Gem Registration - Benefits, Documents, Procedure

Gem Registration - Benefits, Documents, Procedure

The DGS&D (Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals) introduced the GeM portal in August 2016 under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. GeM stands for Government e-Marketplace. 

It is a one-stop solution for facilitating the procurement of various goods and services used by different government organisations and departments. 

It aims to ensure efficiency, transparency, and speed in the procedure of public procurement. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the procedure, benefits and documents required for GeM registration. Read further to know more.

What is GeM Registration?

The GeM (Government e-Marketplace) is a portal backed by the government of our country. 

It is an e-commerce platform where various organisations sell their products to different government departments or ministries. 

It provides ministries, public sector businesses and government organisations with various needs. 

It also offers convenient acquisition of goods and services to facilitate the procedure. 

Benefits of GeM Registration

The GeM registration benefits are viable for both the buyers and sellers on the platform.


Benefits for buyers


  • Ensures transparency with ease of buying online.
  • Provides user-friendly customised dashboards for buying different products. It is accompanied by convenient monitoring of the payments and supplies.
  • It allows the buyers to e-bid different services and products at a reasonable price.
  • It makes available various facilities to search, examine and compare various products/services to make the best possible choice.
  • It guarantees a continuous system for vendor rating.
  • Provides various provisions for easy return of goods and services.
  • Provides additional discounts to the buyers at the time of bill generation.


Benefits for sellers


  • It is a one-stop platform for marketing to a huge audience. 
  • It provides direct access to all the departments of government.
  • Provides reverse auction on goods and services.
  • Makes available user-friendly customised dashboards to track and monitor the trends, supplies, payments and much more.
  • Offers facilities of dynamic pricing. It means that you can price your goods and services based on the current market condition.
  • The purchasing procedure is easy and uniform.


 Other Benefits


  • It provides various benefits to start-ups and small-scale industries such as-
  • Dashboards for tracking trends and price comparison.
  • Integrated system for payments and notifications.
  • It offers direct purchase of items for up to 25k INR.
  • Provides transparency and ease in the procedure of selling and buying goods and services.
  • Security- the GeM portal ensures online security for each member associated. The documents are verified at each stage of the procurement to assure security and privacy. It is backed by the government and hence is completely authentic. A detailed procedure of due diligence is carried out before the registration of any seller on the platform. 
  • Ease of Access- the interface is very easy to use, along with being paperless. Each step is completed online, providing various facilities for bidding and auctions with the ease of a click. 
  • Increased public participation- the main motive behind the development of this platform is to increase the participation of the public in government tenders. It allows open access to the national procurement platform transparently and efficiently.

Now, we have discussed in detail the benefits of GeM registration. But how to register online? Read further to know more about GeM buyer/seller registration.

Eligibility for GeM registration

The GeM portal allows the registration of various firms, such as private limited companies, public limited companies, sole proprietorship firms, partnership firms and foreign subsidiary companies.


  • For GeM buyer registration (secondary user)


  • The central or state government departments or ministries.
  • Any autonomous or local body under the state or central government.
  • Various departments of the state government.
  • Public Sector Units under the state or central government.

However, anyone of the below-given authorities must be registered as a primary user. 

They are also not allowed to engage in the procedure of procurement of goods and services.

Any officer working under-

  • Central or state government
  • PSUs (public sector units)
  • Local or autonomous bodies
  • Head of the branch or sub-centre office


For GeM seller registration (primary user)


  • A seller on the GeM portal can choose to be a reseller or an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).
  • A reseller must have an authorisation letter from the respective OEM.
  • An OEM can be a-
  • Manufacturer
  • Brand owner
  • Importer
  • Service provider etc.

Procedure for GeM buyer registration

  1. Open the official GeM portal.
  2. Register on the website by providing various details such as name, phone number, Aadhaar card number, e-mail id, pan number etc. 
  3. Create an account for ‘Buyer’ by providing the mandatory details.
  4. Generate the login id and create a password.
  5. Now, log in to the portal and click on ‘user’.
  6. Further, make a profile for the secondary user by clicking on the ‘add user’ button.

Your profile for a secondary user is now created, and you can view the various products and services available to buy or procure based on your requirements.

Procedure for GeM seller registration

  1. Open the official GeM portal.
  2. Register on the website by providing various details such as name, phone number, Aadhaar card number, e-mail id, pan number etc. 
  3. Select the option ‘seller’ where you can choose to be a reseller or an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).
  4. The next step comprises detailed due diligence to ensure the authenticity of the documents.
  5. Upload all the required documents for verification by the authority members.

