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The inception of GST on 1st July 2017 marked the beginning of "Biggest Indirect Tax Reform" since Indian Independence. GST is expected to make India One Nation, One Market, and ensure ease of doing business. Various indirect taxes like VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Entry Tax, and Luxury Tax, etc. have been subsumed in GST. Only Custom and a few other special indirect taxes remain outside the purview of GST.

Especia is one of the leading GST Experts tax consultants since almost its inception in India. Our Expert GST Consultant & GST CA Firm Team members have vast knowledge & understanding of the provisions to offer the best GST consulting experience for any organization. We are one of the Best GST Expert Consultants in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad & other regions in India.


GST is a consumption-based tax and will be charged on the "supply" of goods or services or both. GST Council is continuously making the return filing process but there are various technicalities involved in the overall law that requires expert handling and skillful methodology.


GST was notably one of the biggest indirect tax reforms since Indian Independence. The Goods and Services Tax includes various indirect taxes like the entertainment tax, service tax, VAT, excise duty, luxury tax, and other goods and services tax. However, several special, indirect taxes like the custom tax remain outside the purview of GST. 


There are hundreds of provisions and regulations stipulated under the GST Act which must be complied with. Since various technicalities are involved in complying with the law, businesses require expert advice and opinions on the matter. 


Especia is one of the leading GST tax consultants in India and offers the following services- 


  • Handling and replying to the notices and intimations received by the business from the GST department. 
  • We offer GST assessments and case preparation assistance to ensure that there is no heavy penalty for non-compliance. 
  • To avoid penalties and financial implications, we will send due reminders for GST due dates. 
  • We prepare a GST impact analysis report on the business operations. To analyze the impact, we study the following parameters-
  • Impact of GST on overall operations, supply chain, and working capital.
  • Impact of the tax on procurement and outward supply. 
  • Change in tax rates and structure and
  • The flow of input tax credits. 
  • We offer GST advisory services where we advise clients on the following matters- 
  • Applicability of GST provisions. 
  • On the requirements for online GST Registrations. 
  • We advise clients on issues like reverse charge mechanism and casual taxability. 
  • We advise clients on the rates of GST applicable on different goods and services. 
  • Assistance in the filing of GST refunds and seeking its clearance. 
  • We offer assistance in monthly GST returns filing and day-to-day GST compliance support. 
  • To ensure a smooth financial year closing, we assist our clients with GST audit services and GST annual return along with complete reconciliation. 
  • We also advise our clients on IT systems since they are the basis of GST compliance. This service will include the following- 
  • Ensuring the correct flow of business transactions by regularly testing the IT system. 
  • Training and assisting the workforce on how to extract reports from the system. 
  • Studying and analyzing the changes made to the GST law to make necessary changes in mapping future business transactions. 
  • Our company also offers technology-based quality GST reconciliation processes to avoid non-compliance and related issues in the future. 
  • We also offer services such as reviving the vendor management process to align with the GST provisions. 


Our special offerings as a GST Services:

  • Our expert team will handle the notices and intimations from GST Department and ensure their timely reply,
  • GST Cases Preparation & GST Assessments assistance including an appearance before the authorities to ensure that there is no heavy penalty for any non-compliance.
  • We will communicate with the vendors for alteration in GST return to ensure the free flow of input tax credit,
  • We will also send the due reminders for GST due dates to avoid any penalty or financial implications,
  • We will also help in revising the vendor management process to keep it aligning with the GST provisions.
  • We offer quality & Technology based GST reconciliation processes to avoid any non-compliance & notices in the future.


GST Impact Analysis:

We analyze the impact of GST on business operations on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Change in the tax rates and structure,
  • Impact on procurement and outward supply,
  • Valuation Mechanism including free samples, stock transfers, and discounts,
  • The flow of input tax credits
  • Impact of GST on the supply chain, working capital, and overall operations

GST Advisory Services:

  • Advising the clients on the requirement of Online GST Registration and subsequent applicability of provisions of GST,
  • Assisting the clients in getting registration under GST and obtaining GST Registration Number, GST Amendments.
  • Advising the clients on special issues like Reverse Charge Mechanism & Casual Taxability.
  • Advising the clients on rates of GST on goods & services
  • Assisting the clients in segregating the supplies in goods or services or both.
  • Assistance in monthly GST Returns advisory & filing support including all day-to-day GST Compliances support.
  • Assistance in GST Annual Return & GST Audit Services i.e. GSTR- 9 & GSTR- 9C with complete reconciliation statement to ensure a smooth closing of the financial year.
  • Assistance on retainer ship basis for GST Consulting services & GST Advisory services to support the organization’s day-to-day issues related to GST compliances.
  • Assistance & Filing of GST Refunds including clearance thereof.


Advising on IT Systems:

IT system will be the basis of GST compliance since the entire mechanism will be online. Robust IT systems can be beneficial in hassle-free compliance with GST. How will we help?

  • In-depth study of the existing IT system to see the mapping of the business transactions and their flow,
  • Making a blueprint of the changes introduced in GST law to see the changes to be done in the mapping of the newer business transactions,
  • Configuring the tax rates and updating the master files to create new heads and list of accounts,
  • Assisting the workforce to understand the reports to be extracted from the system,
  • Helping the workforce in issuing bills, credit notes, and other documents by mock drilling of the system,
  • Regular testing of the IT system to ensure the correct flow of the business transactions.


GST Training and workshops:

Our expert professionals can create customized internal GST training to help your employees, customers, and vendors understand the nitty-gritty of GST.

We also have customized GST training workshops for cross-functional teams to give them an idea of GST's impact on different processes of the company.


If you are looking for any GST Services or GST Experts anywhere in Delhi NCR or other regions in India, You can write to us at