Get your Business Finance ABC sorted out in your growing phase by modernizing your Finance structure & reporting

Get your Business Finance ABC sorted out in your growing phase by modernizing your Finance structure & reporting

When we interact with a lot of growing Start-ups & SMEs for CFO Services, they lot of times tend to answer that we already have a CA who is taking care of all our stuff on Audit & Taxes but they don't understand the difference between the two: 


Let's understand better this with one example, Say your debtors are not paying you on time & this situation is impacting the overall cash flow situation. Is this problem is concerned for your existing CA? I can say a majority of the answers will say no to this. We work parallelly with existing consultants & CAs & get the maximization of growth opportunities & Valuations for the entity & improve the overall situation by going deep into the problems of the businesses which is not the role of your compliance CA partner.


To Introduce us a bit, We, At Especia, are one of the leading CFO Services platforms with extensive experience of dealing with business finance issues during the growing phase of business via Traditional Controllership + Strategic CFO Services.


Our experience shows Aspiring & Growing businesses need a lot more handholding with specific issues like mentioned above pertaining to Finance. Be it Cash Flows, Growth Plan, Monthly Reportings, Handholding with your vision & a lot of others.


We are pleased to announce " Aspiring Big Business Clinic " ( ABC ) to answer a wide range of issues in connection with business finance to address the impact on the profitability and growth side of the business.


This will be an exclusive opportunity to get free engagement from our industry experience panel of CFO's without any cost or any obligation.


This ABC clinic initiative is part of our platform to give back to Society and assist aspiring growing businesses by sharing the best of financials & best management practices based on their current growth curve.


ABC clinic will be held every Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm either via telephonic discussion or meeting in person with our panel of CFO Partners at our offices.


This is only open to businesses who are clocking revenue of Rs. 10 cr plus and are in business for more than 5 years now. Start-up expecting high growth in a year can be an exception.


Please write to us for more details: or log on to

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