Company Secretarial Services – Expensive Mistakes That Will Reduce Your Profits

Company Secretarial Services – Expensive Mistakes That Will Reduce Your Profits

Secretarial service is an important part of a business company since a company needs to comply with the Companies Act requirements. It also looks after the various aspects of corporate responsibilities. A company needs to adhere to the laws and legislation and keep a record of the activities and interactions with other stakeholders and shareholders and any sort of engagement with the government authorities and officials, which are done by a company's secretarial service. Things such as providing an itinerary of the board meeting, stating the time, location, and the agendas of a meeting, and legal requirements of the company's law are looked at by a company's secretarial service. When these are not followed up with, it can result in fines and criminal charges against a company. 

To avoid any fines and charges or other inconveniences, it is a prerequisite for a company to opt for a professional secretarial company with the required experience and technology to maintain the record of all the activities and make sure a company is adhering to all the laws and official requirements. Being cost-effective and time-efficient is key to catching up in the corporate world, and therefore, secretarial companies are here to provide efficient administration. With so many company requirements, it is mandatory that everything is on order and nothing goes unnoticed, as even the most seemingly minor details and tasks can cost the company and eventually run into a loss. As every task is sometimes not possible for every employee to do, it is a better choice to outsource the secretarial task and give the responsibility to those who have the experience, skill, and technology to deal with a load of keeping up with every official task of a company engages in and all its records. 

Let us look at some of the mistakes that companies make which make it necessary to opt for the services of a secretarial company: 

Hectic workload

Every company has several tasks to complete, one of which is keeping a record of the changes in the company and attesting the official documents, alongside maintaining an account book of the transfers made by the company to its stockholders. As it can be tiresome and complicated to keep up with every detail of the company's activities, outsourcing the secretarial services reduces the chance of anything going missing or not being taken into account. This also helps with the company's legal requirements to avoid getting into legal matters. 

Specific requirements

Secretarial service firms have experienced professionals that will be able to help a company with all the knowledge and experiences, and skills to keep up with the corporate world. As every firm is different and has something unique to offer, it also requires a tailor-made service, making outsourcing secretarial service a better choice. The skills and experience of the secretarial company will make it easier for the firm to gain services that meet its specific requirements. 

Unable to perform duties on time

With numerous tasks to complete and accounts to keep, the company often runs out of time or lags due to the inability to complete a task on time. This often costs the company a huge loss and reduces the net profit. Following up on every task requires a proper record and itinerary. If done by professionals, it can be easier to get through the tasks and be time-efficient as a lot of time gets wasted while waiting for a task to be complete. Completing all the tasks on time boosts the company's profits as it becomes easier for the company's employees to focus and manage other important tasks and goals. 

Spending on Training

Even an experienced recruit may find it difficult to adjust to the rules and routine of a specific company, and training them will require more time and money to be invested in them for their secretarial training. The time and money can be spent more efficiently in outsourcing your company's secretarial services with trained and skilled professionals to do the assigned task on time and in a skillful manner. 

Not taking advantage of the latest technology.

Purchasing and maintaining an advanced technology is time and money-consuming. It requires people with the proper knowledge of the technology to maintain it and give time for maintenance, which could have been otherwise used for other important tasks and goals. Therefore, outsourcing secretarial services is a time and money-efficient option as those companies have the up-to-date technologies available to them and the knowledge and skills to maintain them. This will help save your company's time and money and spend it on other valuable goals and activities. 


It is no doubt that mistakes are bound to happen with the numerous tasks that need to be completed on time alongside maintaining and running the advanced technologies. Every minute detail needs to be accounted for and looked at; otherwise, it can lead to the company running into troubles from time to time. Every company is at risk of making errors that can lead to legal battles with other companies or government institutions by not adhering to the legal requirements for whatsoever reasons; therefore, outsourcing secretarial services becomes essential to avoid the risk of financial penalties. 

We have discussed a few points of a firm's mistakes and the necessity of outsourcing secretarial services. Our secretarial service at Especia is here to provide service to your company according to its requirements through our experienced and professional staff that will help your company adhere to all the legal requirements as well as free up your staff to concentrate on the other important and bigger goals without you worrying about the administrative tasks.

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