital companies.

The following are the top Indian venture company in India to keep an eye on:


With more than three decades in the startup environment, Accel Partners is one of India's oldest venture capital organizations. This VC company, based in California, has supported hundreds of businesses and focuses mostly on internet technology. Depending on the firm, Accel Partners' investment ranges from $1 million to $50 million.


Sequoia Capital India is a subsidiary of Sequoia Capital, a California-based firm. This VC firm specializes in early-stage, seed, and growth-stage startup investments, with set investment structures for each of these phases. It is mainly focused on the technology sector. Sequoia Capital has made investments in firms with a total stock market value of $3.3 trillion. It manages assets totalling $5.4 billion in India, which are divided among seven funds.

3. Nexus Venture Partners

The firm has locations in both India and Silicon Valley. They invest in Indian firms that cater to Indian or global markets and companies situated in the United States that have technology that is important to India and emerging markets. Their investments in early/early-growth stage enterprises range from $500,000 to $10 million. Snapdeal, Shopclues, Craftsvilla, and others are among the firms in the portfolio.

4. Blume Ventures 

Blume Ventures is one of the topmost Venture Capital companies in India, based in Mumbai, and it was created in 2010 with the goal of improving startups in India. It invests in early-stage and seed-stage companies. Blume Ventures is particularly interested in investing in technology startups. In 2011, the business created its first micro-VC fund, making it the first institutionalized early-stage investor.

Blume Ventures will launch a $41 million opportunity fund in 2020, making it one of the country's largest domestic opportunity funds among Indian venture capital firms focusing on high-performing portfolio companies.


Established in the year 2006, Kalaari Capital is a reputable Venture Company in India. They generally fund early-stage and seed-stage technological firms and small enterprises. Kalaari Capital is a trusted advisory board that can aid young entrepreneurs with realistic business solutions in addition to providing appropriate investment to enterprises.

6. Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel Network (IAN) is a collection of mostly Indian angel investors that support early-stage enterprises. It was founded in 2006 in New Delhi, India, and is one of the best VC companies in India. In 2017, the club had 450 members from 11 countries. The Indian Angel Network, India's first and biggest angel network, brings together great entrepreneurs and CEOs. PregBuddy and SuperProfs are two of the firms in which the organization has invested. Padmaja Ruparel, one of the company's founders, was included in Fortune magazine's list of India's Most Powerful Women in 2018. The goal is to collaborate to source, cross-refer, and promote linkages in India's technology-enabled startups in order to create a favourable environment for venture capital investment in both ecosystems.


Venture East, the Oldest Venture Capital company in India, has been investing in the nation since 1997. The fund managers are in charge of $325 million in investments in IT companies and scientific startups. Venture East has backed more than 70 companies, with the number expected to expand in the near future.


Since 2001, SAIF Partners has been one of India's most successful VC company firms. The fund managers are in charge of 400 million dollars in assets. SAIF, which has offices in China and India, invests in businesses at all stages of their development, from seed capital to high-ticketed growth capital. Financial Services, Digital Healthcare, Consumer Internet, Logistics, SaaS, and other sectors of interest.


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