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In this era of the 21st century, everybody is extremely passionate about business and entrepreneurship. 

But the tough thing to understand is that doing business and maintaining it healthily is only some people's cup of tea; it requires extreme passion and dedication towards your goal. 

Business is carried out in multiple ways. Some of them include import and export as well. 

To expand globally, you need to work under some rules and regulations which the government of India imposes on every individual. 

IEC (import export code) license is one of such important things that you need to start the import and export process across India and other countries worldwide. The IEC is also called import export code. 

IEC Code Online Registration

IEC  code is a unique 10-digit code that is required by every business to carry out its activities of import and export without any interruption in a legal way. 

The IEC  code is issued by DGFT (DIRECTOR GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE) under the ministry of commerce.

Steps for IEC  Code Online Registration

1. Visit the official website of DGFT 

2. On the home page, click on the services tab.

3. A drop-down list will appear; click on IEC  profile management from the drop-down list.

4. On the next page, click on apply for IEC

5. Click on new registration. Enter all the required details and go on to the next step.

6. After successfully validating OTP, you will get a temporary password which you can change according to your needs.

7. Upon successful registration on the website of DGFT, log in to the official website of DGFT using the username and the password you have just obtained.

8. On the DGFT website, click on apply for IEC

9. The next step includes filling out the form, providing the required documents, and submitting the fees as prescribed.

10. Click on submit and generate an IEC certificate. 

The process mentioned above is lengthy and requires to be done professionally, step by step, by providing correct documents and all the information requested. 

The process of IEC code registration can be easily completed without any complications under the guidance of skilled professionals in the given meantime. 

The services provided by ESPECIA can help you with all your business-related issues, including the IEC code online registration process.

Contact the team ESPECIA, and provide us with all the necessary documents, and we will carry out the procedure for IEC code online registration for you.

The documents which are required for the process of the IEC code online application are:-

1. Proprietorship :

      A. GST  certificate 

      B. Aadhaar card of the proprietor 

      C. PAN card of the proprietor 

      D. Address proof (Electricity or Gas bills)

2. Partnership firm :

      A. PAN card for the firm

      B. Partner PAN card for the key person

      C. Aadhaar card for the key person

      D. GST certificate for the firm

      E. The bank account details of the firm 

      F. Address proof (Electricity or Gas bills)

3. Company :

      A. PAN card of the company 

      B. PAN card of the director

      C. Aadhaar card of the key person

      D. GST certificate of the company

      E. Bank account details of the company

      F. Address proof (Electricity or Gas bills)

4. Trust / Society :

      A. PAN card of the trust or society 

      B. Partner PAN card of the key person

      C. Aadhaar card of the key person

      D. GST certificate of the trust of society 

      E. The bank account details of the trust or society 

      F. Address proof (Electricity or Gas bills)

IEC  Code online verification

1. In any search engine, open the official website of ICEGATE.

2. Click on login or signup.

3. After providing them with valid credentials, you will be directed towards a new page. 

4. Among all the services mentioned, select check IE code/BIN status.

5. Choose the option IE code at DGFT; here, you can check if your code has arrived at the headquarters of DGFT; the data from the headquarters of DGFT is then transferred to the customer portal, i.e. the ICEGATE. At this stage, you can check the correctness of your application by entering the code. After this, click on the IE code at ICEGATE.

6. Now you can see the details of your application and verify the status of your IEC code online. This is the last step for IEC code verification online.

Furthermore, to understand the meaning as well as the significance of the visible statuses, follow the list ahead:-

1. Application received at DGFT.

Meaning- it can take up to 4 days for the process ahead

2. IEC application rejected

Meaning- this means that your application for the process of IEC code online registration has been rejected for some reasons. You must fill out the application form again by updating the necessary documents. This step does not require repayment of the fees.

3. Status shows that the application is transmitted to ICEGATE

Meaning- this means that the process further for the online IEC application can take up to 3 more days.

4. Status shows that your application is registered by DGFT and approved by ICEGATE:-

Meaning- this means that your application has been successfully submitted, and your IEC code is ready to use. After this, you can easily use your 10-digit IEC code for the process of import as well as export.

