Utilising ChatGPT for Bookkeeping in 2023: Strategies and Applications

Utilising ChatGPT for Bookkeeping in 2023: Strategies and Applications

Bookkeeping is related to a company's financial records, which are supposed to be accurate, and a large part of it depends on the firm as it is responsible for sending the correct financial amounts incurred. On the other hand, ChatGPT has made its way into the market and is humbly being used by bookkeepers to utilise it in bookkeeping. Although ChatGPT for Bookkeeping is something that firms have recently considered enrolling in, one must know the essentials of ChatGPT's uses in the bookkeeping industry. The scope, as usual, is high and comes with a lot of advantages; one must know the correct application of the strategies to enrol in ChatGPT for Bookkeeping in 2024 to have a fruitful year ahead. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a tool driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that allows users to have a human-like conversation. This AI feature gives its users a homely feeling as a wave of connectivity can be felt. This language can answer questions and assist with tasks such as composing emails, essays, and code. To produce fruitful results through ChatGPT for Bookkeeping or any other task, one must provide the app with the necessary input to put forward the required output; that is the answer.

Can ChatGPT be used anywhere?

Whether it is an important assignment you wish to work on or a presentation about your company that you are meant to present in front of a firm, ChatGPT is versatile at its best. ChatGPT has over 180.5 million users, and the website generated 1.7 billion visits in October 2023. A figure of 100 million weekly users flock to ChatGPT; thus, this significantly proves that ChatGPT can be anywhere as it has multiple uses. Its capability to adapt to anything is at its best, showing that you can use ChatGPT for Bookkeeping.

Does ChatGPT have any limitations?

ChatGPT is at its best so far, judged by the inputs that are typed into its system, and as a result, the answers are determined by your level of prompt engineering skills. The current Artificial Intelligence System has yet to be fully perfected as it requires time-to-time human judgment, fact-checking, and modifications to its output. This is done by properly refining input questions, prompts, and data, including context, tone, and style. One of the most important things you should remember while using ChatGPT is never to enter sensitive information into the system. This should be effectively kept in mind as OpenAI has kept a strong warning regarding privacy and security posing a threat. Thus, this proves that even though ChatGPT is faring well in providing a lot of help, it must be used efficiently and in a balanced manner. Overuse and overdependency on the system may degrade your skills, and one's skills stand at the topmost behind every AI application.

How to utilise ChatGPT for Bookkeeping?

Moving oneself to follow the recent trends, which can benefit one's day-to-day services, is important. As times progress, one must follow time's route to keep up with the pace and give its best to the firm with which one is associated. Therefore, given below are some of how you can utilise ChatGPT for Bookkeeping in 2024:

Processing of invoice

Invoice processing requires much data to be inputted, after which an extensive report is created. However, this creates many problems as the information is huge and requires utmost attentiveness as one cannot afford any mistakes. Employing ChatGPT will enrol its features for end-to-end payables and automated invoice processing, thus opening the scope for global payments and leading to the successful incorporation of useful ChatGPT features within its software.

Expenses of coding

ChatGPT allows one to properly code accounting expenses to the correct account in your chart of accounts. However, some users may compare manual work to ChatGPT and even complain about it taking employment away. Well, for those of them, you can choose to work manually, as we know that you may not know the essence of ChatGPT, but make sure you try to use the software. Using the software would lead you to know more about it and even work on your prompts, as it can be seemingly helpful.

Cleansing of data

A lot of loaded data in your computer may lead to technical issues and may thus increase your expenses. We care about the little things in your company, even if it's a tool, as everything has value, which is why data cleansing is important. One may argue that cleansing of data may lead to creating problems as important data can be removed. You should cleanse the data, which is no longer required, and focus on the present and future data. Therefore, one can use ChatGPT to clean accounting data such as numbers and duplicate names in spreadsheets of your accounting software.

Output formatting

You might have your accounting software, which formats financial statements or reports, but due to certain things, you face disappointment on a day-to-day basis. ChatGPT will allow you to reformat your financial statements with your required inputs and prompts, and one can use it to format tables. It can also generate CSV files, which are extensively used for imports or other uses in spreadsheets or computer software programs.

Narratives and notes reporting

Start putting ChatGPT into practice to add narratives and notes to financial reports and financial statements. ChatGPT can analyse significant upgrades or downgrades in account balances on the balance sheet or income statement revenue, expenses, and profitability for comparative accounting periods. The system also adds suggestions for improving profitability in less formal or internal reports, and you can even specify to ChatGPT whether you want a short or a long answer within a specified number of characters.

Computer code generation

ChatGPT thoroughly creates computer code in the computer language, inputs, or prompts you specify. If you intend to create a JavaScript, Python, R, or Excel macro code for a particular purpose, you can ask it to do so by giving in codes. However, if the code doesn't work or needs revision due to errors or other reasons, you can utilise ChatGPT to revise the code. This will enable ChatGPT to look at the problems you are encountering and, therefore, create the code, copy it, and paste it into the needed application. Not only does it paste the correct code in the correct application, but it also follows extra steps to accomplish the required purpose.

Data analysis for decision-making

Getting associated with ChatGPT can analyse the financial data and accounting information to detect suspected anomalies in trends, amounts, or percentage changes requiring further analysis. Thus, this enables you to use this important information for decision-making and would increase your business's profitability.

ChatGPT prompts for Bookkeeping Tasks.

Prompts lie in the queries or inputs you use to get ChatGPT in its most productive form. It has no fixed value and can, therefore, be long or short to get the machine to adapt to the technique you want your task to be done.

However, early ChatGPT users may fall back on this ground, and this may lead them to have a misunderstanding of ChatGPT. Thus, below are some prompts that you can feed into the system to do your work faster and complete relevant accounting rapidly. Please remember to always add specifics in the parentheses for more tailored outputs.

Revise Annual Income Forecast

Add (current annual income forecast), (actual performance data), (Reasons for revision), (relevant business updates), (historical data).

Reviewing Estimated Tax

Add (Income details), (Expense details), (Tax deductions and credits), (Previous tax filings), and tax obligations and jurisdiction) below. Analyse them and tell me if the business owes state or federal estimated tax payments.

Reviewing Past Due Accounts

Add (list of past due accounts), (age of the past due accounts), (terms and conditions), and (communication history) to help me know whether to issue more reminders.

Reviewing Financial Reports for Tax Returns

Add (financial statements), (tax documents), (tax returns for previous years) (expenses and deductions), and (revenue and income sources). Help me review tax returns.

Thus, you can enable these prompts in ChatGPT for Bookkeeping in 2024 to get the required amount of data you desire in your report. By enabling these prompts and having proper knowledge about utilising ChatGPT for Bookkeeping, you will open up multiple scopes for improvement, which will show up effectively in your company.

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ChatGPT is known for its reputation for cybercrimes. How is ChatGPT effective for bookkeeping services, then?

To prevent this from happening, make sure you format the system every time after you have given in your company's data. Modern technology requires you to be noticeably attentive, too.

What if the AI System does not understand my prompt?

ChatGPT is bound to understand any input you give to produce results. However, consider using prompts to level up your report if you want more effective results.


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