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    • Different trends affect the property's worth.
    • Property valuation is challenging due to unique characteristics and takes into consideration 4 factors to accurately examine the worth.
    • Property valuations are necessary for different financial and socioeconomical factors.
    • Fair market rental can be calculated by multiplying the Gross Income Multipliers (GIM) with the rental income.
    • Property valuation aids an organization or individual in determining the value of a property.
    • The income technique, prioritises the property's worth rather than the comparable sales.
    • Insights on online property valuation.


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Especia is a leading accounting firm in India that recognizes online property valuation's versatile and essential nature. We offer accounting, valuation, and bookkeeping services for individuals, companies, enterprises, and startups with a dedicated team of professionals and years of expertise.

Valuation is the process of determining the worth of a piece of property. There are several techniques for determining a property's worth. Both sellers and buyers can benefit from valuation since it explains assessing a property's estimated worth.

Real estate valuation is required for financing, sales listing, investment analysis, property insurance, and taxation, among other things. However, the most common use of property valuation is establishing the price of a piece of real estate. Keep reading to learn more about the core techniques and concepts of property valuation services and their significance.

What Is Property Valuation?

The value of a property is defined as the current value of future benefits it offers, estimated from its ownership. As a result, an estimate of a property's worth must consider economic and social trends and government control and restrictions, and environmental factors, all of which can affect the value.

Unlike other sectors, the property's advantages are usually recognized over a period of time. So, the value is also determined considering the past, present, and future. 

Property valuation is challenging due to each property's unique characteristics, such as location, land size, floor planning, and the amenities present. Property valuation services generally examine the following four factors:

  • Demand of Land and Location
  • Utility and Satisfaction 
  • Scarcity and Competitiveness
  • Transferability of Ownership

When Do I Need Online Property Valuation?

While you mostly require a property valuation when buying or selling a property, there are a variety of other occasions where you may want a valuation of property.

Property valuations are frequently necessary for financial statements, tax compliance, or calculating the amount of compensation to be paid to landowners in exchange for concessions or property acquisitions.

For Property Buyers and Sellers

It decreases a buyer's risk of overpaying for a property by providing a clear estimate of its market worth. This is done by property valuation services to provide a comprehensive and calculated analysis of any flaws. It also assists sellers in deciding the right modifications to increase a property's value.

To Value and Decide Inheritance

If you are an inheritor, online property valuation helps you to make an educated decision about whether or not to sell the property. It can also help you know how to divide the inheritance among many inheritors, maybe even profitably.

To Profit from Shared Ownership

If you own a piece of a shared ownership property and pay rent on the remaining portion, you’ll require a property valuation online for the current worth every time you want to expand your part through staircasing. This ensures that when you purchase the next part, you are paying the most recent market rate.

During Legal Drifts and Separations

If you're arranging a settlement or figuring out how to split your assets, in any legal separation,  having a property valuation report allows you to reach a fair arrangement depending on the true worth of the property, instead of what either party believes it is worth.

For Banking and Loan Collateral

The loan companies, banks use a property valuation report, and lenders usually like a "risk report" to ensure that the secured value of the property is sufficient to repay the loan.

What Do Property Valuation Services Consider?

Cost or price is not always equivalent to value. All expenditure, such as purchasing goods or paying for labour, is known as cost. On the other hand, price refers to the amount spent on something. Cost and price have an impact on value, but they in no way determine it.

For example, suppose an owner discovers a severe problem or even a minor flaw in the property, such as a weak foundation. In that case, the property valuation may be lower than the listing price.

Mostly, a valuation is based on a direct comparison to recent comparable deals. However, property valuation services will also consider the following factors:

  • The number of rooms and their types 
  • The size of the entire property
  • The fittings and furnishings
  • The construction and state of the property
  • The standard and the architectural features of the property
  • The property's accessibility and location
  • The amenities available around the property
  • The block's facing, terrain, and layout

Once a ballpark figure is obtained, the online property valuation can scale and adjust the price using these factors.

Different Methods Used To Make A Property Valuation Report

Comparable Sales Method

Also known as the market data approach, this property valuation estimates a property's worth by comparing it to recent properties sold with comparable features.

The price of the property is calculated by comparing it to the price of comparable properties in the area. This strategy is most typically applied in the case of residential homes. The buyer gathers information on comparable properties that have a comparable size, location, construction rules, area, and utilities. Variables such as transaction date, payment method, and processing speed are also taken into account.

The target property's selling price estimate will usually fall within the range defined by the adjusted sale prices of the comparables.

The first step is to determine the average rate per unit area at which similar homes in the neighbourhood were actually sold. It is then scaled using the actual property's features. Any specific flaws or perks in the property are also considered during online property valuation

Despite the fact that this is a straightforward comparison, it may be difficult to locate recently-sold comparable properties in the area.

Cost Approach

The property valuation method using the cost approach can also be used to determine the worth of a property that has one or more structures. This approach requires estimating the worth of the construction and the land separately.

The total value is calculated by adding the market value of the unoccupied land plus the cost of the building's restoration. The depreciation that has occurred over time is then deducted for the right estimate at the end. The cost of recreating a similar property at a specific moment in time is referred to as reproduction cost. It's the expense of making improvements with the same usefulness. This is also taken into account.

