Process OF DPIIT and DIPP Registration For Companies

Process OF DPIIT and DIPP Registration For Companies

In this article, we will go through the startup schemes by the Indian government, the DPIIT and the DIPP. 

Under these criteria, you can get your company registered and recognised by the government. This includes many benefits in terms of tax and compliance.

Necessity and importance

There are numerous benefits when the government registers and recognises your company. 

These benefits promote the importance and necessity of your company's DPIIT and DIPP registration. 

Initially, the process for registration is not very long. All you need to do is fill in the application form to get approval from the ministry board.

The patent cost of your company will be reduced, which will make it easier to purchase the goods and services.

After being recognised by the government, you will have an advantage in the income tax section.

You will receive government funding, which can help you in your economic growth.

Through the entire process of registration, you can self-certify your company with a simple process.

You will have compliance on many sections regarding labour and other laws.

You will have more access to the government E-markets and also have good business management. 

This can also improve your business connection throughout the market.. All these factors can help you to achieve a different level of recognition for your company which can help in many different ways. 

Going through the registration process for DPIIT and DIPP is important and necessary for your company's growth.

Registration of DPIIT

DPIIT is a legal registration under the startup India scheme that is made for startup companies. 

Under this scheme, startup companies are recognised by the government. The registration will allow the companies to reduce the burden, grow, and focus on their specific business model. This will help them to grow the profits of the company. 

The registered company under the DPIIT will be eligible for IPR benefits like fast-tracking IPR or other licenses from the Inter-ministerial board. 

This will help the companies much more economically and help them concentrate on their business goals.

Documents Required

The following are the required documents required for the DPIIT registration of your company;

  • A certificate of incorporation or proof of registration applying to the company.
  • Information regarding the funding received
  • Certificates of recognition or any awards received by the company
  • Documents stating the patent published by the company

You can also add a description of your company and the nature of your company. The following points are to be included.

  • The base idea and the innovation of the startup
  • The development process and the products and services provided
  • The graph of employment generation and the profits gained by the company

Process for DPIIT registration

  • Incorporating your organisation

You will need to specify with the incorporation of your business whether it is a private limited or a partnership firm. This process should be taken through by the director, who will respond with the upcoming verifications. This will include the submission of the documents, registering the organisation, and others. 

  • Registering with the Indian portal for the Startup:

After the first step, you will have to log in to the portal and register under the portal. You will create an account with the specified details. With the information formed, you will be able to access the portal whenever you want to.

  • Creating your profile regarding the startup:

Under this step, you will have to fill in the details of the company as follows;

Company details regarding the name, industry type, sector, incorporation, and registration date.

  • Address of the company

Fill in with the right address of the company and specify the right directions and proofs.

  • Details of the representative

The representative who will be filling in the forms, registering, and going through the process has to be very definite, providing the details.

  • IPR details

IPR details, including your intellectual property details, will have to be carefully mentioned in the registration process

  • Funding

The funding of the company’s profile and other regarded matters are also listed.

  • Certificate of Recognition

Any certificates of recognition are gained through any work by the company; any reward is listed.

Benefits of DPIIT registration

Here are some benefits of DPIIT registration;

  • With the process of DPIIT registration, you can self-certify the organisation
  • Easy business management
  • Eligibility to funds
  • Easy accessibility to public norms
  • Exemption on the tax after registration

Registration under DIPP

The department of industrial policy and promotion startup India scheme is to promote startups in India to play a role in the transformation of the country. 

This is also similar to DP IIT registration but has a few differences in the registration process. 

The primary aim was to inspire young entrepreneurs and improve the use of business in commerce and industry. 

This will help in growth and also benefit the companies in different categories by the government.

Process for registration of DIPP

  • Registering your business

Registering your startup on the MCA portal is the first step to applying for DIPP registration. The MCA portal is the ministry of corporate affairs. Under this, you will be registering with your business with the following structure eligibilities.

  • If your business has a private limited company registration online
  • You will need to have a limited liability partnership
  • You will also need to have a registered partnership
  • Registering in the DIPP portal scheme

After getting the initial registration done, all you have to do is fill out the form on the startup India scheme. After doing this, you have to provide the necessary documentation and proceed. You will have to answer a few questions regarding your company. This will help the authorities examine your application and make sure that you are distinctive.

  • Collecting the documents for DIPP registration

The next step will be to collect the documents for the DIPP registration. A complete list of documents is to be collected and then submitted. You can also include recommendation letters under this category. You will see the list as you scroll down through the article.

  • Selecting the tax benefits

You can avail of the task benefits from the government by yourself. To do so, you will have to get consent from the inter-ministry board. Once your application gets approved, then you can register with your startup for the tax benefits.

  • Attaining the DIPP certificate

After completing all the tasks mentioned above, you can apply for registration. Once they verify your certificate and go through with the process, a certificate will be issued.

Documents required for DIPP registration

DIPP registration is the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion; you can easily register your startup with a simple and easy process. 

For the further process, you will need the following set of documents

  • A certificate of registration or a certificate of incorporation of your company
  • Business Email Id
  • Business PAN card
  • Company Mobile number
  • Details of the company regarding; sector, industry, registered office address
  • Details of the director; name, age, gender, photo, Email Id, phone number, complete address
  • Authorised details of the representative
  • The revenue model of the organisation
  • Website or patent of the company
  • Information on the funding received
  • Certificate of recognition and the awards received

There can be added recommendation letters from the following;

  • Incubators that the government recognises
  • Funding letters from angel investors
  • Registration letter of the patent

Benefits of DIPP registration

By registering under the DIPP, you will have certain benefits for your company. They are listed below;

  • From the date of incorporation, under DIPP registration, you can get income tax exemption for 3 consecutive years.
  • The fee for IPR registration decreases
  • Variable business connections
  • You can have access to the government E-market
  • Easy business managing

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The process of DPIIT and DIPP registration is a simple and easy procedure with few steps. 

However, you have to need patients to wait for your result. You should be careful and transparent about the documents you submit. 

Follow every step carefully so that you can be clear with your submission. Once you become eligible under the registration, you will receive a certificate. 

The certificate comes with a lot of benefits, including tax benefits and some others under the law. 

This process is very helpful for your starters and will help you achieve to grow your company.


1. How necessary is the DPIIT registration for my company?

Yes. Through DPIIT registration, your company will have a completely new recognition. This will help the funding of your company that can be put to good use in the future. You will be benefited from a self-certification. With proper recognition from the government, your company is eligible and compliant with different laws.

2. How long is the process for the DPIIT registration?

Once you apply and register through the portal, it will take 2-3 business days to know if you are eligible. The result of the process will be based on the transparency and accuracy of the documents you have submitted.

3. When will I get the certificate for the DPIIT registration?

Once the board selects you, you will receive a certificate regarding your eligibility for the selected company.

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