ECO Mark Certification & Scheme in India

ECO Mark Certification & Scheme in India

The eco mark was introduced by BIS firstly in 1991 and it is voluntary in nature which helps the consumers to know what kind of products in the market are truly eco friendly. 

eco mark is issued by Bureau of Indian Standards as an authorised mark that claims for the authenticity and purity of the product and also provides a surety that these products are ecologically safe or not. 

What is an Eco mark scheme?

In India, the Government has provided a scheme which labels and claims for environment friendly products which is known as Eco Mark.

BIS certified mark which claims that the products which have this mark over their packaging are ecologically safe and environmentally healthy. 

This mark is issued for different 16 niches that includes- medication, food items, chemicals and drugs, electronic appliances, oils and paper made items. 

Importance of Eco Mark Certification In India

Eco mark scheme is spread all over India which provides surety to every ecological compliance requirement of customers and environment from the product. 

This scheme is applied to all in house and commercially used products that are introduced in the market. 

1. Manufacturer’s Incentive: 

manufacturers usually have eco mark scheme for their products so that they would reserve some extra amount of incentive from the Bureau of Indian Standards. 

2. Reduced Impact over Environment:

Having eco marking scheme reduces the complete impact of products which are manufactured in the industry. 

These products have improved the essence of sustainability in the environment. 

3. Consumer Responsibility:

The Eco mark is applied over products for the sole purpose to provide surety to the consumers that the product they are consuming and using is good for the environment. 

4. Citizens Feel encouraged to buy better options: 

when it comes to buying any product, consumers should identify their needs and requirements for avoiding wastage of resources. 

One should go for that product which is in their requirement list as well as which is eco friendly in nature too. 

5. Improved Environment Quality: 

The eco mark helps consumers to know that what they are actually buying and what they are buying is worth purchasing or not. 

When these kinds of things come into customers' minds it automatically goes in favour of the environment and health. 

Hence Eco Mark Certification helps in improving environment quality by creating a sense of awareness among consumers. 

What does an Eco mark Logo depicts?

An eco mark logo which is shown over the packaging of the product which are made and certified in India, having environmental sustainability standards. 

The improved change that is coming across society is the ultimate goal behind the eco marking scheme logo. 

This logo symbolises the upbringing change that is happening in the environment and also in consumer buying standards. 

Eco mark that is marked over the product packaging ensures that sustainability and environmental development is the main priority behind this scheme in India. 

Hence maintaining standards for the sake of a good environment helps in spreading awareness in people. 

Compliance Requirement necessary for an Eco mark

The necessity for applying for the eco mark is huge in itself. Manufacturers should consider applying for the eco mark on a priority basis. 

Application for mark is done for the label and to assure you consumers that your product is having all the goodness that is really necessary for an environment's safety. 

The whole purpose is to create awareness among people regarding the importance of eco-friendly product consumption. 

For demanding the eco mark for your product, the manufacturer should apply to BIS. 

After applying for the mark, the main procedure of testing and other necessary steps will be taken forward by BIS. 

For ensuring that what surety the product is claiming with consumers is exactly, the product is in its actual form. 

Once the process of applying for the mark till the process of testing done by BIS is completed.

If the reports are up to mark then the product is labelled with the eco mark. After issuing the eco mark  by BIS for the particular product they start compiling the product. 

What are the advantages to having an Eco mark label?

1. Compliance: few sets of standards are made for the maintaining and improving product authenticity and values towards the environment. 

These standards are maintained by the BIS in the form of providing BIS certificate and eco mark to the product. 

2. Rising Efficiency: for getting eco mark label by BIS, you should fulfil a few set of standards that are in the favour of an eco friendly environment. 

Environment Sustainable development is promoted up to every level so that the product meets the requirements to be called an eco friendly product.  

3. Consumer Awareness: once a product gets the eEco Mark Certification label, consumers have to be aware that the manufacturer is advancing standards that help in maintaining an eco friendly environment. 

Hence if the product once starts adapting these changes and starts claiming the surety, this awareness will also spread among consumers. 

What things does a product need to get an eco mark label?

If you want to apply for eco mark scheme, before applying you should inspect that your product must have these things within it that claims that your product is good for the environment. 

These Basic requirements are necessary to find in your product. Lets focus on the following requirements for the label: 

1. Check the type of raw material that is utilised in your product’s formation process. 

2. While manufacturing your product, relevant natural resources are must to be utilised for getting the eco mark label. 

3. The after effects of your products and the way the product is impacting your environment is highly considered. 

4. After the production process, it is also necessary to calculate the energy that is consumed in the production process. 

5. This is also important to observe and note the amount of natural waste extracted out after the making of the product. 

6. The product is bio-degradable or not is also a key point to have in a product. 

7. The product is sustainable during its one phase life cycle and is also needed to consider. 

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Indian Products which have Eco Mark

No matter whether the product is for industrial use or consumer use, they have the same label design over it. 

But there are few product categories which must have an eco mark label over it. 

The following listed products are one of the above category:

  • Plastics
  • Soaps and Detergents
  • Cosmetics 
  • Skin care products 
  • Textile and Fabrics 
  • Batteries 
  • Wooden products
  • Food items 
  • Preservatives and Additives 
  • Medicines and Drugs 
  • Pesticides and Insecticides 
  • Leather made products 
  • Lubricators such as oil and greece 
  • Packaging material 
  • Polythenes 
  • Thermocol utensils 

FAQ Related to Eco Mark Certification 

1. Is one time certification for a product enough for all products in future? 

Ans. No, one time certification is not acceptable. You have to follow the certification procedure every time for a new product. 

2. Is eco mark important?

Ans. For ensuring and claiming that your product is following and supporting sustainability and is not toxic for the environment so that your consumers can trust the product is important. 

3. What is the main purpose behind ecomark? 

Ans. to minimise the amount of emission in the country and to spread awareness for promoting eco friendly products by introducing the people with the importance and necessity behind using such products. 

4. Is eco mark a compulsion?

Ans. No, it is an individual choice but we should recommend you to go for it because it helps the environment to save from disaster and also helps the consumers to identify the best product.

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