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    • Boundless consultancy and guidance by our experts
    • Financial Reports, monthly and yearly financial statements, cash flow statements, income statements, and a lot more
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Are you finding it difficult to manage your finances? Is it difficult to find an error-free financial report? Are you finding a solution for it? Then you have arrived at the right place.

Especia is one of the leading FreshBooks software providers in India. With the experience of 11+ years and outstanding consistency, we have successfully gained the trust of our clients and now provide service all over India. 

What is FreshBooks, and how does it help? Well, FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting and invoice software used by small and medium-sized businesses. It helps to create invoices, financial reports, balance sheets, income statements, tax compliance, and a lot more. It is based on subscriptions and can be accessed anywhere, even on a mobile phone. 


Why do small and midsize businesses need FreshBooks for accounting and bookkeeping needs?


Project Management: FreshBooks helps teams work together to facilitate collaboration for quicker, easier, and efficient results and targets. It helps you to work effortlessly and increase your productivity. You can collaborate on files and documents accessible on the app and bring your team, stakeholders, clients to work together. FreshBooks helps get your data at one place, facilitates the meetings to be scheduled on time, and keeps everything in sync. You can also do meetings, live chats, file and document sharing, project overview, due dates assignment, etc.

Manages Income and expenses: FreshBooks helps you keep track of your incomes, Bills, receivables, and expenses or payables by linking your bank account and credit cards details to your FreshBooks system. It also gives you information about bills to be paid by displaying it in the accounts payable account. You will get to know about your current and due payments. You will also get an idea of estimated expenses for the future period.

Prepare financial Reports: FreshBooks helps you build your financial report by tracking all the cash inflow and outflow processes and preparing a financial statement. This helps you to know about your company’s financial position and helps you to make quick decisions.


Financial statements are often used to show proof in case of taking loans or credit.


Profit and loss report: Quick books will help you know your company's profitability and the losses incurred. It will prepare a report of income and expenses of the company and find out the net income that will provide you with the Profit and loss report.

Balance sheets report: Quick book will display all the assets your company owns and all the company's liabilities. It will help you know the company's loans and what needs to be paid off.

Prepares cash flow statements: FreshBooks keeps track of all the incoming and outgoing transactions and activities like investments, withdrawals, operations, etc. 

Inventory management: FreshBooks reminds and orders the quantities as they reach their limit of getting over. It calculates the quantity and price of the inventory and the cost of goods sold after you sell your products. It will help you calculate your income after paying the taxes.

Tax Compliance: Filing tax is one of the most head-scratching and complicated tasks for small companies. Well, FreshBooks will help you make your job easy for simplifying taxes and compiling them before due dates.

Managing payment process: You can link accounts with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard for a credit card for online payments. It facilitates cloud invoicing and an online payment gateway to provide an instrument to collect payments on time from the clients without talking about the payment's issues. 

Easily accessible: FreshBooks can be used by downloading the mobile app and helps you to keep in touch with your team and clients anywhere and anytime. You can customise your services according to your needs and requirements. It also helps to keep all the data, like messages, in one place and keeps everything up-to-date. It simplifies information and makes it easier for the accountant to manage your records and take the necessary actions.


Online FreshBooks accounting services provided by Especia:


Installation/ set-up: Especia has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who will help you set up FreshBooks accounting software and guide you on how to use it. We will also help you upgrade to FreshBooks from your current software.

Financial Reporting: We provide cash flow statements, income statements, profit and loss statements, business analysis reports, periodic reports, etc.

Consultancy: Our experts will provide you with boundless consultation so that you can make the right decision for your business. We aim at providing the best quality service to our clients to make them reach a new level of success.

Strategies and Decision making: With the help of FreshBooks, our experts will plan and prepare new strategies for your business. We will help you prepare a budget and forecast the estimated expenses of the company.

Bookkeeping service: Bookkeeping is the process of recording the firm's financial transactions. Apart from that, we also provide bank reconciliation services, Bills receivable and payable, monthly and yearly balance sheets, and profit and loss reporting.


Different industries that use FreshBooks for accounting and bookkeeping services:


Healthcare industry 

Real estate industry 

E-commerce industry 

Hospitality industry 

Legal firms 

Media and marketing industry 

IT industries 

The banking sector as well


Why choose Especia for FreshBooks accounting services?


Cost efficiency: Especia believes in providing quality service at a nominal and budget-friendly cost. Especia provides the best service with cost-effective solutions and takes your business to a new level of success.

Boundless consultancy: Our experts will guide you with all sorts of queries related to FreshBooks and help you plan, analyze and summarise your finances and guide you with new strategies and plans for better performance of your firm. 

Expertise: We have a team of highly skilled experts who will help you set up FreshBooks and guide you on using it. They work selflessly for your business to grow and provide new plans and strategies for your business.

Experience: Especia has 11 years of experience in this field, and with consistent performance and efforts, we have successfully built the trust of our clients all over India.

Customization: Our experts work after understanding what our clients want and what their expectations are.


FAQs Related to the FreshBooks Accounting Software Services


What is FreshBooks?


FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting and invoice software that is used by small and medium-sized businesses to create invoices, financial reports, balance sheets, income statements, tax compliance, and a lot more.


Who uses FreshBooks?


FreshBooks is ideal for freelancers, self-employed professionals, and small businesses working with contractors. Consultants, SMB owners, creative agencies, marketing companies, and AEC firms are some of the more common users.


Features of FreshBooks:


Project management, invoicing, inventory management, financial reports, accounting, and bookkeeping, etc.


Is there any payroll facility in FreshBooks?


There is no payroll facility, but it can be integrated using different applications.


What are the improvements that need to be made in FreshBooks?


Its metrics, goal setting, and reporting features can be better, and some users also found bugs in FreshBooks' email click-throughs and automated expenses, which did not function to their liking.