Fssai Logo- Identification, Importance, License Number & Its Benefits

Fssai Logo- Identification, Importance, License Number & Its Benefits

FSSAI Has its regional offices mainly in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, and its headquarters are in New Delhi. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body that governs and monitors most of India's food-based operations and businesses. 

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI is an organisation developed in the year 2006 to check the quality of food, Illegal or substandard edibles and food alterations. Food businesses operating in India at a fairly large scale must have confirmations from FSSAI. 

It is under the wing of the Ministry of Health and the family welfare Government of India. 

The FSSAI logo on food products signifies that the food has been tested by the government and is safe for consumption. 

The FSSAI logo appears on food packets, pamphlets, food packing bags, menu cards and food cartons as well. 

Types of FSSAI Registration:

The validation of Fssai registration mainly lasts from 1 to 5 years, after which you must renew your FSSAI license.



Basic Registration

The profit/ turnover of the business should be < Rs. 12 lakhs. Form A is applicable for this.

State Registration

The profit/ turnover of the business should be between Rs 12 lakh to Rs. 20 crores. Form B is applicable. 

Central Registration

Profit or turnovers must be more than 20 crores. Form -B must be filled.

How to Register for the FSSAI Logo For Food Products?

  1. Go to the FoSCoS portal and fill out the necessary form that you need to fill up. Remember to fill out the forms according to your business's turnovers. Form A is mainly for smaller businesses, and Form B is for medium and large-scale businesses. 
  2. On the website, you will get adequate instructions regarding documentation. Make sure that you have your documents ready before filling out the form. Documents like passport-size photos, ID proofs, business premises proofs, FSSAI declaration forms, trade licenses, GST registration numbers etc., must be ready beforehand. 

The format of the FSSAI 14-digit registration number- is 311XXXXXXXXX11, 

Here the first digit shows us whether the business is registered or not. The third and fourth digits stand for the state code for the business. 

After the first three digits, the first two Xs show the enrollment year of the business. The next two Xs refer to the quantity of enrolling masters. Your business maker's permit number is from the fifth X to the last digit. 

  1. You will receive a confirmation from FSSAI’s side within a maximum of 7 days. 
  2. If your application is verified and accepted, you will get a certificate including your business's registration number and photo. You can simply obtain it by logging into the website.

Guidelines for using the FSSAI logo on food products for commercial purposes in India

  • One must consult with the organisation before using the logo of FSSAI in events, campaigns, promotions, marketing and conferences. 
  • The permission for the usage of the FSSAI logo can be granted based on the organisation's ethical practices, the reputation of the brand or company, and the partners involved within an association. 
  • FSSAI Logo can be used for media promotions that the government approves. The program or show should be informative and helpful for common people. 

Benefits of getting the FSSAI logo on food products

  • Getting an FSSAI logo means that the government approves your company or manufacturing processes. This will enhance your business growth as your customers are likely to trust your food products because of the approval from the authorised body. 
  • Your company/ business is likely to receive grants from the government if it is already well-recognised by the FSSAI body. You can also apply for other financial aid like loans and business help from the government.
  • The fact that you are producing quality products that the common people can consume is appreciated by the FSSAI logo on food products. It gives your consumers the confidence to buy your products. 
  • The brand value of your food operation will also increase once your packaging has the FSSAI logo. This makes it easier for other investors to invest in your company if they are assured that you are an organisation recognised by an autonomous body.
  • Your online credibility will also increase if you have a clout kitchen (food businesses operated online and do not have a physical market/ shop). Having an FSSAI logo will enhance your sales.


FSSAI's primary function is regularly scrutinising all food-related Business Operators' food licenses. 

It tries to overview the production of food and edible products by checking the quality and authenticity of the food. 

The FSSAI logo on food products gives consumers a green signal about the consumption of the products. The logo is given to ensure the health implications and safety of consuming the products.

Food business operations must have FSSAI approvals for carrying out legal and safe business practices. This internship helps them with increased credibility and the business's brand value. 


  • Within how many days will FSSAI revert back regarding the application status?

Generally, within 7 days, you will get a confirmation from NFSSAI's side. They will verify your eligibility, and if they are done with everything, they will definitely revert back soon.  

  • What is the amount of the registration fee/ charges for the FSSAI license application?

According to sources and reposts, the fees for the registration will vary according to your business scale. For small businesses, the registration will be Basic FSSAI registration worth Rs. 1000. For medium-scale businesses, state registration is required, which is Rs. 15000. Finally, a Central FSSAI license is worth Rs. 20000, which is for large-scale businesses. 

  • Why is getting an FSSAI license so important?

You should get the license because it assures that the food products you produce are authentic and tested by the government. This will increase your consumer's trust in your business, and your business will have the opportunity to be funded by other investors.

  • What is the maximum penalty for a breach of regulations related to the labelling of food items?

You can receive a penalty of something between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakhs if you breach the regulations related to the labelling of food items. Unethical use of the FSSAI logo can also lead to serious legal barriers in your business. 

  • Do I need to apply for an FSSAI Food license if I plan to sell some homemade stuff online on a very small scale?

You should have a license if your business is small and the turnover is less than Rs. 12 lakhs. Give time for your business to grow for 1 year and gain enough money to register for the license. However, if the profit margins are significant and you are well off, then apply for the license as soon as possible. 

  • When should I renew my FSSAI license?

The FSSAI license is mostly valid for 1 to 5 years. You must renew the license 30 days before its expiry date. You can go to the FSSAI’s website and do it online.

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