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As a new company in India, it is essential to register and obtain all necessary documents from the registrar before starting your business operations.

India is a nation of 1.3 billion people, making it the second-most populous country globally. In recent years, India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies globally. As the country’s economy grows, so does its population and its demand for goods and services. And as India’s economy grows, so does its ability to provide for its people.

The first step to increasing financial strength is to provide services to the people. Especia is providing the most reliable and cost-effective company registration services in India.

The company registration services in India offer a range of services. It provides a one-stop solution for company registration, incorporation, registration of share capital, incorporation, filing of the return, etc.

It simplifies the process of starting the business, reduces legal and administrative formalities, minimizes the initial investment by the entrepreneurs in terms of time and money.

Benefits of Online company registration services:

It saves the time team members spent in the process of registering the company. It makes the business more visible to the people and serves as a positive impact on the company as a whole.

Company registration is the fastest way to start your company.  Registration of your company provides you with several benefits such as

  • It increases your credibility in the community and provides you with a level of protection from litigation.
  • The liability of the members of the company is limited regarding the companies debts.
  • It also increases your borrowing capacity and you can borrow funds.
  • The company is the only entity that can help promotors to raise equity funding.

 As stated before, it is advisable to incorporate a company because it increases the authenticity of your business. The benefits of having a registered company include knowing who to contact in case your business goes bankrupt.

Checklist for Registering a Company

As defined by the Companies Act 2013, we guarantee the checklist requirements.

A company is a legal entity created under the laws of a state or country. The government usually grants companies the right to operate in specific manufacturing, retail, and services. The government gives these rights to a company to work within the law.  It is essential to understand that the company registration process is only applicable to companies, not individuals.

  •  The company name is unique and does not infringe upon the ownership rights of any other company.
  • A registered company needs to have a board of directors. 

The board of directors comprises an appointed chairman, a chief executive, and a secretary. The appointed chairman is a person who acts as the “head” of the company, and the chief executive or secretary is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company.

  • Two directors - It is mandatory in any private company to have at least 2 directors
  • Unique name - Choose your business name very carefully. You have to make your character unique, which does not match another company or trademarks.
  • Minimum capital contribution- No minimum capital amount.

 At Least you have an authorized capital of one lakh.

  • Registered office- Suppose the company does not have a registered office. In that case, we use the NOC from the registered office holder.

Company registration process certificate:

We fulfill the formalities of company registration on your behalf to enable you to start your business operations smoothly. We provide all the documentation to the registrar of companies so that you may start your work without any shortage of compliances.

A company registration certificate is a primary document to record the incorporation of a company. The registrar uses this document to register the company's incorporation and check the status and the compliance of the company's directors, as stipulated by the Registrar of Companies.

How to Register Online - the company Registration Process

Especia provides a platform for companies to register their business entities with the help of the proper legal advice, a simplified process with minimum paperwork, available account opening & access to a wide range of services with competitive rates.

However, you needn’t worry about the incorporation of the company,  as long as you have Especia by your side. Our specialists help you with the company registration process.

  • Obtain a Digital signature certificate
  • Apply for DIN ( director identification number)
  • Application for name availability
  • Submission of MoA and AoA
  • Apply for PAN and TAN
  • RoC provides a certificate of incorporation

Many companies involved with an Indian startup are usually willing to register themselves as per Indian laws. It is just because doing so is a good idea for the company since all these companies are aware that they can grow into massive companies in the future. 

A company registration benefits a startup because it provides certain tax benefits.

Company registration is the formal process of forming a company. When a startup is starting, it's often helpful to have its founders and other vital employees registered as a company. It makes it easier to conduct the company's day-to-day business, such as making payroll, paying taxes, and keeping track of expenses.

Documents Required for Online Company Registration

There are several ways to register a company online. The most direct method is to fill out the online form at the Companies House website with the help of Especia.

In India, private limited company registration cannot be complete without proper identification proof. Companies are either registered as individuals or registered as a partnership. 

However, in the case of a private limited company, the company requires an identity card number, date of birth, PAN, address proof along with the requisite documents. 

The following are mandatory documents that are required in the company registration process are 

  • A photograph on a form having person’s picture and signature
  • A passport-sized image, along with the paper.