This is how you can easily verify and track IEC Code online verification status.

Benefits of the IEC code:

1. Expansion of business 

The IEC code helps you continue your activities related to importing or exporting internationally without the intervention of any third party. This surely adds to an increased profit as well as in the expansion of business worldwide.

This code opens international routes for you to expand and provides you with unimaginable opportunities that can even be proved life-changing for your business.

These big opportunities hold the power to provide heart beat even to a dead business or a business on the verge of bankruptcy.

2. No need for a renewal

The most important power that the IEC code holds is its lifetime worth for a particular business. Once you register online for the IEC  code,  and you get it for continuing import and export internationally, then never ever in your life do you have to renew it.

It applies to import and export activities and has lifetime validity. This is surely one of the major benefits of the IEC code.

3. Easy Processing

The process to apply for IEC code online registration is so easy with the help of ESPECIA  that after providing our team with the required documents, we will carry out the procedure for you to get the code in a limited time.

The process of obtaining the IEC code from the DGFT takes around a period of 10 to 15 days. This kind of easy processing is one of the major benefits of IEC code online registration. 

4. Availing several benefits

Once you apply for IEC code online registration through DGFT, you become eligible to avail benefits on your import and export business by the export promotion councils customs and from the DGFT.

Hence, it is very necessary to apply for online registration of the IEC code in order to be eligible to avail of all these above-given benefits without fail. 

ESPECIA  can help you with the process of online registration of IEC code by means of a team consisting of highly skilled and efficient professionals.

Eligibility to apply for IEC code online registration

Any business that engages in import or export activities needs to get an IEC code. 

This condition applies to each and every kind of business, including Proprietorship, business under the partnership, business related to non-profit organizations, private limited companies, as well as trusts and societies. 

In short, any business that requires import or export internationally needs to get and IEC code or is eligible to apply for it. 

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Getting an IEC code through an online registration is very necessary for a business that requires everlasting import and export. 

ESPECIA, with the help of its skilled individuals and highly qualified professionals, helps you to get an IEC code with minimum problems and maximum stability. 

By contacting ESPECIA, you will transfer all your registration and documentation-related worries to our employees, who will help you get your 10-digit IEC code in a short time. 

This will help you promote your business and give your business wings in terms of global expansion. 


IEC  code is a unique 10-digit code that is required by each and every business to carry out its activities of import and export without any interruption in a legal way. The IEC  code is issued by DGFT (DIRECTOR GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE) under the ministry of commerce.

The IEC code does not need to be renewed. Once issued by a particular business organization for a particular cause, it holds the validity of a lifetime. This 10-digit code applies to all international import and export activities once the DGFT issues it.

You can file for a new application of online IEC code registration on ESPECIA to get a new code with the assistance of highly skilled and efficient professionals who can get your work done with the most sophisticated in the meantime in a perfect manner.

Contact –

The IEC code is not item based. Once you have issued an IEC code by means of DGFT, the same IEC code can be applied to the procedure of import or export of different items in your business internationally. Precisely, you do not have to get multiple IEC codes for the import or export of multiple goods.

You do not require an IEC code when the import or export is unrelated to trade, manufacture or agricultural purposes. When you need to import or export items or goods for your personal use, then, in this case, you do not need an IEC code to be issued. Also, the import or export, which is done under the ministries or departments of the government, does not require an IEC code to be issued. Furthermore, the notified activities of import or export related to charitable organizations do not require an IEC code to be issued. 

Yes, you can apply for modifications to your IEC certificate. For example, suppose your address is changed. In that case, you can apply for a change in address through the official website or can contact ESPECIA  to get any modification-related work done with extreme ease as well as perfection with punctuality.

No, your IEC code can never get expired because when issued, it comes with the validity of a lifetime. So it never expires.

You can log in to ICEGATE to track or verify your IEC certificate with easy steps. Your certificate is generated by D G F C at the D G F C headquarters, after which it is finally transferred to the ICEGATE.

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