ESOP Management Tool

ESOP Management Tool

ESOP Management Tool Introduction 

ESOP management plays an important role in managing and looking after the Employee Stock Option Plans from start to end. Management of ESOP is different in different sectors of India. All the required information about an experience related to any ESOP management across different people and sectors is collected and updated. The ESOP management tools are built and developed in a way that automatically handles the process entirely. A lot of time and cost if saved by many such tools, which bring transparency to companies and employees. 

Managing multiple schemes and employees 

  • Management of various kinds of ESOP schemes.
  • Bulk data should be quickly processed, including all the exercises and grants of ESOP schemes.
  • All the functions and exercises, including all the employees (subsidiary company) administered properly and wisely. 

Separate interfacing 

  • Different divisions which have a part in ESOP management and administration should have a separate interface.
  • Work should not be duplicated.
  • ESOP schemes should have proper coordination and functioning.

Complaint (regulatory)

  • The system incorporated all the legal provisions under SEBI that list the signs between stock exchanges and companies mentioned in the general companies act (2013).
  • If any grant or exercise is not permitted under the law, it can not be exercised. 
  • Employee welfare tests can help in the administration of ESOP companies. A company can directly administrate it. It can have both trust routines as well as non-trust routines. 

Complex and high Calculations

  • Calculations are automatic for tax payment, exercising operations, vesting, balance pool under an ESOP scheme, etc.
  • Any ESOP scheme should be revised through computers for any split, bonus, consolidation, and other factors. 

MIS multiple reports 

  • Multiple search options can help generate multiple reports, which can be downloaded in the form of pdf or excel format.
  • This ESOP management tool offered updated information for schemes, payments, employees, and other factors with just one click.
  • Multiple reports help to manage and analyze data more effectively and quickly. It fastens the process of division-making. 

Completing the Process cycle 

  • This ESOP management tool helps complete the cycle of granting shares to allotting shares easily and effectively.
  • There are separate tabs for various options such as vesting options, grant options, allotting shares, exercise options, and many other options. 


  • Separate interfacing creates transparency for that personnel that is involved and is part of execution as well as administration in ESOP. 
  • The user can automatically check every step or action.
  •  This system in ESOP management avoids all chances of manipulations.  

Automatic reminders are alerts.

  • Automatic alerts and reminders about different events like vesting, exercising, allotting, granting, and other events are sent automatically to employees, accounts, and admins.

Easy access

  • ESOP is accessible anywhere around the world 24 x 7.
  • It is accessible within the office or outside the office. 
  • Appropriate and convenient options are placed on accessibility. 

Customizable processes

  • The processes and their flows, formats of the reports, and other applications are customized as per the user.
  • All the additional requirements (if any) are fulfilled based on different scenarios and cases. 

Free from outsourcing 

  • Any involvement or interference by the third party in management or administration can be eliminated in-house.

Security of data 

  • The best data security assurance and features are developed in the system of ESOP management based on the latest technology.
  • The system's installation can be done at the company's server for more security. 

Automation of the document 

  • Any information related to reports, disclosures, requirements of documents legally, and other things can be easily extracted. They are just a click of a button far. 

Building and managing ESOPs in a smarter way 

  • Teams should be kept motivated 
  • Save time and cost
  • Buybacks can easily be run with a customized plan of ESOP.

Powerful analytics and dashboard

  • ESOPs should be managed and granted from one dashboard only.
  • Accurate and excellent records are maintained.
  • Some admin roles are assigned to a team so that they can work more effectively. 
  • Effortless sync.

Building trust among employees by empowering them 

  • It can be a powerful platform and dashboard for employees.
  • They are visualized with the growth in the value of ESOP.
  • Exited employees are managed and treated with ease.

Save money and time by going paperless. 

  • Grated letters and issues should be done from the product.
  • Custom schedules of vesting are selected for a plan based on performance.
  • Buyback programs of large scale are run.
  • Starting at ESOP policies and sources and templates that are free. 

Intent and design security 

  • The users' data belongs to them, which is 100% secure and safe.
  • The dates are protected and can be encrypted with custom.
  • The authentication of multi-factor is enabled.
  • The blockchain (private) is deployed. 


There are many tax benefits and plans that are qualified under ESOPs and the sponsored company. ESOP- Employee stock ownership plan is a plan that is best for the interest of employees/ workers in any company. There are many options such as profit-sharing plans, direct stock, bonus, and many others whose decisions are in the hands of users who decide how these options should be available. The main objective and target of ESOP Management are to motivate every employee to work hard and better and improve the values of shareholders. The employees have many gains financially. All the data are safe and succeed under ESOP managing tools.  For more ESOP Management related information visit Especia.

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