It is the only requirement for company formation. When people apply for incorporation, they generally have to submit a form with details like the name of the company, address of the company, PAN (Permanent Account Number) no., etc.

Identity Proof

  • Scanned copy of your PAN card
  • Scanned copy of voter ID/ Driving license/passport/Aadhar Card
  • Scanned copy of mobile bill/electricity bill/gas bill/bank statement bill
  • Two passport-sized photographs with scanned signatures on a blank document

Registrar Proof

  • Scanned copy of mobile bill/electricity bill/gas bill/bank statement bill
  • Photocopy of notarized rental agreement in English
  • Inspected copy of no-objection certification from the property landlord
  • Scanned copy of sale deed/property act in English

Types of Companies  & their Registration Process

Private Limited Company

  1. File a company name
  2. Prepare all your legal papers
  3. Submit the documents to the registrar

Public Limited Company

  1. A minimum of 3 directors are required
  2.  Minimum requirement of capital - 5 lakh
  3. Attach identity proof and personal details.

One Person Company

  1. Apply for a Digital sign certificate
  2. Unique name approval for the personal company documents required, like identity proof bank details. 
  3. Fill out the form MCA
  4. Certificate of incorporation

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) 

  1. Apply for a digital sign certificate
  2. Apply for a director identification number 
  3. Name approval for the company
  5. Agreement for limited liability partnership

Sole Proprietorship 

  1. Aadhar Card is necessary
  2. PAN CARD is necessary
  3. Bank account 
  4. Registrar office proof
  5. Shop license
  6. GST registration

Partnership Firm Registration

    1. Choose a suitable name for your partnership firm
    2. Create a partnership deed outlining the rights and obligations of each partner
    3. Obtain PAN and TAN for the partnership firm
    4. Apply for registration with the Registrar of Firms in your state
    5. Submit the partnership deed along with an application form and fees
    6. Obtain various licenses and permits based on your business needs

Indian Subsidiary Registration

    1. Obtain DSC and DIN
    2. Reserve a unique name with ROC
    3. Obtain PAN and TAN
    4. Draft and execute MOA and AOA
    5. Obtain certificate of incorporation
    6. Obtain licenses and permits
    7. Open bank account and obtain forex approvals if required

Nidhi company registration:

Nidhi’s company registration process is tedious and has become a nightmare for entrepreneurs, especially those starting their businesses. There are several forms to fill out and several documents to provide. Many of the procedures to obtain incorporation have become very complicated, time-consuming, and costly.

Nidhi is a company that helps people set up their businesses. It offers a range of services, including company registration and business advice. You can contact it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The company provides services such as company registration and business formation in India.

In the registration process, the essential requirement for starting a Nidhi company is to submit an application and the prescribed fee to the local Registrar of Companies. 

But Especia makes it simple for you to register a Nidhi Company.

Why Especia?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has several guidelines and restrictions for Companies working in India. As defined by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, we take care of all legal formalities and comply with them. You just need to submit the mandatory documents and get your company registered without any hassle. Our team of expert CA, CS, Accountants will be actively engaged with you to resolve all your doubts or query.

No, it is not compulsory to register a company in India. Still, it can benefit from taxation and credits if a budding business. 

The essential details mandatory for the company registration process in India are:

Passport, Election Card or Voter Identity Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Aadhaar Card.

Firstly, acquire a digital signature certificate, File a Form of Name Reservation then Form a limited liability company, build a Corporation, File a DBA for Existing Businesses, and submit an Amendment to the Legal Name of an Entity.

Yes, the government made it mandatory for all business owners to have an aadhar card, without this they cannot register the business in India.

The company registration certificate is the company's legal document. It specifies basic company information, such as company name, address and directors, and the rights and duties of the company's officers and members, including shareholders.

Yes, there is a difference between registered and unregistered companies. Registered companies are governed by the Companies Act 2013. They must file annual returns to the Registrar of Companies and follow other company laws. 

 An unregistered company is not subject to any formalities or regulations by the government.

If all your papers are ready, it takes at least 10-15 days to register a private limited company.

Yes, it is necessary to have two directors in your company. Still, you can register single company registration if you're the sole owner of your company

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