Chemexcil Registration Process: Definition, Benefits and Documents Required

Chemexcil Registration Process: Definition, Benefits and Documents Required

The Indian Government first established the Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council (also known as CHEMEXCIL) in 1963 to promote the exports of various goods from India to various overseas countries. 

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry of the Government of India established CHEMEXCIL to comprehend the significance of cosmetics & chemicals in the Indian & International Markets. 

There are currently more than 4000 members, including small- and large-scale manufacturers and merchant exporters, and there is a long Chemexcil products list that they take into account. 

Therefore, in order to export goods from India, CHEMEXCIL Registration is required. 

According to the Council's discretion, the Chemexcil products list is categorised into the following 4 panels:

  • Panel – I: Dyes & Dye Intermediates.
  • Panel - II: Basic Organic and Inorganic, Chemicals, including Agrochemicals.
  • Panel – III: Soaps, Toiletries, Cosmetics, and Essential Oils.
  • Panel – IV: Lubricants, Specialty, and Castor oil.

Benefits of Chemexcil registration

Being a member of CHEMEXCIL Registration has a number of advantages because they have several provisions to increase the export of chemicals and cosmetics. Here are a few of these advantages: 

1. Export Promotional Programs: Through programmes like MDA (Market Development Assistance) and MAI, CHEMEXCIL Registration offers its members opportunities to promote their exports (Market Access Initiative). These programmes assist exporters in taking part in export promotions on the international market.

2. Exhibitions: CHEMEXCIL organises a number of trade shows both domestically and internationally. The Council Members regularly attend these exhibitions. These exhibitions allow exporters to network with other exporters and assist them in growing their businesses. In any business, networking is important because it allows the exporter to pick up new knowledge about the industry.

3. By partnering with numerous NBFCs and Banks, the Council is able to assist its members with export financing. For small businesses that export, this is a huge relief. The Council assists them in obtaining business loans and other forms of funding. The fact that the Council doesn't charge anything for these services must be emphasised. For members of CHEMEXCIL, export financial support is entirely free, helping members whose businesses are having financial difficulties.

4. CHEMEXCIL serves as an intermediary between the government and exports in the case of incentives and other subsidiaries because it is a government export promotion body. Being a member of CHEMEXCIL has many advantages for its members because it advocates for and supports them.

5. For the member exporters' international business trips, the council issues VISA recommendation letters, which make it simpler for them to obtain VISAs. This is a crucial advantage of CHEMEXCIL Registration because exporters frequently lose out on excellent global business opportunities because of a VISA delay, which could cause a deal to fall through or cause them to lose the opportunity entirely.

6. Publications: The Council has a number of publications that provide the members with the least statistical information possible about a number of recent market developments. This ongoing information update helps exporters grow their businesses appropriately. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for exporters to evaluate their operations and make changes as necessary.

Documents Needed for CHEMEXCIL Membership Registration

The following are some important documents needed for registration with Chemexcil:

Application for membership;

  • A copy of the import-export code;
  • A copy of the PAN card;
  • Copies of certificates issued by government agencies, such as the SIA (Secretariat of Industrial Assistance), the Government of India, or other organisations;
  • A PAN Card copy.

In any case, the application must contain the information listed below:

  • proofs of the information mentioned in the membership application;
  • specify the membership category;
  • Indicate whether you are applying for a person, business, firm, or other type of entity.

Chemexcil Registration Process

The following is the detailed Chemexcil Registration Process:


Application for membership as an associate or regular member must be submitted on the form as mentioned above to the Council.

The following information must always be included in the application:

  • Facts proving membership eligibility.
  • Regardless of the applicant's status as a business, person, entity, or group.
  • Application for membership category.

Chemexcil Registration Process in Steps:

To be sent to the Executive Director with the membership application are:

  • The completed and properly filled-out membership application must be submitted along with a check or demand draft in the designated form. Draw the specified amount for membership fees into the "Chemexcil SBI Account."
  • Copies of certificates issued by sponsoring authorities, such as SIA from the Indian Ministry of Industry and SSI from the Director of Industries in the relevant States (in the case of a manufacturer or exporter).
  • A duplicate of the import/export code number. List of Directors/Partners on your letterhead, in triplicate and duly attested, along with their specimen signature and residential address. Completed registration application as directed by the council.
  • PAN number copy
  • The Power of Attorney granted by the Director to act on their behalf must be submitted if the partner or director does not sign the application.

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Activities and Services of CHEMEXCIL

  1. Helping members obtain the government of India reimbursement for their MDA/MAI claims
  2. Certificate of Origin issuance.
  3. Dissemination of international trade inquiries.
  4. Assist exporters in adhering to regulatory requirements like CLP, REACH, etc.
  5. Contact the government with any policy concerns or suggestions to ensure a smooth export process.
  6. holdings for specific industries Indian Chemical Shows in Focus Area to Explore New Markets and in General Areas to Strengthen the Current Markets
  7. B2B meetings are held abroad, in India, and at conferences with a specific industry focus.
  8. Establishing the Indian Pavilion at important international chemical shows to build India's brand image.
  9. Upkeep the chemical library and assist in locating products for international importers and exporters.
  10. Plan an Indian Reverse Buyer-Seller meeting.


The Chemexcil registration process is fairly simple and straightforward. The main benefits of registering with Chemexcil are that it allows businesses to operate in multiple countries and take advantage of the many benefits the organisation offers. In terms of documents required, businesses will need to provide proof of their business identity and their business address and contact information. Hope this blog helped.

FAQS related to Chemexcil registration

1. What is the Chemexcil registration process?

The Chemexcil registration process is a process by which companies can register with Chemexcil to become members. This process benefits companies by allowing them to access Chemexcil's resources and services. To register with Chemexcil, companies must submit certain documents listed on Chemexcil's website.

2. What are the benefits of Chemexcil registration? 

Some of the benefits of Chemexcil registration include: - Access to Chemexcil's export promotion services - Preferential treatment in certain government schemes - Eligibility for certain export incentives.

3. What documents are required for Chemexcil registration? 

The following documents are required for Chemexcil registration: - Application form - Certificate of incorporation - Memorandum and articles of association - List of directors - Export turnover for the last three years - Details of foreign collaborations, if any - Product profile.

4. What are the Chemexcil registration fees? 

You can get all the information about Chemexcil registration fees and processes from Chemexcil's official website.

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