Once your documents are verified, your registration will be approved, and you can now list various products and services on the portal for the buyers to see. 

  1. The vendors can sell various products of different brands under this step of “product listing”. The product that you are including may or may not have a trademark. You can even list unbranded products for sale after successful verification.
  2. An OEM can appoint a reseller to list their products for sale to have ease. Sellers can also participate in e-bidding and receive orders preceding an appointment.

Documents required for GeM registration

GeM portal registration documents required are-


For GeM seller registration


  • The CIN (Corporate Identification Number) of the organisation.
  • PAN details of the organisation.
  • Aadhar card details of the individual members.
  • GST certificate.
  • Details for the verification of the key members or stakeholders of the organisation.
  • Documents of all the registered premises of the organisation, such as factories and warehouses.
  • Billing addresses of all the registered offices.
  • Bank details
  • Income tax Return for at least the last three years.
  • List of products to be added to the gem list of suppliers, etc.


For GeM buyer registration


  • Mobile number
  • Photograph and e-mail id
  • Aadhar card number and PAN details
  • Bank details
  • Letter of authorisation from the department

Fees for GeM registration

  1. 5k INR for a seller whose turnover is less than 1 crore.
  2. 10k INR for a seller whose turnover is between 1 crore to 10 crores.
  3. 25k INR for a seller whose turnover is above 10 crores.
  4. The fee for vendor assessment is 11,200 INR (plus applicable GST / surcharges).
  5. Deposit fees for caution money.

Now, we have discussed in detail the fees for GeM registration. 

Features and Importance of GeM registration

  1. GeM is a one-stop platform which offers paperless and contactless deals. It allows different departments or government organisations to buy goods and services from registered sellers on the platform.
  2. It offers various tools, such as e-auction and e-bidding, to facilitate the procedure.
  3. It allows the government to extend support towards startups and small businesses by buying products from them in bulk. These small organisations offer services and goods at a reasonable price which in turn aids the government organisations.
  4. It ensures flexibility, transparency and efficiency in the procedure of buying or selling. Also, the deals and transactions are quick and save time.

Role of “Make in India” Certificate

The government of India has issued a circular which aims to promote the MII - certified or Make in India-certified OEMs among all the other organisations registered on the GeM portal. 

This was introduced to develop the economy and the backward sections of our country by promoting the goods produced in India. 

It has helped to increase employment opportunities by creating jobs and providing additional sources of income.

The best part is that the organisations which hold the MII certificate are given preference in the procedure of e-bidding. 

Furthermore, many more benefits are offered on the GeM portal online.

The main motive is to promote the manufacturing and production of various goods & services in our country.

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Thus, the process of GeM registration allows public procurement in a hassle-free way. In the blog, we have discussed the benefits, procedures and documents required for GeM registration online. 

Government departments get a choice to buy different products and services from thousands of sellers. 

It offers fair and transparent public participation with an enhanced assessment of various aspects. 

The buyers and sellers benefit from this e-commerce platform in multiple ways. 

The best part is that there is no room for fraudulent activities as each stage comprises detailed verification of documents along with proper due diligence. 

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FAQ’s Related To GeM Registration

1. What do you understand by GeM?

GeM stands for Government e-Marketplace. It facilitates the procurement of various goods and services used by different government organisations and departments. It aims to ensure efficiency, transparency, and speed in the procedure of public procurement. The government of our country backs this portal. It is an e-commerce platform where various organisations sell their products to different government departments or ministries.

2. Why is the GeM registration important?

The process of GeM registration is essential to bring transparency to various deals. It plays an important role in developing the country's economy as it supports small businesses and startups at the stage of incubation. It improves the interrelations between government departments and various organisations and provides various tools for e-auction and e-bidding. 

3. Who is eligible to be a seller on the GeM portal?

You can choose to be a seller or an OEM on the GeM portal. Any private or public organisation,  partnership or sole proprietorship firm, and foreign subsidiary organisation can register on the official platform and start selling their products and services after successfully listing their product in the GeM list of suppliers.

4. What do you understand by vendor assessment in GeM?

Vendor assessment is required to evaluate the quality standards of the products listed by an organisation. It also ensures the verification of the provided credentials. The vendor assessment process of the OEMs in GeM is carried out by the QCI (quality control index) on the GeM portal.

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