Prioritize a Business Valuation Before Initiating the Sale of Your Company

Prioritize a Business Valuation Before Initiating the Sale of Your Company

Many business owners believe that they can make the best decision for their company, which leads them to avoid Business Valuation. Thus, this makes them decide the process based on their 'perceived need' and gives birth to inflated prices, which ultimately disappoints them due to its slower sale process. However, if one gives this responsibility to a Business Valuation Service, it not only provides insight into the inner workings of the company but also optimizes the business' scale of value.

Definition of Business Valuation

Also known as company valuation, it is defined as the process of determining the value of a business based on its economic value. All areas of business are made to go through analysis to determine its worth and its department or units' worth during the process of valuation. The process of Business Valuation can be used to determine the fair value of a business for a variety of reasons, which include sale value, establishment of partner ownership, taxation, and even proceedings relating to divorce. Due to this, owners often turn to professional business evaluators to state an objective estimate of the value of their company and approach Business Valuation Services in India.

The Basis of Business Valuation

Frequently discussed in corporate finance, business valuation services in India are conducted when a company is looking to sell all or a portion of its firms or is looking forward to merging with or possessing another company. The valuation of a business is how the current worth of a business is determined using objective measures leading to the evaluation of all the aspects of the company. A business valuation report can include an analysis of the company's management, capital structure, future earnings prospects, or the market value of its assets. The tools used for valuation can differ from type to type as it can vary on the grounds of evaluators, businesses, and industries. Business Valuation commonly includes an extended review of the financial statements, discounting cash flow models, and similar company comparisons based on similar objectives.

Other uses of Business Valuation lie in its importance for the need for tax reporting. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that a business or a company is valued based on the sheer grounds of having a fair market value. This leads to tax-related events such as the sale, purchase, or gifting of shares of a company, which will be taxed based on its valuation and the result it produces.

Methods of Valuation

To inspire you to take up Business Valuation services in India, the birth of countless ways in which a company can be valued has taken place. Some of these include:

Market Capitalization

Defined as one of the simplest business valuation methods, it is calculated by multiplying the company's share price by its total number of outstanding shares. Outstanding shares include all the shares available to the public, after which the restricted shares are available to and held by specific groups.

Times Revenue Method

Under the Times Revenue business valuation process of calculation, a stream of revenues generated over time is stamped upon a dependent multiplier on the industry and economic environment.

Earnings Multiplier

Although the Times Revenue business valuation method touches the heights of essentiality, the earnings multiplier may be utilized to get a more accurate image of the company's real value, a company's financial success is better reflected by its profits, serving as a more dependable measure. As it is a more trustworthy indicator than sales revenue, the earnings multiplier attempts to adjust future profits against the flow of cash, which could be invested at the current interest rate over the same time.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method

The DCF of business valuation is on the same page as that of the earnings multiplier, as it is based on the projections of future cash flows. As the cash flow is adjusted to get the company's current value, the main difference lies in the discounted cash flow method and the profit multiplier method, which considers inflation to calculate the present value.

Book Value

As shown on the balance sheet statement, it is defined as the value of a shareholders' equity in business. The book value is derived by subtracting a company's total liabilities from its total assets.

Liquidation Value

Liquidation Value is termed as the net cash that a company will receive if its assets are liquidated, and its liabilities have been paid off that day. This, by any means, is not an exhaustive list of the business valuation methods at present, as other methods have taken birth. These methods include replacement value, breakup value, asset-based valuation, and many more such methods.

Factors Used in Business Valuation

Despite the many types of methods by which your business may get evaluated to fix a fair value before you choose to sell your company. Significant factors get involved in the not-so-easy process of assessing your company's worth. Some of these include:

  • Proportion of your company and its state
  • Industry
  • Site
  • Economic Environment
  • Monetary Production
  • Intangible Assets

Apart from these six main aspects, the conditions of the market influence the assessment of a business's worth, and it is considered hypothetically necessary to take these factors into account. Thus, it approaches the accurate valuation, which is largely based on the interests of the current owners as well as the potential buyers.

What is 409A Valuation?

The 490 Valuation is used to describe a business valuation that determines the fair market value of the various equity classes of private companies. It is typically required at the time when companies offer stock options or other forms of equity compensation to employees. The main purpose of 409A valuation is to set a fair, objective form of market value for a company's common stock.

How is it different from Business Valuation?

490 Valuation and a Business Valuation are differentiated from each other partly based on 490A Valuation's strong focus on the company stock, disregarding the total value of assets and liabilities.

Why should you prioritize a business valuation service for your company?

Below are the stated reasons why you should prioritize a business valuation service for your company:

Better Knowledge of the Company’s Assets

A generalized estimate of your company's worth for making it eligible to sail the prospects of initiating a sale is a big no-no. The reason is that your generalized estimate can be irregular, considering the factors involved during your business valuation calculation. Thus, it is important to obtain an accurate business valuation assessment as you can obtain proper insurance coverage, an exact value required to reinvest in the company and the selling amount of your company for you to make profits out of it.

Understanding the Company Resale Value

Before your business goes up for sale procedures in the open market, you must know your company's true value. Therefore, you need to prioritize Business Valuation Services in India as you can take more time to increase your company's value, ultimately landing a higher selling price. Utilize the black-and-white statistics a valuation firm provides to your advantage to solidify your demand for a higher selling price.

Obtaining a True Company Value

Based on non-specialist data, you may have a generalized idea of the worth of your business, the techniques of which include stock market value, total asset value, and company bank account balances. However, a proper business valuation service company can prevent you from underestimating your company's value and ensure you of the correct figure for your company.

Best suited during Mergers/Acquisitions

Suppose a major company intends to purchase your company. In that case, it may want to have a holistic view of your company's value, asset withholdings, growth process, and how it can continue to grow in the upcoming ages. If you are well aware of your company's value, then it will lead you to negotiate your way to the appraised valuation number provided by a business valuation service.

Opening Doors for Investors

To fund your company's growth or to save it from a financial disaster, your need to summon additional investors to the rescue is well predicted. The investor may want to invest in your company. Still, before that, it would ask for your company's full valuation report, which is another reason why you should prioritize business valuation for your company.


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Thus, business valuation is an important measure that must be adopted by present as well as upcoming companies that have just begun to seep into their seed containing their future company's main objectives and visions for the upcoming future. Business Valuation Service is not just limited to financial metrics; it also helps in the inauguration of laws, preventing disappointment and lowering business dynamics. To know your company's proper value, book a session with Especia today and open your company's prospects to go through the highest level of improvement and upgradation.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

I know enough about how to deal with my company, so why should I approach Business Valuation Services in India?

We do not doubt your capability in regards to dealing with your company, but getting your hands on a business valuation service would help save you time and let you know more about the worth of your company. A third-party appraisal has never been deemed harmful.

Should I compare my company with some other company with regards to estimating the worth of my business?

You can resort to that method for a brief period, but because all that glitters is not gold, there are higher chances of you making a wrong decision based on the outer aspect. Therefore, you must consider Business Valuation Services in India to save your company from manifesting losses. These Services help your company grow and give you little tricks to upgrade your company.

Which is the best method for conducting a Business Valuation?

The Earnings Multiplier Method is considered the best method for conducting the valuation of your company as it covers the company's real value and is more trustworthy than sales revenue.


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