6 Reasons Why Accounting is Sneaking Away Money from Your Business

6 Reasons Why Accounting is Sneaking Away Money from Your Business

As a businessman or CEO, they are worthy and competent to handle their finance and accounting via in house or themselves. Such people are hardworking and always energetic, but minding their accounts could be hectic and troublesome.

And a worrisome accounting team could be incompetent to significant advancements possible or bring down shares suddenly. That would bring unrest and dark circles to go with a troubled mind, which is never desired to keep the company's benefits. Here are some points to ponder upon.

1. Paying in house Accounting employees by the hour

This is a costly method of getting bookkeeping, accounting and compliances things done. Even if you have a small accounting team of people working out the different sections, the expenses will be enormous to go with their hiring, training and payroll taxes.

Apart from this, if your team works manually, there is a strong possibility of errors not because they are skilled but because they are human. Thereby having to pay a bigger bill at the end of the year.

2. Remember, time is money

If you feel that it is your company and you should have your eyes on everything good, but do manage them properly for you are not an expert in this department. Your time should solely be for the outlook, long-sighted approach of the company. It would be best if you worked on further strategies and sales for the company's proper growth.

Focusing your time on rectifying errors and non-revenue staff is taking you away from your prudence. It also means you have the wrong man for the job if you have to come over and help out. And it's time to find the correct people via renowned outsourced accounting company for it to do your work easy and boost you with daily details and outlook.

3. You are not an accounting expert

Even though your bookkeeper is doing a good job, and your accountant is generating positive financial statements. A business is never about ticking these boxes. It is about knowing the whereabouts of the market, when to strike gold, when to back down, and a lot more.

You need a CA firm, expert in online cloud accounting services, to analyze the performance throughout hours, days, weeks, months, and years. And jot down the influential key performance indicators that would help your company climb. You do not want your accounting team to be just for managing taxes. They have a far more vivid role to play than you can think of.

If your consultant or Chartered Accountant firm is only bringing forward in front of you, the expenses to reduce taxes and not to establish profit and loss management. Then you are missing out on expert golden advice each time. You are left unaware of capitalizing on certain markets and remain inexperienced in tackling situations when the economy has a sudden drop.

4. Numbers do not lie

You might not know, but all your banking records and company finances can speak volumes. So much useful information can be gathered around numbers. There have been recoveries of various companies with the help of numbers under the right consultancy. Number crunching is nothing new in this line, but it is obvious you need someone who understands them thoroughly at the back of their minds. Many experts have used this method to uncover poor management patterns, employee theft, unprofitable service lines being showered with money, new places left to uncover for certain services to thrive, and new profit hubs.

5. Watching your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This is concerning the earlier stated point of numbers. KPI are specific metrics that tell a company what it is doing at certain services at a glance. Knowing your performance indicators is like knowing your strengths and weaknesses. And as evident, you hone your strength and work hard on your weaknesses. But somehow in business, you have to be extra caring with your positive performance indicators, because that is what is keeping the cash flow going.

And as for your weak factors as long as you have chances to improve them, go on and work on them. But sometimes things are not meant to be and have to drop it out entirely from your bag to be rid of negative factors wholly, with consultation from your expert team.

Most times, in the business model, a theoretically correct approach does not lead to a practically correct one. This factor also has to be taken into account for new ideas while Accounting.

6. Being updated with the software

Once upon a time, people listened to music on gramophones, then came cassette tapes, then came VCD, and now we can listen to music with just a click. And similarly has there been technological updates in the field of accounting. And if you still think a manual effort for your accounting is best for you. Then sorry to bring it to you, my friend, that you are completely wrong.

Use experience and market analysis of the human being in such matters. But leave the calculations and models to the software under a capable expert professional. You are not aware of how much you will be saving in time and effort. There are excellent applications and software that do the visualization, number crunching, and digging with ease. Some of them are dashboards and Spotlight Reporting. There is also personalized business software like QuickBooks and Zohobooks to look up the ledger and banking stuff.

It is also advised to be updated with your systems. Their updates are outdated for old systems, and many software does not provide them as well to them. A smart back office is a must for efficiency, reduce error, gain speed, and save money.


There are hazards to Accounting you did not know of. Hopefully, this article helps you in your future endeavors of compiling a good outsourced cloud bookkeeping and accounting team in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon for your Business. Keep up to these points and relax your way to the top of the industry. For more details about Especia’s products, you can contact us at hgoyal@especia.co.in or 9310165114.

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