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Cash burn Audit is a term categorically used where the cash flow from the business activities is negative rather than positive. Businesses, which have just commenced their operations, cannot manage to make a substantial revenue which can indemnify the expenses hence net cash inflow remains negative.

Angel Investors invest in a start-up with the intent of earning a return and want to keep a check on the inflows and outflows of the newly started business.

Especia Associates is a leading firm for Audit for Investors, Funding Audit, Investment Audit, Cash flow audit & conducts a monthly audit and assurance process to analyze the following aspects:

What is the Core Problem?

  • The Core problem is not about fund mis-utilization. This is something all the investors understand & they always try to cover this with regular reporting as well as via binding contracts even.
  • Most Start-up is in a cost-saving mode & they hire inexperienced F& A team which is obviously low on their cash-flows even.
  • While they see it as a Cash-flow saving, but what they don’t understand is that this team may have made big trouble as they may not have acumen what Investors & Founders have from that company. Even a single mistake in any law now can cost a heavy cash outflow to the company’s pockets.

We already have the Auditors Team in Place!!

Incorrect, Statutory Auditors review everything on an Annual or heavy periodic basis and they are somehow appointed by the Start-ups management only. They are more into following accounting standards. They are not concerned about the efficiency of fund deployment of investor's fund & internal controls efficiency.

What we offer this as a Service!

  • Bank transactions by analyzing the bank statements vis-a-vis supporting and vouchers,
  • Ensuring efficient internal control by checking the policies of the company,
  • Tax planning so that exemptions and benefits for maximum tax savings.
  • A lot of Government incentives are available for some of the industries including a lot of services industries under MSME, NSIC, and New Industrial Promotional council. Whatever we plan as a subsidy or government incentive or cost saving in any of the expenses that will help us to improve my cash-flow much better than before.
  • In Nutshell, this audit is not a cost at all. This is an Investment to go big without leaving any contingencies.

If you are looking for any Post Investment cash burn audit, Investor's audit, or Cash flow audit in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, or any other regions in India, write to us at

One of the easiest and the quietest ways to do so is by implementing a cash burn audit. When you do so, you will be easily able to understand how much cash the company has spent in a month. The ratio obtained can help improve the business. 

An audit is essential for a company since it conveys authenticity to a collection of accounting records and assures investors that the statistics are genuine. 

It helps prevent fraud to a great extent and keeps track of genuine internal records. It also encourages the investors to trust the brand and its ideas and keep the cash inflow high.

The key is to keep the cash always flowing. It helps with the smooth run of the company and allows it to function efficiently. To keep this inflow, the company must also cut unnecessary spending.

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