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One-stop service with accuracy in accounting, brilliance in bookkeeping, and calculation consultancy capabilities. Get experts to outsource accounting and management of your business by cutting costs while maintaining high-quality output. Save precious time and money throughout the hiring process and make scaling accounts easier with us. Get real-time reports along with making your management error-free and more efficient. Be it taxation, accounting software or even financial advice, our accounting experts will serve as an advisor to help you reach your business goals.

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Bringing precision to the table and adding convenience to your finances, Especia is your one-stop solution for end-to-end accounting, financial consultancy, and bookkeeping services. With over 40 expert advisors, we've established our domain leadership since 2010.


We aim to extend the service of our dedicated and skilled financial professionals to all companies and businesses, no matter their size, position, or industry. Accounting is the language of business and at this point in time, it's necessary for all businesses to keep track of their capital, expenditure, and profits. Especia aims to help such companies under a budget and offers advice and support to disruptive Startups and established companies to bridge the gap between corporate advantage and financial disability among other companies.

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