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IBC Valuation Consultants
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IBC Valuation Consultants


Aiming to start a business is impressive with multiple responsibilities. The responsibilities include bringing the business to the limelight with extraordinary budgets and standing in the race longer. Business idea creation is often easy, but withstanding the current pace of disruption and growth is a misery. Hence, the RBI has introduced valuations and parameters to check the ordinance in the line of growth. 


RBI valuation has seen steeped growth in introducing various methodologies and ways of calculating the valuation reports. The recent introduction was with Ind AS Valuation (Indian Accounting Standards) in 2016. This introduction was crucial to the valuation standards of Indian Business streams. 


Recently the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), also known as IIBC, came into effect. This code works with Fair value and liquidation value. For any valuation report with Ind AS standards, it is necessary to have a firm value. This firm value is used as an indicator of the valuation assignments. Ind AS valuation is irrespective of companies’ liabilities, and the firm value is used as an indicator. 


IBC Valuation


The Companies Act, 2013 had implemented an easy stream to calculate the valuations. They are termed, Registered Valuers. Several RBI valuation firms have experienced and devoted accountants to serve as registered valuers. Their primary task is to understand various valuation methodologies and report patterns. Registered valuers are also given training in understanding the IBC Valuation terms. IBC Valuation terms are similar to RBI Valuation terms. 


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued fresh guidelines to various companies for valuations and registered valuers. These rules include following the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). These guidelines have instructions on writing the variations reports, following the right methodology, etc. IBC helps in verifying the valuations and getting the right valuation reports filed. 

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