Unlocking Opportunities: Registering As A Seller On The ONDC Online Platform

Unlocking Opportunities: Registering As A Seller On The ONDC Online Platform

It has been a logical step for retailers or traders wishing to expand their business from a single city or town to throughout the country to join e-commerce platforms to sell goods online from earlier offline or physical establishments.

The two biggest online marketplaces for MSMEs and other companies selling a variety of goods are currently Amazon and Flipkart. Shein, a Chinese-founded and Singapore-based marketplace, is reportedly looking to reenter the Indian market in collaboration with Reliance, which already operates its e-commerce arm JioMart.

However, both the buyer and the seller must be accessible in each of these markets in order to conduct business there. It is, therefore, a closed network. The government created Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) last year to allow customers and sellers to communicate with each other regardless of the app they are available on in an effort to open up this network and subsequently break the duopoly of Amazon and Flipkart in India's e-commerce market.

Once the buyer searches for a specific item on a buyer app within the ONDC network, the app will display a list of sellers connected through various seller apps from where the item can be purchased. This ensures that your products become visible to potential buyers within the network.

It's crucial for sellers to optimise their product listings and include accurate, thorough information. Included is information about the products' names, costs, availability, shipping schedules, cancellation and return procedures, and any other pertinent facts. To reflect any changes in supply or pricing, be sure to update the information on your products periodically.

You may also choose to employ the network logistics services that ONDC provides. This enables you to use the platform's logistics infrastructure, which can help streamline the order fulfilment process and guarantee prompt client delivery.

A high standard of customer service must also be upheld. Answer consumer questions very away, taking care of any problems or challenges they may be having. You'll be more successful as a seller on the ONDC platform if you establish a solid reputation for your business and its goods.

Remember that joining a particular seller app or working with a technology service provider (TSP) on the ONDC network might make the registration procedure easier. In order to list your products and make them visible to potential customers, these organisations will walk you through the process and offer the necessary technical help.

By joining the ONDC platform through a seller app or creating your own application, you gain access to a wider customer base and the opportunity to expand your business in the e-commerce space.

Can I sign up for numerous seller apps to increase my visibility?

While you can, doing so won't provide you with any further benefits. The network's buyer apps will all be able to see your registration on any one seller app.

Do I need to be registered for GST to sell through ONDC?

To sell through an e-commerce operator, all sellers of goods and services—aside from those exempt under section 9(5) of the CGST Act—must be registered for GST. The e-commerce operator will be required to pay tax under 9(5) for service enterprises that provide restaurant, housekeeping, lodging, and passenger transport services.

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