Details of MCA The DIR 3 KYC Form, DIN-KYC Last Date

Details of MCA The DIR 3 KYC Form, DIN-KYC Last Date

Know Your Client, also known as Know Your Customer Form DIR-3 KYC, was developed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, or MCA, to update the data on each current director in its database. 

Each director with a valid DIN and each authorized partner with a valid DPIN must submit this form regularly. We'll examine the necessity of din-KYC.

A director identification number (DIN) is a special identification code given to someone who wants to serve as a corporate director or is already a director. 

An application in eForm DIR-3, which was once a one-time process to be finished by the person who desires to become a director in one or more businesses, must be submitted to receive a DIN.

Who Must Submit an e-Form DIR 3 KYC?

Directors that satisfy the following criteria must provide their KYC information to the MCA, according to recent statements from the MCA:

According to the MCA department's notification, any director whose Director Identification Number (DIN) was approved by the 31st of March 2018 must provide his KYC information. 

Additionally, rejected directors must adhere to this process as well. Before September 30th, any director who received a DIN before the end of the fiscal year and whose DIN has been approved must submit form DIR-3 KYC.

The eForm DIR-3 KYC's last date is September 30, 2023, for directors assigned a Director Partner Identification Number (DPIN) or DIN by March 31, 2023. (din KYC last date)

Things to consider while submitting e-Form DIR-3 KYC

  • When submitting this electronic form, the director must include their email address and mobile number. A One-Time-Password will be used to validate this information (OTP) before 
  • Directors must submit this e-Form with their digital signatures.
  • Directors must make sure that a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, or Company Secretary who practices their profession has certified the e-Form.

DIR-3 KYC Filing Types

Through e-Form and web services, the DIN holder can submit and amend their DIR-3 KYC information for the most recent fiscal year. 

The following are two examples of these types and details:

Update of KYC Information using e-Form DIR-3

The DIN holder who has previously filed the e-Form DIR-3 KYC in prior fiscal years and who does not need to renew their KYC information but instead can make annual KYC updates is eligible to use the web services.

DIR-3 KYC Update through Web Services

When filing KYC information for the first time by the MCA, DIN holders who do not have access to web services must use the e-Form DIR-3 KYC. 

DIN holders who need to amend their KYC must also do so using the e-Form DIR-3 KYC. The web services for updating DIR-3 KYC are not accessible.

Due Date and Penalties for DIR 3 KYC Form Submission Failure

If a director fails to submit the e-Form by the specified dates (or extended due dates) via the MCA 21 portal, the department will mark the director's DIN as "Deactivated owing to Non-filing of DIR-3 KYC." 

In certain situations, the director may revive his DIN by submitting the missed DIR-3 KYC e-Form and making a late payment of INR 5,000.

Required Documents to Submit DIR 3 KYC Form

  • Information on Nationality
  • information about citizenship, such as gender and birthdate.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Passport (compulsory when DIN possessor is of foreign nationality) (compulsory when DIN holder is of foreign nationality)
  • License and Aadhaar card
  • Proof of residential address by personal mobile and email ID.
  • Voter identification card

In addition to the documents stated above, directors should have the following items on hand:

He signed the form using his digital signature.

A certification from a licensed CA, CS, or cost accountant who is currently engaged in their line of work. 

In the case of foreign nationalities, attestation by the designated authorized person

A statement from them (the applicant or director) duly attested by CA, CS, or Cost Accountants who are currently engaged in their line of work.

Steps for Submitting the DIR 3 KYC Form

Step 1: Download the form.

The first and most crucial step is to download the DIR-3 KYC form from the MCA website.

Step 2: Finish entering the DIN data.

The "Approved" status of the DIN in the KYC form is required for directors.

By paying a late filing fee, directors whose DIN has been deactivated because they still need to submit their KYC forms can still complete the form after the deadline has passed.

Step 3: Complete the DIR- 3 KYC Form with the Required Data.

Name and Any Other Credentials

The candidate must include both his first and last name and his father's first and last name. Several things to bear in mind are:

The director must put his name as it appears on his PAN.

The PAN database will be used to verify the address provided in the form.

Acronyms, single alphabets, and short forms are not accepted.


A filmmaker must identify his country of origin.

Directors with a different nationality must state their passport's listed nationality. Age 


The director's date of birth (DOB) format is DD/MM/YYYY. Age declaration is required since applicants under the age of 18 are not permitted to submit this application.


A director is required to enter his permanent address and submit documentation supporting it. It becomes necessary to provide the current residence address when it differs from the permanent home address.

Note: A foreign pin code can only be provided if the state choice is "NA."

Step 4: PAN Verification

Verification of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) is required. An administrator must first input his PAN before selecting the "Verify income-tax PAN" button. The system then uses the PAN card number to verify the director's information.

Note: For successful authentication, the PAN provided in the form must coincide with the PAN listed in the DSC. For successful authentication, the name provided in the form and the name shown in the DSC must match in cases when foreign nationals do not have a PAN.

Step 5: Add Contact Information and Confirm OTP

An OTP is used to verify the director's mobile number and email address when they update their contact information.

When a director provides these contact data, he must generate an OTP to verify them by clicking the "Generate OTP" button after submitting the information. OTPs are sent to cell phone and email accounts separately.

The only directors who may enter country codes other than +91/91/0 are those who do not reside in India.

It should be remembered that an OTP will only be issued successfully to the mobile number and email address against one form up to ten times per day and twice in 30 minutes.

Attachments must be attested.

An applicant must upload and certify the following papers.

Evidence of a Permanent Address

Additional attachments required in some circumstances include

evidence of current address

Aadhaar Card Copies, Passport Copies

Note: The candidate must digitally sign any additional attachments.

Step 6: e-Form authentication

Directors must make sure the e-Form is validated, which means it has been digitally signed by a Company Secretary or Chartered Accountant who is currently engaged in their line of work. A vital chore that cannot be ignored is providing the practising professional's information together with their digital signature.

After carefully proofreading, press the "Submit" button.

Following e-form submission: procedure

Step 7: Generation of SRN

After the e-Form DIR-3 KYC has been properly filed, the user is given an SRN for use in future communications with the MCA.

Step 8: Email correspondence

On his email ID, the applicant will receive an email confirming the receipt of the form.

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  • Who is responsible for completing Form DIR-3 KYC?

A person must file Form DIR-3 KYC in the current year if they have a DIN registered in their name as of March 31 but had not done so the year before. Additionally, those who have already submitted the form but wish to update their contact information or any other information are encouraged to do so in the current year.

  • What does filing Form DIR-3 KYC accomplish?

The Form DIR-3 KYC was established to precisely capture the information of the DIN holder.

This is to verify the information previously submitted because there have been cases where DIN applicants have given false information.

If the DIN holder's address, phone number, or any other relevant information has recently changed, he may need to update Form DIR-3 KYC.

  • What's the purpose of Form DIR-3 KYC WEB?

Form DIR-3 KYC The information that the DIN holder provided in his Form DIR-3 KYC from the previous year will only be verified by WEB if all of the data has been updated and there have been no modifications to the data.

  • What is the cutoff point for submitting Form DIR-3 KYC that MCA has established?

For people who had a DIN on March 31, it is necessary to file Form DIR-3 KYC on or before September 30 of the current month. The form must be submitted by September 30 of the following fiscal year by anyone who got their DIN after March 31 of the current year.

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