CA Firms vs Outsourced Bookkeeping services firms

CA Firms vs Outsourced Bookkeeping services firms

As a business owner, you have a lot of options related to finances. You can either use your CA firm or use accounting services outsourcing firms. Are you feeling lost? And cannot decide what to do? Go through the article, and all your doubts will be cleared.

CA firms

First, let us understand the idea of CA firms. They consist of chartered accountants. These firms can become a one-stop solution to all your problems related to finance. They generally do tax, audit, and give financial advice to businesses.

The owners of small or medium-sized businesses generally collaborate with them to verify results. The in-house accountant is responsible for making the reports and CA firms validate and check them.

Outsourced Accounting Firms

The accounts outsourcing companies provide you with a team of experienced employees. They are highly qualified experts and have complete industry knowledge. You can work with these firms closely. They offer you a variety of services that you can customize according to the needs of your business. They can help you by producing financial statements, performing the month-end close process. They even can do banking and credit card reconciliations.

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CA Services vs. Outsource Accounting services 

After understanding what each of the services can provide you, their differences must be acknowledged.

Compliance and Reliance

Chartered accountant firms focus on compliance. And all their filings need to abide by the laws. There is a certain timeline or specific order in which the filings must be done. Plus, the company needs to comply with the regulation.

On the other hand, accounting services firms focus on reliance. The filings have more financial intelligence. They enable you to make better financial decisions that will help you grow your business. These filings are more data-driven.

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Differences in services

CAs are known to be well-versed with traditional work of bookkeeping. But in this modern era, this traditional work is not enough. Businesses demand real-time reports which are error-free and accurate. They do not have a controller who will manage the reports and manage the month-end close. Due to all these, data integrity is not maintained. Thus, accounting problems cannot be solved, and it harms the business in the long run.

In the account outsourcing companies, the employees are technologically very advanced and have all the innovations needed. They can provide a business with accurate data and help them manage accounting reports. As mentioned earlier, all the services are highly customizable. And the reports prepared by them can improve your business increase cash in-flow and performance.

Differences in cost

Hiring Best CA firm is a costly affair. There are many hidden costs in hiring CA firms. For a small or medium-sized business, bearing this cost becomes very tough. Also, training them to your desired level will cost you more.

But in outsourcing, you have the option to pay for only the services you want. The members of the outsourcing firms are generally trained. They have adequate experience and can do all your financial works with ease. All of this will help you to save a lot of money.

Differences in training

The employees of a prominent CA firm are generally not appropriately trained in new technologies. It becomes tough for these firms to train every single candidate properly. But the downside to this is; these firms are costly. Small business owners generally cannot hire them for accounting managing services.

An Online accounting services firm has experts present in them who are technologically advanced. They undergo continuous training in accounting and technology to keep them up-to-date. Or else, they will be soon out of business. This can prove to be a point of advantage for the business owner who is hiring them.

Which service should a business owner choose?

Still cannot decide which service to choose? Well, understand your business. Know the requirements of it. If you identify these two things, everything will be apparent to you. The requirements and financial stability of each business are different. So, it is not easy to talk in a generalized manner. But it can be safely said that by outsourcing, you can gain both reliance and compliance. And it will be profitable for your business.


Accounting is the backbone of every business. And bad accounting can destroy a small business. Taking the right decision for your business is crucial. You must aim for well managed financial operations. And opt for decisions that are data-driven. All these will help the increment of profit and increase the spreadability of your business.

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