This method is effective when the assessed property isn't commonly sold and doesn't generate money. Schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings are a few examples that can use this online property valuation method.

The steps used are as follows:

  1. Since there isn’t any depreciation for the land alone, estimate a price and calculate its best view.
  2. Calculate the current cost of constructing the buildings and renovating the property.
  3. Estimate the improvement depreciation resulting from degradation, functional expiration, and economic obsolescence.
  4. Depreciation is subtracted from the expected building expenses.
  5. To calculate the overall property value, add the estimated value of the land to the depreciated cost of the building(s) and site improvements.

Rentals at Discounted Pricing

This strategy is used to estimate the property's prospective rental appreciation. It is calculated by determining the growth in real estate demand and the availability of properties in the area. The demand-supply analysis provides a reasonable approximation and close property valuation.

Automated Appraisals

Computer models provide automated valuations, which are quick and cost-effective. To estimate current property values, automated valuation algorithms employ indexed historical data. These, on the other hand, do not include any meaningful comparisons to other houses in the area. This is where property valuation services might come in handy.

Calculating Income

The Income Capitalization Approach is predicated on the connection between the rate of return required by an investor and the net revenue generated by a property.

It can be quite simple when the property is projected to generate future revenue, and its costs are predictable and consistent. The income technique, also known as the fundamental or intrinsic method, focuses on the property's worth rather than that of comparable sales. 

The present online property valuation calculates the predicted future net revenue, such as rent and resale value. The advantage of this technique is that it can determine the worth of a property based on its potential to create and sustain revenue.

This can be done using 2 methods:

Direct Capitalization

Calculate the yearly gross income potential. To calculate the effective gross income, take into account vacancy and rent collection losses. To compute yearly net operating income, subtract annual operating expenditures.

Determine how much an investor would be willing to pay for the profits earned by the specific type of property. This is done by calculating the rate of return, often known as the capitalization rate. 

To get the property valuation online and estimate its worth, multiply the capitalization rate by the property's yearly net operating income.

Gross Income Multipliers (GIM)

This GIM approach may be used to value various properties that aren't generally bought as income properties but might be rented out. The GIM technique connects a property's sale price to its estimated rental revenue.

This can be calculated by dividing the sales price by the rental income. 

To create an accurate GIM, you'll need recent sales and rental data from at least three identical homes. The GIM can be used to establish its market value on the subject property's estimated fair market rental.

This can be calculated by multiplying the GIM with the rental income

How Can Accounting Firms Help In Valuation of Property?

Instead of hiring a Chartered Accountant (CA) for your property valuation, hiring CA firms can offer you a number of benefits. Having your documentation and property valuation report ready is important at all times.

Property valuation aids an organization or individual in determining the value of a property. The value of a property can be used to evaluate the reasonable price of a piece of land, a factory, or a structure. The evaluation of a brand, copyright, industrial real estate rights, and performance connected to the property value.

It’s not only important when you’re trying to buy or sell your property. Having a professional valuation can help you when:

You want to buy or sell a piece of property: Online property valuation is crucial when purchasing or selling a home. Even if you intend to rent your home, a property assessment is necessary as a property's rent is normally 6 - 10 percent of its appraised value.

You want to mortgage property for money: When you want to take out a loan against your home, the value of the property is crucial. If financing for the construction of a building is necessary, a valuation is performed to show proof of expenditure. 

You want to have your taxation files ready: When it comes to determining property taxes, the valuation of property is crucial. Wealth tax, municipal tax, property tax, empty land tax, ground rent tax, and other taxes are among the many that you must pay to various government departments.

You want to transfer your property: If you desire to transfer your property, you must first determine the worth of the property. Then you can come to an agreement with the other party or compensate accordingly.

You are conformed to a compulsory acquisition: If someone is bankrupt and the property is forced to be acquired or auctioned off, the valuation of property is important.

Especia is a leading accounting firm in India that recognizes online property valuation's versatile and essential nature. We offer accounting, valuation, and bookkeeping services for individuals, companies, enterprises, and startups with a dedicated team of professionals and years of expertise. Instead of simply working with you for a temporary period, we help your company grow and get the best value. 

We help you make educated financial decisions and overlook all financial aspects.

When it comes to property valuation, all factors must be considered, not just the cost or price. So, we consider the past, present, and future of lands and properties and determine the write online property valuation method for you and carry it out effectively. 

Main Takeaways

Almost everyone involved, including buyers, sellers, renters, insurance companies, banks, mortgage lenders, and investors, benefit by getting a clear idea from property valuation. By working with experienced professionals and CA firms like Especia, you benefit from prioritized customer service, industry insights, and better efficiency. 

  • Online property valuation services are software-based tools that allow you to compare the value of your property to other similar properties in your area. They provide a way for people to get a fast and affordable valuation of their property. 
  • They are useful because you are able to compare the valuations of similar properties in your area, which can help you get an accurate view of how your property is valued. 
  • Online property valuation services are useful for real estate investors.

  • They are reliable and save you a lot of time.
  • Online property valuation services are an excellent way to save time.
  • They are very convenient and a great way of valuing properties.


  • Online property valuation services provide users with a quick and easy way to obtain a home valuation. 
  • The valuation is done using the services of a property valuation specialist.
  • It is also possible to enter the details.


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